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 yuri and Oh Seunghwan
yuri and Oh Seunghwan
[★BREAKING] Girls’ Generation Yuri breaks up with boyfriend after six months

Reports have revealed that another Girls’ Generation member is no longer in a relationship.
According to a close acquaintance of Oh Seung Hwan on October 15th, “Yuri and Oh Seunghwan has recently broken up.”
The reason behind their gần đây break up is because of their busy schedules.
As Oh Seung Hwan was forced to stay in Nhật Bản because of his team “Hanshin Tigers” during game season and Yuri was busy promoting Girls’ Generation’s new album and her other schedules, they were not able to see each other often...
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Following their written interviews a few days ago, Girls' Generation is here again to answer some các câu hỏi from Dispatch. Have a good read below~


The 9 girls have returned. They brought out 'I Got a Boy'. However, the situation right now is 'I got a problem'. There's a bit of a problem. For starters, they are the disagreeing assessments on their new attempt.

Clearly, the girls have changed. They aren't the Soshi we've known, but a 'Brand New' Soshi. Like their lyrics, their 'style changed from head to toe'. It's the result of choosing hybrid over a hook song, girls hip-hop over group dancing,...
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Are we really breaking up now
Or are we just separated for a moment, like how we promised to be
This separation is already enough for me
Why haven't I heard from you

I tình yêu you, I can wait for bạn endlessly
When bạn come to find me
I can smile at you, always oh

Am I still unable to accept it
That bạn turned around and announced our separation

I just want to accept the truth as it is
What are bạn doing now?

I tình yêu you, I can wait for bạn endlessly
When bạn come to find me
I can smile at you, always oh

Now that sadness slowly accumulates
Although I know that bạn really left
I can only hope to be nicer to you...
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