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I'm going to make this bài viết because I want to express myself about what I think about each member. Hope you'll enjoy it!

Vocal ranking:

Of course Taeyeon, who else in SNSD can challege her? She hits and mainteins her high notes easilly. She has a open vocal range and she's very versatile.

She's really good but I haven't seen improvement in a long time. That makes me think that she can't improve more, hoặc that she don't want to. Her high notes are amazing and I tình yêu her voice, which never change in performance.

She's been shadowed for 5 years and now people complain...
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Have bạn guys ever wondered about the meanings of each number the girls wear when they perform "Oh!"? If not, now's the time to find out what they're all about (if so, lucky bạn because I found out!! LOL)!!

Taeyeon chose 9 as it is the number of SNSD,
Sooyoung chose 24 as she wants to be with the những người hâm mộ 24/7,
Seohyun chose 11 to be number one in everything,
Tiffany chose 01, but while printing, an error occurred, leaving out the 1, and giving her the nickname "Team's Hole" with the number 0.
Jessica is turning 22 this year, so she chose the number 22,
Yuri chose 21, as it was her age at that time,...
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 yuri and Oh Seunghwan
yuri and Oh Seunghwan
[★BREAKING] Girls’ Generation Yuri breaks up with boyfriend after six months

Reports have revealed that another Girls’ Generation member is no longer in a relationship.
According to a close acquaintance of Oh Seung Hwan on October 15th, “Yuri and Oh Seunghwan has recently broken up.”
The reason behind their gần đây break up is because of their busy schedules.
As Oh Seung Hwan was forced to stay in Nhật Bản because of his team “Hanshin Tigers” during game season and Yuri was busy promoting Girls’ Generation’s new album and her other schedules, they were not able to see each other often...
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Girls' Generation's Sunny gives Lời khuyên about breast implants

Sunny and other guests were asked bởi a viewer whether she should use her entire savings in order to augment her chest hoặc to go off on a trip to Europe. Though Park Ji Yoon and comedian Kim Sook advised that it was best that she spend her money on surgery, Sunny took the other side.

The Girls' Generation member said, "I think it's better to go to Europe. When bạn go to Europe, you'll see a lot of people who wear clothing that works for them regardless of breast size. I think it's better to go to Châu Âu and gain thêm confidence as well as experience. I think natural is better."

What do bạn think of Sunny's advice?
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Jessica confessed that Girls’ Generation tried to watch porn once.

The girls were guests on the January 23rd episode of ‘Radio Star‘. On the show, they were asked, “Do women talk about perverted things too?“. Jessica answered, “In some foreign countries, if bạn turn on the TV, porn is accessible.” She turned to Sunny and said, “We even tried to watch some, right?“.

Hyoyeon then chimed in stating, “But we couldn’t. I heard that it comes out on the history (hotel bill) afterwards.” Jessica said, “We even thought about whose room to use. I think it was Seohyun‘s room.”

At this, Seohyun expressed her frustration toward her unnis, causing the studio to burst into laughter.

The segment begins around the 9:30 mark below.
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 Let's dance
Let's dance
The results are ready for being seen, hope you'll enjoy them. This time I don't agree a lot but I'll try to make a good review.

Dancing Queen
Best: Yuri, Yoona, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung
Okay: Taeyeon, Seohyun
Worst: Jessica, Tiffany, Sunny

Best: Yoona, Hyoyeon, Tiffany
Okay: Seohyun, Yuri, Sooyoung
Worst: Jessica, Taeyeon, Sunny

Let's start with the MV:

From 7 to 9, new pair. Bangs, Jessica, bangs. She should try something different but until The Boys she didn't get rid of them. You'll have 2 thêm years of pain. Ignoring her bangs, which is difficult, she was quite plain and she didn't stand...
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I thought that since I made another bài viết about ranking, and that people actually like my articles, that I should make an bài viết about something that I usually see on this club, TaeNy. I'm not trying to say that bạn should hate this couple, I just wanted to state my opinion since I see it a lot.

Truth be told, I'm not too fond of all the OTPS on here. I like seeing them having interactions with each other and their genuine friendship, but I'm getting a bit tired of seeing them everywhere I go on the Internet, especially TaeNy. Now, don't get me wrong, I like their friendship and all, but...
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