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Hee Haaa
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"That's propostrous!", we heard a british man shout behind the door,"Never before have I hard such nonsense. There is no way that I was connected with the T-Virus incident! How dare bạn try to pin the blame on me! I suggest bạn get out of my house! I'm a busy man, I have no time for the likes of you!"
I peeped through the crack of the door and was just able to see a fat, smartly-dressed man standing behind his bàn and three people dressed in leather. That was Umbrella, but not all of them. There was about seven hoặc eight more.
The leader stepped phía trước, chuyển tiếp and quickly grabbed the british man's...
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I fell into a tình yêu trance, which soon got disturbed bởi the loud noises of footsteps coming closer to the door. Jill grabbed my hand and promptly drew me into the cupboard and shut the doors. It mùi, nấu chảy ra of iron and almost made me sick. I couldn't see Jill because of the darkness, but sensing her there was just enough to make me fall into a trance again!
I heard the door open and the trampling footsteps.
"I'm sure I heard it, sir! I could've sworn I heard a door open, I'm sure of it!" I overheard a small but certain voice say.
"Ah! We have no time for your stupid mistakes! We need to find the woman...
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CGI-animated sequel : Leon S kennedy,Ada Wong with Ark Thompson.
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