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Lusamine trao các điểm thưởng cho tôi về my comments
Welp, whether I can understand hoặc not is irrelevant. It's your watching style, and there's nothing wrong with focusing on personal enjoyment, even if it isn't my way of viewing. In terms of Konosuba, who was your yêu thích character? Aqua best grill, don't even try fighting me :') đã đăng cách đây 17 giờ
melodybryant trao các điểm thưởng cho tôi về my comments
thx for adding me back! đã đăng cách đây 3 ngày
Lusamine trao các điểm thưởng cho tôi về my comments
I personally don't get off on drawings, so fanservice is never something I particularly appreciate, but Bikini Warriors is only like that to mock RPGs where women are portrayed with almost no clothes as they level up. I appreciated the creativity. If a series can't make me ruminate on life in ways I've never before, I'm not very interested. There've been shows I've liked though I didn't expect to like such as Guilty Crown. It's one of my ultimate các sở thích now even though I hate Inori to death. đã đăng cách đây 3 ngày
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I agree that these things are subjective, but I always tình yêu to throw around ideas with people to provoke some open-minded thought. Every once in a while, my opinion changes. I don't necessarily expect anybody to be swayed bởi my perspective nor vice versa, but it's always good to play devil's advocate once in a while and find new ideas. I have discussions like that all the time with PureHeroine, for instance, and we always end up enlightening each other. She's awesome. cách đây 3 ngày
Lusamine đã bình luận…
I tình yêu your thông tin các nhân picture btw! cách đây 3 ngày