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The free nguồn code for Bungie's classic FPS, Marathon, and the mods that have been made to it (updated texture maps, etc).
The monumental dwarven sim game. Free to download, easy to play, difficult to master.
Step Mania is an open-source game project that recreates the được ưa chuộng console dance game experience for computers running various Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. With a free download and lots of content, Step Mania is a lot of fun.
Gadget blog TechEBlog put together a danh sách of ten truly odd gaming controllers. Standouts in strangeness include the Wii knockoff SplitFish Glide FX, the Resident Evil GameCube chain-saw controller and the (pictured) PS2's "PachiSlot" controller.
Extensive web site with information about different consoles from the history of video games.
Fierce Game Biz blurb about a bill in Oklahoma similar to the New York one (linkthat has been blocked bởi a judge.
bài viết in Forbes about legislation pending in New York state that aims to control the sale of mature-rated games. Interesting read.
A free little game to download and play satirizing the games industry.
In this edition of my Retro Round-Up series, I look at the video game 'You Don't Know Jack', which became hugely được ưa chuộng in the mid-90's, but tapered off due to overkill. After some time, 'Jack' is back online, so see what all the fuss is about.
A set of digital magazines for gamers, written bởi games journalists and including video and multimedia. All bạn need is Adobe Reader 8 on a PC. The magazines are free, and they have ones for Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation 3 and PSP/DS.