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Mr.Brightside: #1, get out of the car and put your hands in the air (Business Man 1 does so) (Mr.Brightside puts handcuffs on him)
W: Good work, Brightside. Now, put the phone tiếp theo to his ear
Mr.brightside: (Dials W’s phone number and holds it to Business Man 1’s ear)
W: How did bạn kill those people. And, bạn better start talking, otherwise, I will beat the crap out of bạn until bạn do
Business Man 1: bạn may not believe me, but I used the notebook. If I right their name in the notebook, they die
Mr.Brightside: (Looks in the car and finds notebook) I found the notebook he was talking about (Opens in and reads what’s inside) He sure has written a lot of names (Looks up, then starts screaming, as he stares at PrinceLightning)
W: Brightside, what’s wrong
Mr.Brightside: It’s a monster (Drops notebook)
Police Officer: (Picks up notebook) I’m sure you're overreactin- (Looks at Prince Lightning, then screams
W: bạn two? What’s going on
Mr.Brightside: It seems that only those who touch the notebook can see it
W: I see. Please, bring me the notebook
Police Officer: (Brings notebook to W)
PrinceLightning: (What is Jordy planning to do)
Police Officer: (Hands notebook to W)
W: (Looks over and sees PrinceLightning) Oh, s**t
Jordy_Dash: Come on, W, let me see (Takes notebook)
W: (Wait, this is impossible. If there were to Killer’s…. then there has to be two notebooks. This is far from over) (Looks in his hands and sees that the notebook is gone) Where’s the notebook. Where the hell is it (Looks at Jordy) Ah, double s**t
W: Hey, bạn okay
JordY_Dash: W?
W: What?
Jordy_Dash: I should see if the victims in the notebook match up to the victims that were killed
W: Good idea (Still can’t believe this whole thing isn’t over)
Jordy_Dash: (Gives an evil grin) (I have won. It all went according to plan)
Jordy_Dash: (Gives notebook to PrinceLightning) I hereby forfeit ownership to you, Prince
PrinceLightning: Okay
Jordy_Dash: Now, give the Death Note to Sean
PrinceLightning: Why should I listen to-
Jordy_Dash: DO IT
PrinceLightning: Fine (Passes Death Note to Sean)
Jordy_Dash: Now, Sean owns that Death Note. Okay, Sean, now, drop the Death Note on the ground
SeantheHedgehog: (Drops Death Note) ……. what was the point of all that
Jordy_Dash: Someday, bạn may see that there was a point. Now, Sean (Hands him his Death Note) Now, Sean, take back your Death Note and give it to Prince
SeantheHedgehog: I’m starting to get confused (Hands Death Note to Prince)
Jordy_Dash: Now, Prince. Give that Death Note to someone who is a greedy power-hungry douche bag. If bạn do this, Onyx will be released from confinement. If she isn’t, bạn can kill me. Is that fair
PrinceLightning: Fine bởi me (Disappears)
Jordy_Dash: Now, for the tiếp theo phase. I will get myself imprisoned bởi W, and that is where I will forfeit ownership of the Death Note to save myself
(Present Time)
Jordy_Dash: All that’s left to do is to kill him (Pulls on watch four times and a scrap of paper comes out) Perfect. A scrap of paper from the original Death Note (Stabs himself with a needle, and gets blood on it, then writes on the paper)
W: Brightside, please take #1 to the car
Mr.Brightside: Of course (Leads Business Man 1 to the car)
Business Man 1: (Suddenly has a tim, trái tim attack)
W: What, he’s having a tim, trái tim attack. But we didn’t get to learn his real name yet
Jordy_Dash: (What’s going on)
Mr.Brightside: #1… #1……….. It’s too late….. he’s dead
W: ….. Oh, f**k me in the face
Jordy_Dash: (Perfect. He’s dead. And your tiếp theo W)
(Later, at the HQ)
W: Well, so much for going trang chủ after months
Izfankirby: (Looks at PrinceLightning) This is gonna take some getting used to
MegaSonicZone: Why the f**k am I here
Mr.Brightside: (Reading over the rules of the Death Note) It says here that anyone whose name is written in this notebook shall….. die (Keeps đọc over rules) Also, there are these two rules on the back. It says that, if this notebook is destroyed, everyone who touched the notebook will die
Izfankirby: That’s great. thats just f**king great. What do we do now? Game over man. Game over
Mr.Brightside: Izfan, calm down. You’re making movie references again
Izfankirby: Oh, sorry
Jordy_Dash: (Perfect. With a rule like that, the Death Note won’t be destroyed)
SeantheHedgehog: Hey, Prince. There isn’t a rule saying that we can’t write our own rules, right
PrinceLightning: Not that I am aware of, no
SeantheHedgehog: Okay, but once this is over, Jordy, bạn owe me an apple
(Present time)
Mr.Brightside: Then there’s the last rule. If someone writes down one name, but does not write another within thirteen days, then the user will die
Izfankirby: But, then, that means Jordy and Onyx aren’t Killer. This proves it
MegaSonicZone: It’s true. They were held captive for a month. If they were Killer, they’d have died a long time ago
W: Excuse me, the big white thing that looks way too emo
Izfankirby: Isn’t that a little offensive
W: Yes, it is. That’s what I was going for
PrinceLightning: What do bạn want
W: Is there thêm than one Death Note in this world
PrinceLightning: Maybe, maybe not
W: And are all the rules in each one the same
PrinceLightning: Yes
Mr.Brightside: W, it is proven that Jordy and Onyx are not Killer. They do not need to be suspected anymore
W: …… (Sighs) You’re right. It just hurts me to know I’m wrong. It hurts emotionally, mentally. Hell, it hurts so bad, that it hurts physically
Mr.Brightside: I’m just glad Jordy isn’t Killer
Jordy_Dash: Yeah, but, we still have thêm work to do. W, can I work alongside you, without the handcuffs
W: Yes. These handcuffs are really starting to piss me off. I mean, my god. Trying to take a piss with these things attached to bạn was a pain in my ass. Now, it’s finally over
Jordy_Dash: (Perfect. Onyx and I are proven not guilty, all thanks to some fake bulls**t rules)
(Later, in his room)
Jordy_Dash: Hi, Onyx
Onyx050569: Oh, xin chào Jo- (Jordy hugs her, keeping his face away from the cameras)
Jordy_Dash: Onyx, listen to me carefully. There is a special place that has something I buried. I need bạn to retrieve it
Onyx050569: Sure thing, Jordy
W: (Watches them on camera) That is on f**king awkward hug
(The tiếp theo Day)
Onyx050569: (Digs up Death Note) (Picks up Death Note, and remembers everything) Ha, that guy never got to tell us his name (Note falls out of the Death Note) (Onyx picks it up and reads it) “Dear Onyx. bởi the time bạn read this, bạn should have regained your memory. Once bạn finish đọc this, burn the letter, stomp on it, throw it in the river, and just ignore it. When bạn see me again, touch me with a piece from this Death Note. But, don’t touch anything else, hoặc I’ll do what W usually does. If bạn do this, I promise to tình yêu bạn for the rest of my life” YAY!!! Now, all I have to do is kill W, and that way, we can finally be happy………. Oh, but…. I don’t remember his name
SeantheHedgehog: (Appears tiếp theo to her) Guess who’s back. Back again. Sean is back. Tell a friend
Onyx050569: Sean, your back (Hugs him) It’s been so long. Oh, that’s right. Jordy had a present for bạn (Hands him apple
SeantheHedghog: HOLY S**T, AN táo, apple (Takes it and eats it) Oh, thank god. Maybe Jordy isn’t such a spoiled little s**t after all
Onyx050569: So, Sean… can we make The Deal
SeantheHedgehog: Are bạn sure. bạn already did it once. Doing it again would cut your lifespan in half again
Onyx050569: It’s crazy, I know, but, I need to remember this one name for Jordy. So, I’ll do whatever it takes. Even if I have to shorten my life again
SeantheHedgehog: ………. Very well
(The tiếp theo Day)
Onyx050569: (Knocks on the door of the HQ)
Izfankirby: I feel bad for Onyx. Having to walk all the way here just to see Jordy
W: I agree. I mean, she came all the way here for Jordy. The DMV is a lesser waste of time
Jordy_Dash: I should go see her (Walks out)
PrinceLightning (Looks at monitors) What is Sean doing with On- (Looks at her lifespan) Oh no. She didn’t do The Deal, did she?
Onyx050569: Hi, Jordy (Touches his hand with a scrap of paper)
Jordy_Dash: (Evil grin) It’s been a long time, Sean
SeantheHedgehog: A bit too long, if bạn ask me. It’s about time I came back in the series
Onyx050569: I’m sorry, Jordy. I forgot W’s real name
Jordy_Dash: Oh, that’s a shame
Onyx050569: But, I made The Deal with Sean
Jordy_Dash: But, if bạn did that, then your lifespan-
Onyx050569: I don’t care. I just want to be of use to you, Jordy
Jordy_Dash: I want to live a long life with bạn in a peaceful world (Hugs her) In a world where only Killer is the law
Probably THE most amazing PMV I have ever seen. everything about it is just so well done.
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