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The Little Mermaid Early Original Script

It is a bright, sunny morning. Scuttle is excitedly flying toward the palace.


Ariel is asleep in her giường with a happy smile on her face. She is dreaming of romance with Eric. Sebastian is also asleep, on the stand beside the bed, SNORING loudly. Scuttle swoops through the window and enters the bedroom.

Ariel! WAKE UP!!!

Sebastian wakes up with a jolt in reaction to Scuttle's screaming. Scuttle flies over to Ariel and frantically pulls at her clothes and her hair. She wakes up groggily.

SCUTTLE (cont.)
I just heard the news!...
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Ok so I have heard a lot of conversation over the topic of Flynn and Rapunzel's relationship...now bạn either like them hoặc bạn don't I guess is how it goes and I must admit that when I was watching the movie the first time I went "Wow...they fell in tình yêu when?!" but the thing is literally if bạn blink at an exact moment bạn could miss what really pointed it out in the first place. Here's an analysis of their relationship throughout the movie.

1. In The Beginning:

Flynn was a thief...and self-centered and pretty much just a selfish really cute animated character. All he cared about was his satchel...
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 The Rebel
The Rebel
I just gonna write ngẫu nhiên things that come to my mind when I talk about Jasmine, her qualities, flaws, significance and issues. I'll be doing this with all the princesses, bởi the way.

First of all, hoa nhài is the smartest princess in my opinion. My definition of an intelligent person isn't someone who reads sách but someone who's clever, inntuitive and a good problem solver. Jasmine's defining trait in terms of personality is that she's quickwitted. Like she đã đưa ý kiến she's a fast learner and can think on her feet but also thinks things through. She was smart enough to go along with Aladdin's...
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