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Dedicated to Konami's vampire killing, slash-and-whip adventure games (now with RPG elements!)
Wikipedia like site devoted to video games
Interesting bài viết listing the publisher that were pursuing an exclusive, That Sony chose not to sign. As in the case of...
Are bạn a người hâm mộ of lemmings? tham gia the spot!
It is now official. Bungie Studios has jumped Microsoft's money-rich ship and have gone independent!...
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This is a classic cinematic platform adventure game, originally called "Out of this World" but later renamed as "Another World". The game's tác giả describes the genesis of the game on the Amiga (though most people played it on the PC). Free download.
Stephanie Smith reviews this FPS
The 3DO? What was wrong with that?
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Ahahaha, N-Gage.
Pretty thorough bài viết bởi Stephanie Smith