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Here's the fourth bài viết for the Best Disney Princess hair style countdown. It covers the places from 11 to 20. Enjoy!

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20. Lọ lem - low ponytail

I honestly dislike this hair style a lot. It looks so plastic. Actually none of Cinderella's hair styles is particularly nice. I can't believe this made it to the hàng đầu, đầu trang 20.

I like her bun better :) - callejahLUVSed

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All right, here's the results of the Favourite Pocahontas Character Countdown! And also my first article, so take a look at the results and (hopefully) enjoy!

15. Ratcliffe
The bad guy of the movie proves to be the least favourite character of most fanpoppers too. Not surprising, considering he isn't one of the most powerful villains in Disney history. He's just greedy and doesn't understand the Indians. Nothing that makes bạn hide behind the đi văng with your hands over your eyes.

"I HATE people like him." - fhghu

"He gets on my nerves. Not the best villain either. He's too much of a sissy...
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 *~DreamyGal Productions~*
*~DreamyGal Productions~*
I have been wanting to soạn thảo a danh sách of my yêu thích Princess outfits for a very long time, but honestly haven't had enough time to put a lot of effort into it. I decided to finally set aside some time to write it, and I discovered how difficult it would be to choose which outfits I really like best. So, to make it a little easier for myself, I decided to write it in three parts; Casual Wear, Formal Wear and Bridal Wear. It's still going to be hard, but I figured this would help. There are nineteen outfits in part one of my article.

19. Mulan's Armor
I originally did not include this outfit,...
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I have 15 fanpop users that remind me of Disney characters on this article. Some aren't Disney princess related but oh well. Please don't get offended if I say something because I will probably say something negative about some of the people here. For some of bạn I might mentions some other Disney characters bạn remind me of. Please leave a bình luận saying what bạn think I hope bạn enjoy it.

 Snow White
Snow White

I know she hasn't been on here for a long time and some of bạn probably don't know her but I just had to. She's like Snow White because for one she's one of the nicest people...
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I think everyone on this site remembers having their first crush on a Disney character. I definitely remember mine, and to be honest, I still kind of have a crush on my yêu thích Disney guy. So let's get down to it. I won't make a Hottest princes list, I'll just roll their personalities and appearances together and see what comes out. Here are Phantomrose89's yêu thích (And Hottest!) Disney Princes.

10)John Smith
I know that many of bạn are surprised to find John Smith this low, because with most of you, he's in the middle. I, personally, dislike him thêm than I dislike the other princes,...
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A/N- Just a little giáng sinh story. I wrote this in the style of "Beauty
and the Beast" because...I don't know. The phim chiếu rạp have been on
for two days and it just came to me.

Disclaimer: Don't own any of these characters they belong to Disney.

"Which would bạn two like to read tonight?" I asked the two
little girls who were currently content in being held bởi their papa.
It had been 6 years since the spell had been broken, since the
wedding had taken place, and since the birth of our two adorable
twin girls. Adam and I had been ruling over France for the past two
years after his uncle, who had taken...
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Since Beauty and the Beast is my yêu thích Disney film, I wanted to write about a few of my yêu thích scenes.

#8:Shes Being Difficult!

I tình yêu this scene because suddenly this monsterous Beast is being childish. Also this is the first banter bạn see between the Beast and Belle, bạn also get to see how desperatly the lâu đài staff is trying to get him to be polite and get the girl to fall in tình yêu with him.

#7: The Library:

When the Beast presents Belle the thư viện and shares his desperate attempts to win her tim, trái tim to cogsworth and lumiere bạn just want to go "Awwww" the look on his face...
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My opinion on which princess are hot and which aren't. Basically a danh sách on who I would bang.

10. Snow White.

She's a munter.

I suppose that's a bit harsh but she has the least bangability out of the all. She's just way too young, innocent and, to be honest, annoying to even consider. And she's not in anyway hot.

9. Cinderella.

She's pretty but she doesn't have any features to be considered "hot" in my opinion. She doesn't have a hot face. She doesn't have a hot body. And she doesn't have any personal qualities that make her bangable. Plus she'd probably run away half way through.

8. Mulan....
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Pocahontas is the hardest priness to do because ALL of the các nữ diễn viên on this danh sách could play her.

4/5.Shay Mitchell and Naya Rivera
I couldn't rank one higher than the other, these two are basically twins seperated at birth. I like Pretty Little Liars and I hate Glee but both of these girls are beautiful enough to play Pocahontas. Shay has her lips and Naya has her eyes. But the tiếp theo three are far thêm capable.

3.Moon Bloodgood
One of the most gorgeous women I have ever seen. Moon certainly has the body to play Poca. She's alittle bit older than I'd like her to be, but she's so beautiful...
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