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إلسا: نسمة محجوب


الثلج الليلة كالصحراء .. لم تلمسه اقدام
مملكة للحيارى .. أحكمها بسلام

الريح تعوي مثل العاصفة داخلي
كيف تختفي .. حاولت جاهدة

لا تكشفي سر الجليد .. كوني كما شعبك يريد
تخفىي الإحساس .. كى يجهلوا
قد عرفوا

اطلقي سرك .. لن أتحمل العذاب
اطلقي سرك .. اغلقي خلفك الابواب
لا اخشى كل ما سيقال
اطلقي العنان
الثلج لا يشعرني باكتئاب...
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(DISCLAIMER: When I say Elsa fans, I'm only referring to a certain amount so please don't get offended!)

Elsa. That's al we here about Frozen. Elsa. And dare bạn even say that bạn don't like Elsa her người hâm mộ girls will EAT you. They have an excuse for everything Elsa does wrong and yell at Anna những người hâm mộ about everything Anna does wrong.

Now, I like Elsa, like I tình yêu all Disney characters, but I have to say I have a very unpopular opinion;

I like Anna thêm than Elsa.

Now why may bạn ask? Because of well...everything. I think Elsa is overrated and her character gets misinterpreted, which gets really annoying....
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