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It took me a long time to get this all put together. While I was make this danh sách my tim, trái tim just completely broke. It was really hard deciding what scenes would be included and which wouldn't. There's a lot of sad moments that unfortunately didn't make the cut. I had to watch many sad clips and it killed me to have to watch them, they broke my heart! I cried so many times and I'm a guy who hardly ever cries! Anyway please leave a bình luận telling me what bạn think, enjoy.

20.Ariel's Left Brokenhearted

I hate when people say this isn't sad and that Ariel doesn't work hard hoặc deserve a happy...
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I promised bạn that I'd make a danh sách of my hottest animated guys and here it is! Who doesn't tình yêu some animated hotties? It was really hard considering that I have a feeling I might be missing some, but here are my hàng đầu, đầu trang 15 Most Attractive Animated Males! Some of these guys are just like the kind of guys Im attracted to in real life and others, not so much.

15) Hiccup (How To Train Your Dragon 2)

Yeah he's pretty much the definition of a "dweeb", but when he grew up, he became a total viking hottie. He's not my usual type, but he is face is so pretty that I can ignore his peg leg and awful voice....
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The Legend of Sirius (The Sea Prince and The ngọn lửa, chữa cháy Child)
sea prince and the ngọn lửa, chữa cháy child
non Disney
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This is my first bài viết on this spot so I decided to start with my yêu thích animated females. Most of them are from Disney because I didn't grew up with so many non Disney movies. I include all kinds of females so that means sidekicks, animals, villains and main characters.

20. Lọ lem (Cinderella)

I tình yêu her because she's so faithful and because she managed to stay positive despite having to work so hard for her stepmother and stepsisters. But my biggest problem with her is that sometimes it looks like she's just standing without doing anything, like when her stepsisters yelled at...
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 The Heroines that didn't make into the hàng đầu, đầu trang 20 ;_;
The Heroines that didn't make into the top 20 ;_;
Hi Guys I know bạn all wait for those results and they are finally here! And because I'm very original (Jk) this bài viết will include our skype convos about each heroine. Oh and LOTS of Credits to the amazing JonnaSe for the beautiful pictures.

PL: princesslullaby
JS: JonaSe
DG: DreamyGal
DL: diluka96
CD: CuteDiana

 All it takes is faith and trust. Oh! And something I forgot. A little bit of pixie dust.
All it takes is faith and trust. Oh! And something I forgot. A little bit of pixie dust.

20. Tinkerbell (Peter Pan)
PL: dont have opinion
CD: -haven't seen the movie in a while-
JS: chó cái, bitch tinkerbell is awesome, tình yêu how she will kill bạn if bạn just as much as think about touching...
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Hi guys! In the last couple of weeks I read a number of các bài viết about favourite animated heroines hoặc most beautiful animated heroines, so I decided to post two articles, one with my favourite heroines, and one with the animated heroines I find most beautiful. So enjoy and share which your favourite animated heroines are :)

20. IRENE (The Princess and the Goblin)

 Let me give bạn a Kiss to thank you.
Let me give bạn a Kiss to thank you.
One of the cutest animated characters ever made. I really like Irene, because she is a dreamer and an explorer, she wants to find both adventures and friends. The thing I don't really like about...
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This is my một giây article! I hope bạn enjoy it :)

 The ambitious workaholic
The ambitious workaholic

Tiana's looks are ok! I mean for the majority of the movie I was not really fond of her physical appearance. She has nice eyes, but I don't really like her hair. tổng thể I liked her with Charlotte's blue dress and with the green dress with lillies, but apart from that I found her looks to be quite unmemorizible.

 The perfect damsel
The perfect damsel

Ok, so Snow White is cute. But that's about it. I would have loved to be able to put her higher on my list, but the fact is that she is not gorgeous hoặc beautiful,...
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