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SwordofIzanami đã đưa ý kiến về ngẫu nhiên
Okay children, let's start with today with a few new math problems.

link đã đăng cách đây 16 giờ
SwordofIzanami đã đưa ý kiến về ngẫu nhiên
Rant time:

So I watched this new Pokemon video and this guy just suddenly jokingly spoiled Avengers Endgame. Granted, he didn't went into details, but it's still so annoying that people are spoiling that movie so much to the point that I don't feel like watching Endgame anymore. đã đăng cách đây 3 ngày
Zeppie đã bình luận…
Same I hate spoilers. Although when it comes to a cinematic feat like Endgame it's impossible to be spoiler free months after. I mean even the widespread trailer for Spiderman Far From trang chủ starts out with fat Endgame spoilers. That's why I generally watch stuff I don't want to be spoiler as soon as it's out. cách đây 3 ngày
Riku114 đã bình luận…
^ Honestly I kind of feel after a certain point after like... a BIG name movie has been put out bạn can't really get that mad that bạn got spoiled. Its been out for like four months sooo cách đây 3 ngày
Zeppie đã bình luận…
^ cách đây 3 ngày
Ricky_M trao các điểm thưởng cho tôi về my answers
Thank bạn for adding me back. đã đăng cách đây 16 ngày