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I was bored so I decided to write an bài viết about which princesses look like which greek goddesses, since I'm greek and I tình yêu the Greek Mythology. Enjoy!

Hera- Jasmine

Firstly, Hera has a serious problem with her temper, like Jasmine.She likes getting revenge and even though we don't see hoa nhài as revengeful, I believe that if someone hurts her, she won't forget it so easily (besides Aladdin, she forgives him every time, like Hera forgives Zeus). Also, Hera protects women which means she's a feminist, again like Jasmine. Another common, is thei history with their husbands. Zeus...
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Third bài viết in three days? I have a life..heh...heh..ANYWAYS, I've heard multiple times people calling Elsa complex, but they usually don't give an argument to back that up, so I decided to write this! I've also heard a lot of complaints from Nữ hoàng băng giá haters asking how Elsa is so complex, so I'm nghề viết văn this for that as well. Anyway let's get started! I hope bạn enjoy! :)

Characteristics of a Complex Character (gotten online):

1. He hoặc she undergoes an important change as the plot unfolds.

2. The changes he hoặc she experiences occur because of his hoặc her actions hoặc experiences in the story.

3. Changes...
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(WARNING Language)
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