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posted by sweetie-buttons
We've come to the big one. I hear Belle called a Mary Sue a lot, thêm than any other princess aside from maybe Rapunzel.

Unique traits without contacts hoặc hair dye- No. She has brown hair and brown eyes.
An odd name- No. 'Belle' isn't that odd of a name.
Looks constantly đã bình luận on- God yes. The town literally sings an entire song about it (along with how odd she is). It's literally in the tiêu đề of the movie, along with her name. 1.
Multiple characters falling for her- Yep. Beast and Gaston, plus the whole town calling her beautiful. 1.
Gets into the relationships she wants- No. Her relationship...
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posted by sweetie-buttons
Wow, I'm on a role with these tests. I look up clips from the phim chiếu rạp for these (though I don't have enough patience to watch the full movies, just the parts relating to the traits). I found the whole of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves on Youtube...presumably. It was just a cut and edited version of the movie played multiple times to make it look like the full movie. Still, it gave me enough information.

Unique traits without contacts hoặc hair dye- No. Her "hair as black as ebony" and brown eyes are common.
An odd name- Yes. 'Snow White' isn't a name you'd find in anyone in real life, or...
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posted by sweetie-buttons
After doing the thêm modern princesses, I switched to the classics, who are accused of being Mary Sues a lot. (I might not do ones for Merida and Tiana, since they pretty obviously aren't Mary Sues). Starting with Cinderella.

Unique traits without contacts hoặc hair dye- No. She has blonde hair and blue eyes, common traits.
An odd name- Yes. It'd make sense if it was explained Lọ lem was a nickname and her real name is Ella, like in some versions, but it isn't in the film. 1.
Looks constantly đã bình luận on- Yes. Lọ lem is described as beautiful, and the prince considers her the most...
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posted by sweetie-buttons
This is another Mary Sue test. I decided to do Elsa after Anna. I think she's accused of being a Mary Sue thêm (though neither of them are accused much).

Unique traits without contacts hoặc hair dye- Platinum blonde hair isn't super common, though it can be explained bởi her ice powers (but it isn't made clear that's the explanation like with Rapunzel). .5
An odd name- No. 'Elsa' isn't that odd of a name.
Looks constantly đã bình luận on- No. I can't remember Elsa's looks being đã bình luận on much.
Always the hero- No. I can't remember her saving anyone aside from herself.
Multiple characters falling...
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posted by elsafan1010
As there are many princesses Disney created, some of them get forgotten bởi many people on Fanpop. Some, even get forgotten bởi the whole internet and maybe the universe? Discs? TV? Okay, not that much but still..

I have to say my yêu thích princess *sighs* is underrated on Fanpop. Elsa is one of the most được ưa chuộng princesses on the internet, but not to say Fanpop. People in fanpop usually think she is 'overrated' and that's why they leave her underrated. Some Nữ hoàng băng giá những người hâm mộ post các bài viết about how great Elsa is, including me but that just makes people feel like Elsa is liked because of her powers....
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Nearly all princesses, they have tình yêu interests. Although I am really into romance, I admire some of the couples. I tình yêu Ariel & Eric, but my yêu thích couple is Rapunzel & Flynn. Anyway let me not mess the topic.

One of the most admired princesses is a dâu, dâu tây blonde, hardworking girl with diamond blue eyes, she is so kind to động vật ; Its Cindy! Lọ lem I mean. Cinderella's tình yêu interest is Prince Charming. But I really don't like them as a couple and here are some reasons why:

1~ Charming doesn't deserve Cinderella

As I said, Lọ lem is a hardworking, nice, kind girl while Charming...
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link" alt=" Credit to: link" width="220" height="299" />
Credit to: http://braveandboldthinking.com/2014/03/25/unveiling-the-truth-about-muslim-women/
First: Here is a link from an actual Muslim woman with her thoughts on how Muslim women are portrayed in America in general.link
 Excerpt from Blog (Link Provided)
Excerpt from Blog (Link Provided)

Second: Here is my personal break-down analysis based on knowledge of Arab/Muslim culture compared to the Disney Aladdin và cây đèn thần film.

The majority of Princess Jasmine's numerous flaws stem from the fact that she is completely inaccurate and offensive to her culture. From the clothes she wears to the way she speaks, hoa nhài does not represent Arab hoặc Muslim women at all but rather a disgraceful woman in their culture. Unfortunately, Jasmine...
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posted by ApplesauceDoctr
Hello everyone! I'm Veronica (a.k.a. ApplesauceDoctr :D), and hey, it's been a little while since I've written an article. It feels good to get back into the spirit of writing. :D
So, what have I today? As bạn can see, I'll be analyzing the song "Reflection" from Disney's Mulan. I made a lyric video for it about a week cách đây and realized just how deep the song is! However, in this analysis, I'll also be taking a look at the extended version of the song. It shows a different side of Mulan that...well, you'll see soon enough.

Alright then! Let's take a listen to Reflection!

Movie Version

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I want to make it clear- I tình yêu THE MOVIE ALADDIN, I tình yêu every character in it- except Aladdin. And finally, i'll tell bạn why.
I didn't really organize this well because I couldn't figure this out.

Main issues- Aladdin's sexist/classicism assumptions, and Jasmine's hypocrisy

Scenario: Aladdin và cây đèn thần sees hoa nhài in the marketplace, falls for her, brings her back to his poor-boy hut, and together they have a tim, trái tim to tim, trái tim about how they feel trapped bởi their situations. Although hoa nhài doesn't explicitly state that she is a princess, she does hint that it's not an enjoyable life. "Oh sure,...
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 Accidental Discrimination?
Accidental Discrimination?
Okay, so the thêm I think about this, the thêm it starts to bother me. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't recall any Disney Princesses having green eyes. What's up with that?!

Snow White: brown
Cinderella: blue
Aurora: blue
Ariel: blue
Belle: brown
Jasmine: brown
Pocahontas: brown
Mulan: brown
I think Tiana's eyes are brown too.

Even the majority of Disney's other leading ladies don't have jade-coloured peepers. I'm pretty sure Tarzan's Jane has blue eyes, as does Giselle in Enchanted. So do Alice (in Wonderland) and Peter Pan's Wendy! I can't really tell what colour Megara's eyes are in Hercules (blue...
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Most people would agree that each of the Disney Princesses are individually unique. While most people take their stories and personalities into consideration, few tend to recognize that they each have an individual artistic style. Even though over the years their lineup has homogenized to create what we might consider Classic Disney, the thiết kế of nearly each princess was in fact inspired with a specific artist hoặc art style in mind. I believe this is the je-ne-sais-quoi people have a hard time attributing...
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 Disney Heriones
Disney Heriones
The two most được ưa chuộng Disney women outside of the DP franchise. These two exotic beauties are definitely người hâm mộ các sở thích when it comes to Animated Heriones, so why aren't they apart of the official line-up? The main reason people complain about Mulan being an official princess is that she gets recognized when these two ladies don't. Even though Megara is closer to royalty than her and Esmeralda is pretty much equal to Mulan. So basically I'm going to do the same thing I did with Merida. Look at the Pros and Cons of adding Esmeralda and Megara to the line-up. The only difference is, Merida still...
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 Seriously, if these three were princesses they'd be #1
Seriously, if these three were princesses they'd be #1
Oh my god! This is literally the hardest countdown I've ever done! I did this danh sách awhile back and my opinion has changed radically on all the princesses. With my favourites list, one princess moved, with this danh sách they've all changed places, I used math to help me rank them and I was surprised, especially bởi my #8. I gave each of them scores of 1-10 for three different areas, face, body and hair. Then added it up. No one got 30 as their final score. Funny enough, even though they're princesses, none of them are perfect. To be honest I'm only sure about my hàng đầu, đầu trang two, this danh sách could change again...
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Welcome to the 2nd Princess Personality article! Like the trước đó bài viết about Belle's personality, this one about Snow White is still using the MBTI assessment.


1. Extraverted link

Extraverts often:
Have high energy
Talk thêm than listen
Think out loud
Act, then think
Like to be around people a lot
Prefer a public role
Can sometimes be easily distracted
Prefer to do lots of things at once
Are outgoing & enthusiastic

Although Snow White was without human companion under her stepmother's wicked rule, she had plenty of animal friends. In fact, Snow White was always surrounded...
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With the pending release of two “Snow White” revamps, boasting Kristin Stewart and Lily Collins in the leading roles – I began to wonder: look-wise, who could fill the shoes of the other 9 princesses? And after exhausting Google image, I’ve found my answer. These celebrity-princess doppelgangers share thêm than merely eye and hair colour; in fact, many are practically identical. Give their faces and features thêm than a quick glance and I promise you’ll agree.

 Amanda Seyfriend as Rapunzel
Amanda Seyfriend as Rapunzel

This is the only picture I can’t claim credit for – but kudos to its maker for pairing...
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posted by Swanpride
Since Mulan is princess of the month, here some thoughts about which hoa fits her the best. The movie, after all, offers some choices. The most obvious one is the magnolia, since that’s the translation of the name Mulan.

Then there is the white hoa Mulan wears in her hair when she meets the matchmaker – the same hoa she leaves behind when she goes to war. I’m not sure what kind of hoa that’s suppose to be. I first considered lotus (since the lotus is such a reveled hoa in Asia and gets often connected to the gods), but a lotus has thêm petals. A white quả anh đào, anh đào blossom...
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posted by cuteasprincie
Facts about Cinderella

1.Cinderella is the một giây Disney Princess, joining the franchise in 1950, after Snow White in 1937.

2.Cinderella is the first Disney Princess to be seen as a little girl, before Tiana in 2009 and Rapunzel in 2010.

3.Cinderella's hair color has often been the subject of thảo luận among fans. In the original film, Cinderella's hair seems to be of a light trái cam, màu da cam tone, classifying her as either a redhead hoặc a ginger as her hair had been offically called 'burnt orange'. In the franchise and in the Disney parks,

4.Cinderella's hair is publicized as bright yellow, making her a golden-blonde,...
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posted by JNTA1234
Even though all the princesses are pretty and attractive, one is just abit hotter than the next. So let's get started.

I don't know if it has anything to do with the 3D phim hoạt hình but I just don't find Rapunzel hot. She looks an 11 năm old and she's supposed to be 18. And her face isn't all that great either, her eyes are too freaking large.

9.Snow White
I guess we're not to supposed to find Snow White hot. She is only 14 but she looks a little older than that. Probably because she looks so tall compared to the dwarves. She's too cute and baby like to be hot. I like her...
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10. Megara - Hercules

She is drawn in a very specific, edgy style to fit in with her film's phim hoạt hình but still, Meg has beautiful purple eyes, pouty màu hồng, hồng lips and gorgeous brunette curls. I find her quite beautiful although her body is the single most unrealistic which is forgivable since it's one of the cartoonier films.

9. Mulan

One of my all-time favourite Disney characters, she is never one to hàng đầu, đầu trang the beauty lists. But I actually find her to be quite lovely. Simple but at the start of the film she has gorgeous hair. Of course the designers had to make it believable that she could...
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Part 1
As bạn may already of noticed I am a bit of a người hâm mộ of the Disney Princesses and their films. One aspect about these films that I find really interesting is the kingdoms in which their stories take place, including the buildings and the general surroundings. So I decided to write an bài viết discussing each Princesses kingdom. In this bài viết I am looking at Walt Disney's princesses ie. the original three.


Name: Snow...
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