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Tiffany (Girls Generation/SNSD)
Because It's bạn tình yêu Rain OST


Don't say that you're sorry
tình yêu isn't over for me yet
If we break up like this
What do I do, what do I do?

* I just have tình yêu alone but I can't even love
I can't even say the words that I really want to say
The tình yêu that is getting farther away
The words that I can't keep - they are making me cry

Don't say thank you
I want to give bạn all my tình yêu but
If we were to truly be strangers like this
What do I do, what do I do?

* Repeat

I tình yêu bạn - what do I do because I tình yêu you?

It's okay even if it's a painful love
Even if I erase the last tình yêu in my life
bạn are someone that cannot be erased
Even if it's a sad destiny, I can't let bạn go
I tình yêu bạn because it's you

Because to me, it's you
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Well,for starters,They are very talented in their own ways. Like Taeyeon,she had a very beautiful and strong voice yet shes very dorky,shes allergic to nuts. Jessica,she is known as the ice princess of the group and some people say she is cold on the outside but once bạn get to know her she is very sweet and down to her on the inside,shes allergic to cucumbers. Sunny,very well known for her constant cute aegyo. Tiffany,has a very charming eye-smile that captivates everyone's eyes when shown,she speaks english very well(like jessica),she hates bugs. Hyoyeon,known has the "Dancing queen" of snsd....
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