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posted by florajames
Hi guyes if u rember awhile cách đây i đã đăng a compstion which was to wrighght a flora and helia lovestory just know
uve got two days left to enter and wright so far thes are the hàng đầu, đầu trang three
1st florasedge
2nd princess flora
3rd taysfloraVIVO
but rember that could change all u have to do it tell me what story it is on the các bình luận and ill do the rest enjoy
florajames xxx
ps i have not been wrighting because im upset because my dad broke up with my mum and my grandad die d im so upset if i could have ur support that would be nice xxxc
posted by tecna535
 Stella Bloomix
Stella Bloomix
Princess Stella is the princess of Solaria and one of the founding members of the Winx Club. Stella is the keeper of the Ring of Solaria and she is the Guardian Fairy of the Shining Sun, Moon and Stars. She is the một giây Winx girl to be introduced, the first being Bloom.

Voice Actors

Perla Liberatori (Original/Italian)
Jennifer Seguin (Season 1 - 4), Valentina Carnelutti (Movie 1's trailer) (Rai English)

Amy Birnbaum (4Kids)

Amy Gross (Nickelodeon)


August 18 (Original)
August 10 (4Kids)


Valeria (Winx Club: Quest for the Codex)
"Sorrow´s sound, it swirls all about bạn dry fallen leaves that rise like a đám mây time is a torch in a field of Mất tích faces kissed bởi the mist, bạn kneel on the ground."

For the longest of time all Tecna knew was Did a world without technology even exist? Until she ventured out of Zeinth she hadn't known one. Until she found her way--with the winx--to Limphia she'd never even heard of a realm completely free of technology. And strangely Tecna wanted to see thêm of the worlds without Technology. These thoughts were irrational, illogical she knew such, but she also knew that...
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posted by XxXFloraXxX
Since I don't have inspiration for a prologue, I won't write one, soooo here's chapter one!

In Linphea's palace (the Winx and Specialists already left, but Flora needed to speak to her dad):
Flora: Dad?
King Thomnium: Yes, darling?
Flora: Why is it suddenly peace between Sophia and Linphea?
King Thomnium: Yes, that's something we need to talk about...
Flora: Hah? What do bạn mean bởi that?
King Thomnium: Flora, you're... engaged...
Flora: Wait... What?!
King Thomnium: Yeah, it's a long story... (yeah, very long, so I won't tell it now ;-)
Flora: Uhhh... I'm not going to marry a stranger!!
King Thomnium:...
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posted by Princess-Flora
Layla versus Lord Darkar
Lord Darkar: well isn’t my yêu thích person (said with a plethora of sarcasm)
Layla: good to know I’m yours but bạn are far from being my yêu thích person. (Said with the same amount of sarcasm)
Lord Darkar: good we’re on the same page (looks toward the forest)
Layla: take this MORPHIX TIDAL WAVE!
Lord Darkar: (sends a beam of dark magic her way)
Layla: (ducks out of the way) thirteenth seal
Darkar is hit and down motionless on the ground
Layla: (looking down at the dead body) One for good, zip for evil. There is one down, which means ten to go.
posted by Princess-Flora
For the first time I think in all of the seasons, we actually saw a softer and less confident side of Stella. It was actually nice to see that see can have her moments of insecurity just like the rest of them. Also we actually got to see thêm of Stella's mom and it would be the first time for some people who did not see The nightmare monster, were we saw both of Stella's parents and her about their divorce. I now feel like thêm people will like Stella even thêm now after this episode. Now switching topics I loved their simulation outfits, they were mature and hiển thị that the girls own some clothes...
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"Hello!" cried a cheery female voice.
Stella, Flora, Layla, Tecna, and the Specialists all jumped.
The voice sounded young and youthful. Whoever the nguồn of the voice was, she couldn't be any older than Roxy.
"I've been waiting for bạn for a long time."
Stella put her middle and index fingers together, ready to vượt qua, cross them over her head and transform in case this person was one of the Trix in disguise.
"Who are you?" she called out.
"Why do you need to know?" the voice snapped back in an irritated tone.
"Are bạn going to hurt us?" Layla shouted.
"Why would I do that? bạn know what, don't answer...
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Dark storm clouds filled the air.
"Oh, great," Stella snarled as she squeezed up underneath the leafy canopy of their temporary shelter. "That's the last thing we need right now. Rain."
"How so?" Layla laughed. She tilted her head back and opened her mouth as rain came pouring down. "We can catch some in our water bottles. And since we're so close to the island, I've heard that the rainwater here is fresher than anything."
The droplets of rain glowed sky-blue and smelled like pine needles and starlight. Stella stayed under the canopy and watched as Layla and Nabu laughed and splashed water...
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tiếp theo day...

Bloom:hey roxy can i tell bạn something

Roxy:sure what is it

Bloom:well...will bạn tham gia our tình yêu and pet

Roxy:i dont no about it but let me think about it i will call bạn for the answer


Bloom come to tình yêu and pet

Tecna:what did she say bloom yes hoặc no?

Bloom:i dont now tecna she didint tell me

Musa:what do bạn mean bloom?

Bloom:well she say i will think about it and i will call bạn for the answer

Flora:this is going to be hard

Layla:your right

Roxy and her dad

Roxy:dad what should i do now

Roxy dad: about what?

Roxy:oh i forget to tell you

Roxy dad:what?

Roxy:well today bloom come and...
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tecna:hey guys i have a idea for making tình yêu and pet thêm popular
stella:oh i have a idea well lets say make this place thêm fashion and style
bloom:no stella we should do a thing that all of us tình yêu it

musa:bloom is right we should do a great thing that all of us tình yêu it

flora:what kind of thing musa we should make the people tình yêu it to

tena:flora is right

layla:hey guys what did i miss

tecna:we want a idea for making our tình yêu and pet thêm popular

layla:cool i have idea for our tình yêu and pet

bloom:cool what is it

flora:ya tell us

layla:well why dont we tell roxy to come help us

stella:hmm...thats a...
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posted by CyD12

Terence: we did it!
Ariel: wow! all the powers of the nàng tiên are here!
Musa: this place is amazing!
Nadia: guys... something is coming...
Riven: what is it?
Nadia: im not sure.... but is negative energy
Layla: the witches!
Darcy: ough, nàng tiên and specialists!
Haze: stay away!
Heather: hoặc what?
Haze: or.... uuummm....
Vallery: ough! i will take care of this! *attacks*
Layla: Morphix Protection! *her attack blocks Vallery's*
Aero: we have to protect the powers...
Rosella: yeah, but we have to make the witches leave!


Icy: xin chào look! nàng tiên and Specialists!
Stormy: hahaha! this will be fun!...
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Rosella: we were lucky no one notice we were late...
Bridgette: i told bạn everything will be fine..
Elizabeth: yeah sure...
Megan: we better go and eat something, is time for dinner...
Haze: yeah lets go...
Ariel: im going right behind u
Proffesor Griselda: where do u think bạn are going?
Rosella: oh, hi proffesor! how bạn doing?
Proffesor Griselda: i know bạn were out for a long time!
Haze: we will never do it again...
Proffesor Griselda: oh no! u are not cause u have detention!!!
Elizabeth: what?!? noooo!
Proffesor Griselda: tiếp theo time u will think twice before bạn leave teh school *leaves*
Ariel: ough!...
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Musa’s p.o.v
I am so confused if last night was a dream hoặc I really did meet Flora in Magix; but all I know is that Flora gave me Savannah’s locket and she is marrying the son of this guy who caused all this destruction. Riven and I ate are breakfast in silence, I all I know is I am going back to Magix today to tìm kiếm for any clues about my Những người bạn where abouts hoặc if last night was actually real.
Musa: (clears her throat) I’m going to Magix to look for clues
Riven: I will come with you, since this place can’t be our hideout for much longer and bạn never did answer when I asked what was...
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