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I saw other bài viết with tha same topic and I don't agree with. I think meg is beautifiul and many các bài viết didn't even include her. Also I saw an bài viết saying that the thought jessica was the hottest, but not be mean I find her kinda ugly. So here's my danh sách of the prettiest animated characters in my opinion(by the way i'm a girl)I've never seen princess and the frog but when I saw pictures of tiana and món ăn bơm xen, charlotte I thought they were pretty so I had to add them here.









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I promised bạn that I'd make a danh sách of my hottest animated guys and here it is! Who doesn't tình yêu some animated hotties? It was really hard considering that I have a feeling I might be missing some, but here are my hàng đầu, đầu trang 15 Most Attractive Animated Males! Some of these guys are just like the kind of guys Im attracted to in real life and others, not so much.

15) Hiccup (How To Train Your Dragon 2)

Yeah he's pretty much the definition of a "dweeb", but when he grew up, he became a total viking hottie. He's not my usual type, but he is face is so pretty that I can ignore his peg leg and awful voice....
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bạn know me, always making các bài viết about people of color and their representation in media, specifically animated media for children. So I decided to focus on indigenous representation and which characters are good and bad representation in fairly well-known movies. This isn't in any particular order either.

For this list, I chose heroines that have heritage from a country that is predominantly industrialized because of the conquest of a foreign culture. Mainly tribes where they no longer speak their original language and there race is no longer the majority even though they are the natives...
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I thought with the many claims of lack of representation in children's films as a PoC I should take it upon myself to bring some underrated phim chiếu rạp of different cultures to light. Granted not all of these are necessarily children's films, but they are all animated and I personally think every kid should see them.

I have each ethnicity I could think of and animated phim chiếu rạp where that ethnicity is well-represented. I want to build on this so if bạn don't see your ethnicity here please tell me, I want as many phim chiếu rạp as I can get with as many different walks-of-life! These depictions are supposed...
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