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Netflix for video games. Perfect for games bạn can finish in a few sessions.
While wasting your life away on a đi văng playing video games isn't as manly as killing small động vật for food, hoặc going to war against the forces of tyranny, these games are nevertheless pretty damn manly.
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Fascinating danh sách of some of the key gameplay innovations that we've come to take for granted. Features things like the health bar, bosses and power-ups.
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The best meta-review site for video games out there. Includes aggregate ratings for new and upcoming games and đường dẫn to the individual reviews.
Probably the best, most comprehensive site for game cheats and faqs on the web. Sure it's a subsidiary of GameSpot, but don't let that scare bạn off.
Excellent archive of video game commercials from around the world. Includes the old (Atari's ET) and the bizarre (pretty much anything Japanese).
If bạn don't feel like hitting up YouTube hoặc Google Video, GameTrailers is a pretty good site for game-specific video content.
Pretty much one of the best online gaming các diễn đàn around. Read religiously bởi industry insiders and the gaming media.
GamersDaily puts together a danh sách of 10 really cool upcoming games. Included in the list? Unreal Tournament 2007, Halo 3 and more.
A great website written bởi three guys that focuses on RPG's. Some of the best walkthroughs for được ưa chuộng RPG's available.