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I'm so sorry for making so many các bài viết recently, but i'm in the mood of making them so...xD

This is my ranking of the prettiest SNSD members, without makeup. Who looks the best? and who looks the worst?

Feel free to disagree with me, in the các bình luận =)

Btw i'll use gần đây pics. And i KNOW, that, in the pics i'll show, the girls aren't entirely without makeup. BUT they're wearing very little makeup.

Number 9- Sunny

It's not that she looks bad but the difference between her with makeup and without makeup is HUGE. Tbh, i couldn't almost recognize her in those pics, the biggest difference...
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posted by reeginasays
Have bạn guys ever wondered about the meanings of each number the girls wear when they perform "Oh!"? If not, now's the time to find out what they're all about (if so, lucky bạn because I found out!! LOL)!!

Taeyeon chose 9 as it is the number of SNSD,
Sooyoung chose 24 as she wants to be with the những người hâm mộ 24/7,
Seohyun chose 11 to be number one in everything,
Tiffany chose 01, but while printing, an error occurred, leaving out the 1, and giving her the nickname "Team's Hole" with the number 0.
Jessica is turning 22 this year, so she chose the number 22,
Yuri chose 21, as it was her age at that time,...
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On May 8th, Sunny and Hyoyeon attended the “MSFTSrep X GENERAL IDEA Collaboration” pop-up store opening in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

The special event celebrated the collaboration between Korean fashion designer and founder of “GENERAL IDEA”, Choi Bumsuk, and American actor and creator of the “MSFTSrep” clothing line, Jaden Smith.

Sunny and Hyoyeon arrived at the event in their own unique outfits, dressed with the streetwear fashion theme in mind.

Sources: Osen, TVReport, Star, TVDaily, Newsen, xsportsnews
Written by: kt9823@soshified
Edited by: bhost909@soshified
Since there are members that are dating, I decided to make a fake scenario about how they came to be. Of course, I'll still use the facts, but most likely, it'll be fake. (If it was real, that would just be creepy.) Each story will be two hoặc three parts, so I Hope bạn enjoy!

Part 1: link

The tiếp theo day...
Sooyoung: Ooh! Yoona, wake up!
Yoona: Really? Again? I'd like to have at least one full night of sleep!
Sooyoung: Yes again! We just got invited to a birthday party tonight!
Yoona: From who?
Sooyoung: From... umm... Him.
Yoona: bạn make it sound like bạn got an invitation from God.
Sooyoung: Ugh, fine....
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posted by kimkyu
[INFO] SNSD's Contract Information.

- Yuri's contract on SM Entertainment will expire 9 years until 28 years old. She's now 23.

- Yoona's contract on SM Entertainment will expire 15 years until 34. She's now 22.

- Jessica's contract on SM Entertainment will expire 9 years until 28 years old. She's now 23.

- Sooyoung's contract on SM Entertainment will expire 5 years till 23. She's now 22.

- Hyoyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun's contract on SM Entertainment will expire untill SNSD disbands.

- Sunny's contract on SM Entertainment is a FREEDOM CONTRACT.

- Taeyeon's contract on SM Entertainment will expire...
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1.Tears-I have to admit this song is not được ưa chuộng but it's amazingly beautiful its from their first album GIRLS GENERATION,it's a sad song,their voice are amazing with such a young age,so u guys should listen,it's beautiful

2.Promise-This song is from I GOT A BOY album,it has such a beautiful melody,the song shows that snsd has improve a lot,the song fits snsd voice and the song is just amazing...

3.Mistake-I fell in tình yêu with the song,I tình yêu their voice in the song,I already tình yêu the song before i know that Yuri wrote the song,and after i know it I tình yêu it more,the song is so awesome!

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In case you're wondering...NO i didn't forget about my "prettiest member in ____ MV" articles. LOOL

but i'm keeping those in the dungeon for a while xD

Anyway, this will be based on how many moments these pairings have hoặc the chemestry/friendship i see in them. so don't expect "popularity" to play a huge part on this analysis. cause i'm sorry to disappoint you, i was never a người hâm mộ of the được ưa chuộng snsd pairings like taengsic, yoonyul, etc etc. most of them don't even feel genuine to me. they just seem like "fanservice pairings"


Anyway, we all know (or suspect) these two members' history....
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I'm going to make this bài viết because I want to express myself about what I think about each member. Hope you'll enjoy it!

Vocal ranking:

Of course Taeyeon, who else in SNSD can challege her? She hits and mainteins her high notes easilly. She has a open vocal range and she's very versatile.

She's really good but I haven't seen improvement in a long time. That makes me think that she can't improve more, hoặc that she don't want to. Her high notes are amazing and I tình yêu her voice, which never change in performance.

She's been shadowed for 5 years and now people complain...
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posted by Hyori143
SNSD’s Yoona finds her doppelganger in Malaysia?
SNSD’s Yoona is currently drawing a lot of attention with her doppelganger.

An online community đã đăng pictures with the caption, “A Malaysian girl looks like Yoona.”

In the picture, a Malaysian girl is wearing her traditional clothes. Her eyes and eyebrows look just like Yoona and it surprised many people.

Her milky white skin and smile are also a lot like Yoona. The girl previously received considerable attention as Yoona’s doppelganger on Facebook.

People who saw the pictures responded: “She was not Yoona?” “People will believe that she is Yoona.” “They really look alike.” “Yoona is still prettier though.”

SNSD is currently holding the ’2013 SNSD Arena Tour,’ which started on February 9 in Kobe.
Some of bạn may hoặc may not agree with me on this so I give fair warning ahead of time...I don't care...jk. But seriously SNSD is a fun fanclub for me for the sole reason of figuring out which SNSD is most liked, hated, underrated, hoặc overrated.

I won’t bore bạn with my long story of being introduced to SNSD but i will say that only one member got me into this group and it is Sunny. I saw her short blond hair on a YouTube video and was hooked ever since.

My point of nghề viết văn this is because a lot of people keep trying to help me understand who is pretty, who is not pretty, hoặc my yêu thích "This...
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Girls’ Generation alum Jessica Jung attempted to return to her former group but her Những người bạn reportedly turned her down.

A năm after Jung’s departure from the được ưa chuộng K Pop group, several speculations emerged on the possible reason behind her sudden exit and her alleged attempt to return to the group.

Twitter user @RealSamchon revealed that Jung initially planned to go on hiatus after Girls’ Generation’s Tokyo Dome tour last year, but she had a change of tim, trái tim and asked to stay in the group.

However, the members did not want to let her back. In fact, they had already prepared for her farewell...
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Girls' Generation's Sunny gives Lời khuyên about breast implants

Sunny and other guests were asked bởi a viewer whether she should use her entire savings in order to augment her chest hoặc to go off on a trip to Europe. Though Park Ji Yoon and comedian Kim Sook advised that it was best that she spend her money on surgery, Sunny took the other side.

The Girls' Generation member said, "I think it's better to go to Europe. When bạn go to Europe, you'll see a lot of people who wear clothing that works for them regardless of breast size. I think it's better to go to Châu Âu and gain thêm confidence as well as experience. I think natural is better."

What do bạn think of Sunny's advice?
Upon completing their Tokyo Dome Tour on June 24th, Girl’s Generation has launched into full preparations for their July comeback.
However, on June 21st, screenshots of a “Catch Me If bạn Can” âm nhạc video that included Jessica surfaced with the full âm nhạc video leaking just hours later. In addition, it was revealed that a Jessica & Krystal subunit had finished recording their album and a complete âm nhạc video but was cancelled, along with plans for a một giây season of Jessica & Krystal the tv program.
Upon this news, user @RealSamchon, took to Twitter to reveal details...
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posted by Yuna1331
I combined all of my rankings including prettiest with hoặc without makeup, pre debut pictures, and the member that really fit all the hairstyle (short hair, long hair, with bangs, etc.).

So let's just get started!

9. Hyoyeon

Sorry i don't find her really pretty after getting her surgery done. She's thêm on the sexy side. I find her pretty when her hair is curly and blonde. She's really pretty. But her face is not my taste. I adore your personality so bạn don't have to worry.

8. Sunny

Sunny is really cute for me. I find her pretty when her hair is long, dark brown, especially when she has full bangs....
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Usually, Hyoyeon barely gets any lines, seen in their new Japanese single, Indestructible. A lot of people, những người hâm mộ and antis, always claim that Hyoyeon's voice is really bad and should just stick to dancing. (This is not referring to anyone on here; I see it a lot outside of Fanpop.) Usually they only base it on the lines that she actually does get, which usually don't sound too great (Ex: Mr. Taxi) hoặc on the fact that she doesn't get any lines at all.

So, I decided to make a danh sách of what I think Hyoyeon's best hát lines are. Hope bạn like it!


Well, she looked great and sounded great,...
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posted by snsdlover4ever
Opinion/Rant time again! Hopefully you'll enjoy this one, even if I use the same format over and over again... Anyways, enjoy!

We all know that Korea has some standards that seem a bit ridiculous to us. Some examples would be that of beauty. Just because someone has a slightly darker skin color than the sữa white color bạn have doesn't mean bạn have to constantly remind them of it.

Same goes with my topic for today, the so-called "scandals" that Korea frowns upon. I get it if it was something really serious, like murder hoặc sexual assault. But, dating? Falling in tình yêu suddenly became a crime?...
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posted by snsdlover4ever
I saw this on the DP club and just had to make one since that was really helpful for me.I think I'll be using this as a weekly thing, and Shoutout to coolsinger198 for this idea! (although I doubt she'll ever see this.)

The dorky kid leader who is actually the oldest out of SNSD is the lovely Taeyeon! She has one of the biggest fanbases out of all of SNSD, and I can understand why. She has the best voice out of all of them, is beautiful, and can be very entertaining in variety shows, but can be sensitive and caring, which is why we tình yêu her!

Here are some những người hâm mộ that are Taegangers:
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Now we di chuyển on to kissing you

MV: link

Number 9-Hyoyeon
This wasn't a surprise, the majority of Sones agrees that Hyoyeon looks the worst (including me). The hairstyle is ugly and her face looks odd
 [img1 center, large]
[img1 center, large]

Number 8-Tiffany
To be honest, i don't even know what to say. bạn really have to be a Tiffany hater, if bạn actually think she looks ugly in this MV. i mean, look at her. She looks gorgeous, for god's sake...this is one of the most silly positions i've ever seen. Her hair looks cute and her face looks so beautiful. i'm really sad and angry over this
 [img2 center, large]
[img2 center, large]
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posted by sgsone
I simply tình yêu her...and it seems that Sooyoung is not really the least bias of many people but just in case...

Sooyoung brings out the obnoxious in SNSD. She’s their funny member, the one that makes the tough times better with her lame jokes and loud rambunctious attitude. But underneath the jokes and exaggerated actions lies a girl who we’ve found to actually be one of the thêm girlier members. Sooyoung is the boy-crazy, flirty girl in class that bạn sometimes wanna roll your eyes at but laugh at her silly antics. She’s a sweetheart too: Having been revealed as one of the thêm sensitive...
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posted by shiraz97
Choi Soo-young (Hangul: 최수영; Hanja: 崔秀英; born February 10, 1990) is a South Korean idol singer, actress, dancer, rapper, promotional model, TV presenter, DJ and MC. She is a member of the South Korean girl group Girls' Generation, formed bởi S. M. Entertainment in 2007. Sooyoung is the only Asian woman appearing in Complex's Hottest '90s Babies.

Birth name    Choi Soo-young
Born     February 10, 1990 (age 23)
Gwangju, Gyeonggi, South Korea
Genres    Pop, dance-pop, trot, jazz
Occupations    Singer, dancer,...
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