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 The Winx logo found during the Season 1 theme video.
The Winx logo found during the Season 1 theme video.
AN: Yes, I'm back! XD
Well, as I promised, here are the lyrics to the Rai English version theme song of Winx Club! :)


Season 1:


If bạn can desire,
You can become one of our bunch!


Winx, if your hand is warm in mine,
It will give us greater power,
With a feeling we'll be sure fire-winners!
Winx, with a smile bạn can enchant,
And bạn lighten up our world,
With a feeling we can take flight watch us!

If bạn desire bạn can become,
One of our bunch!

Verse 2

With a magic cá đuối, ray the sky is all blazing,
An adventure is certain to start in those stars,
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posted by Rainflowers
I've heard a lot of ages of how old the Winx are and here's my opinion . . .

Season 1


Bloom - I think she's like 15 in season one because she's a freshman.

Stella - I know the Stellais older than the other girls because she failled her first năm at Alfea so I would say she's 16

Tecna - I'm pretty sure that she's 15 like Bloom.

Musa - I think Musa's about 15.

Flora - Flora's is about 15 too because she's a freshman at Alfea.



Sky - Is about 16 because he was there last năm *As đã đưa ý kiến bởi Stella*

Brandon - Is also 16 because...
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posted by WinxClub_Stella
I’ve been thinking about doing this review for a while (like two weeks) but hadn’t gotten around to it. If bạn hadn’t seen the tiêu đề I shall be reviewing the Winx Fairy School app. I’m going to start off bởi saying I really tình yêu this app and have been playing this throughout the summer so without anything else, here is my review.

The fairy school app is available on both iOS and Android devices, however it isn’t free. bạn are able to purchase this app for £4.99 hoặc $6.99, there is a lite version (free) on the iOS but bạn can only reach level 3.

The aim of the game is to become a Believix...
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posted by skyloom
One our special

Wins club echantix
Stella :18

Winx club movie1 and 2 and the power of belevix

Wins club beyond belevix
Riven: Can I talk with bạn Musa?
-Flora poke her with her elbow and smile to her-
Musa: Sure, Riven
-Musa and Riven walk out to a private place-

Helia: Hey...
Flora: Hey...
-Flora blushed like a cà chua hoặc worse-
Helia: About what happened later I... I...
Flora: I know bạn really didn't meant it
Helia: Flora I am madly in tình yêu with you. Flora I can't stop thinking about you, and to tell bạn the truth I really got jealous of that guy in the beach
-Helia got a mad face hiển thị that he was jealous-
Flora: But... but all this time I felt like bạn were trying to avoid me all the time
Helia: Like I said, I'm...
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posted by cynti19
Here are the powers hoặc spells of Icy:
- Ice Bracelet
- Nữ hoàng băng giá Prism
- Arctic Blast
- Ice Coffin
- Icicle Fury
- Ice Crusher
- Blizzard
- Ice Hail
- Ice Tower
- Chill Strike
- Frostbite
- Ice Portal
- Icicle Barrage
- Pierce Attack
- Ice Wall

Here are the powers hoặc spells of Darcy:
- Dark Slam
- Remote Witch Slam
- Clouds of Darkness (Gloomix version)
- Cosmic Witcher
- Perfect Darkness (Gloomix version)
- Teleportation
- Transformation
- Illusion Dillusion (Disenchantix version)
- Optical Darkness (Gloomix version)
- Pauser Hex (Gloomix version)
- Duplication
- Total Darkness (Gloomix version}

Here are the powers hoặc spells...
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 Flora - Fairy of Nature
Flora - Fairy of Nature
So, The Countdown concludes now and Results are here. Some Ranks are same as mine . "3 out of 11" Ranks are Same what I voted For. So Here is what bạn guys voted for....

 Lets Start!
Lets Start!

11. Bloomix


This is my 8th Favourite Transformation. I dislike this transformation but I don't think its worst transformation of Flora. but unfortunately other những người hâm mộ have different choices... I think her Hairstyle is the thing which makes this transformation bad.. hoặc may be its her plant like Dress which doesn't work.. whatever it is but admit that her wings are awesome.

Poll : link

10. Mythix

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 Bloom - Fairy of The Dragon Flame
Bloom - Fairy of The Dragon Flame
So... when I started This Countdown On Nov 3, 2015 I thought It will take too long for this Countdown to conclude... but Finally This is over now. Results are Quite Same as my Ranking. "3 out of 11" Ranks are Same what I voted For. So Here is what bạn guys voted for....

 Lets Start!
Lets Start!

11. Mythix


This is my 10th Favourite Transformation. I think People Dislike it Bacause it is a CGI - Only Transformation. People Including me seem to be not a người hâm mộ of 3D Winx Club. But I personally Like her Wings in 3D in This Transformation very Much.

Poll : link

10. Sophix


This is my 9th...
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So I thought with being on fanpop and this spot for a năm (12/27/2012 through 12/27/2013), I would do my hàng đầu, đầu trang ten yêu thích characters. This danh sách includes the good, the bad, and the background characters. This is my opinion so if anything I say offends bạn please remember we all have various opinions and are allowed to have differences since this a spot for what hoặc who we love, not what hoặc who we hate.

10. Roxy
I really like Roxy. She seems like a sweet kid, and if I found out I was a fairy I probably would react the same way as she did. So what if she was the focus for Season 4, she is the...
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So this is actually going to be my first lyric fic, you'll have to let me know how I did.

"When leaves have fallen and skies turned to gray, the night keeps on closing in on the day."

The season of autumn had come to a nhanh, swift pass, allowing for the chill of winter to creep in. "Temperatures reaching below zero." The forecaster announced on the ti vi in the window of a small electronics cửa hàng in Magix. Bundled up and shielding themselves from the cold were most all of the citizens of Magix. Most all except one; Icy welcomed the frigged air against her skin, craved it. She had seated herself...
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posted by FloraorStella
 Goody-goody girls
Goody-goody girls
Okay, here's what it is. I don't hate it, the seasons were great. Especially 5, since all the members had a chance of the spotlight. Please respect my opinion.

In 4, it seemed Bloom got the spotlight. And not only that, she even ordered the Winx around. The creators made up a girl named Roxy. Only Roxy wasn't an original character. She was copied and another Bloom... really? The Winx becomes all girly in this season. I couldn't stand it. Their styles became weird too. Like Believix. Was that even a transformation? It looked like some disco dance outfit. And where did the Trix go? the last straw...
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posted by jinx_club123
Summary: This is about Flora who became evil because of a new villain named Ardin who disguises him as Helia and Traps Flora, bởi the way this is my first article.................. One beautiful ngày at Magix........... Bloom: It's a wonderful ngày girls, right. Stella: yeah! a wonderful ngày for shopping. Musa: bạn always think about shopping, Stella. Flora: How about we take a walk in the park, girls All of the girls:Sure!!! At the park................. Techna: Wow! the air is fresh here, girls. Flora: Wait a một phút girls, i'm gonna take a look at the flowers. While Flora's looking at the flowers...
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posted by Princess-Flora
----The group found Helia and Savannah, the only member they were missing was Flora. The others searched and waited; but after some time they decide to continue on with their mission without her even though they thought the worst. They finally find Helia’s father’s office and the chair had the back facing them little did they know what was in store for them.
Helia: dad, I’m sick of what bạn have done (said very angrily)
Person in the chair: I’m sorry Helia, but he’s not here at the moment but he’ll be back soon
Tecna: who are you?
Person: sorrrry, Tec but I can’t answer that right...
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posted by Princess-Flora
Musa’s p.o.v
I woke up to the smell of something completely incredible, I pretty sure anything would smell good at this point since none of us ate last night. I look to my right and see that Riven is still asleep; so I assume it must be Helia hoặc Savannah cooking but both them are still fast asleep. I am puzzled, so I pinch myself to make sure I’m actually awake and not dreaming; but I feel it so I know that I’m awake. I hear a voice say “you think you’re still dreaming don’t ya?” I know this voice, I look over to see a girl with tan skin, dark ngọc lục bảo eyes, a comforting smile,...
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posted by Princess-Flora
----it was quiet tiếp theo to the river but the air was filled with sadness and panic. The girls were searching for any spell to bring a person back to life; but nothing. Riven searched for any potions that might be around that survived the first destruction; but they were none to bring life back. Helia was crying, he tried true love’s Kiss because it had worked once before but it didn’t this time. The four were starting to lose hope until Musa though of an idea.
Musa: I have an idea
Riven: what is it?
Musa: if the tears can reverse time, maybe a drop will be able to bring her back to life
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------The tiếp theo morning all five woke up at the same time, and prepaid for their most adventurous ngày yet. The girls are going to save Domino, Hoggar, Ohm, and Eraklyon in one ngày then spend the night in Melody. At each realm Musa performed the spell and Savannah had the portal to the tiếp theo realm ready while the guys checked and protected them and kept an eye on Flora hoping each step wouldn’t be her last. Once they finally arrived at Melody, Musa and Riven led the way to the cây they had stayed in before, it was practically night fall once in Mellody. So after the five were settled the guys...
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posted by Princess-Flora
----The tiếp theo morning everyone woke up to the smell of food, and they all saw it was Flora cooking which made them smile. They ate their breakfast, cleaned up and then headed outside so Musa could perform the spell to help another realm. After everything went back to normal, Savannah opened a portal and they headed off to their tiếp theo location which is Andros. Once they got there it looked the way it did when Omega was going to destroy the whole realm and Valtor was their biggest threat.
Musa: I can’t stand to see the realm this way so I have an idea
Savannah: sure what is it?
Musa: how about...
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----The group of five arrived in their new realm which was Oppositus; but Flora still did not wake up and this worried everyone in the group. They found a small cave behind a waterfall, and stayed there for the night, this time Savannah and Helia went to tìm kiếm for thực phẩm and firewood while Riven and Musa watched over their unconscious friend. The two came and everyone ate, and then an idea hit Musa, she transformed to use her fairy dust on her best friend, the other three watched. After the fairy dust hit Flora’s body she start to glow and her eye lids were fluttering open. She was hugged...
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 Ruins Of Linphea
Ruins Of Linphea
The tiếp theo morning I woke up early, because after the destruction of the realms and disappearances of my best Những người bạn and boyfriend and the sun was shining extremely bright, thêm than usual .Maybe this was a sign, that Stella is out there and she’ll be the first one I find. Sadly when I step out of the cave, I see what is left of Linphea. This is not the same realm it was 2 years ago, majority of the trees have either turned to ash hoặc have fallen down. If Flora was here right now, she would be in so much pain, to see her realm in the same state as the rest, I miss her dearly she was one of...
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posted by florasedge31

~At Alfea~

"THEY WHAT!!!" Bloom yelled.
"I can't believe this." Tecna said.
"Well I can those witches are always causing chaos." Stella said.
"Okay what should we do?" Tecna asked.
"I think we should go tell Ms. Faragonda." Musa stated.
"Yea let's go tell ms.F." Bloom đã đưa ý kiến while walking towards the door.

~While they went to go talk to Ms.F the trix were in a secret cave.~
"Should we unfreeze her?" Darcy asked.
Icy made the Ice go away and Flora dropped to the ground unconscious but shivering.
"Oh great now we have to wait for her to wake up." Stormy đã đưa ý kiến sitting on a...
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