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posted by florajames
Hi guyes if u rember awhile cách đây i đã đăng a compstion which was to wrighght a flora and helia lovestory just know
uve got two days left to enter and wright so far thes are the hàng đầu, đầu trang three
1st florasedge
2nd princess flora
3rd taysfloraVIVO
but rember that could change all u have to do it tell me what story it is on the các bình luận and ill do the rest enjoy
florajames xxx
ps i have not been wrighting because im upset because my dad broke up with my mum and my grandad die d im so upset if i could have ur support that would be nice xxxc
posted by CyD12

Terence: we did it!
Ariel: wow! all the powers of the nàng tiên are here!
Musa: this place is amazing!
Nadia: guys... something is coming...
Riven: what is it?
Nadia: im not sure.... but is negative energy
Layla: the witches!
Darcy: ough, nàng tiên and specialists!
Haze: stay away!
Heather: hoặc what?
Haze: or.... uuummm....
Vallery: ough! i will take care of this! *attacks*
Layla: Morphix Protection! *her attack blocks Vallery's*
Aero: we have to protect the powers...
Rosella: yeah, but we have to make the witches leave!


Icy: xin chào look! nàng tiên and Specialists!
Stormy: hahaha! this will be fun!...
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Rosella: we were lucky no one notice we were late...
Bridgette: i told bạn everything will be fine..
Elizabeth: yeah sure...
Megan: we better go and eat something, is time for dinner...
Haze: yeah lets go...
Ariel: im going right behind u
Proffesor Griselda: where do u think bạn are going?
Rosella: oh, hi proffesor! how bạn doing?
Proffesor Griselda: i know bạn were out for a long time!
Haze: we will never do it again...
Proffesor Griselda: oh no! u are not cause u have detention!!!
Elizabeth: what?!? noooo!
Proffesor Griselda: tiếp theo time u will think twice before bạn leave teh school *leaves*
Ariel: ough!...
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Musa’s p.o.v
I am so confused if last night was a dream hoặc I really did meet Flora in Magix; but all I know is that Flora gave me Savannah’s locket and she is marrying the son of this guy who caused all this destruction. Riven and I ate are breakfast in silence, I all I know is I am going back to Magix today to tìm kiếm for any clues about my Những người bạn where abouts hoặc if last night was actually real.
Musa: (clears her throat) I’m going to Magix to look for clues
Riven: I will come with you, since this place can’t be our hideout for much longer and bạn never did answer when I asked what was...
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