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The Past, Present and Future is a story that I have been working on for a long time. I came up with the idea for the story in 2015, but didn't start nghề viết văn it until 2019.

Where to read the story: link

The Past, Present and Future is a drama story combined with feel good elements. It's also a story of family and friendship with some mystery and comedic elements. It's a type of story that involves dealing with grief, how to di chuyển on with your life, and dealing with various social challenges. The story is meant young adults. The main character of the story is a child in the opening scene, but most...
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Harsh Truths About Getting Hollywood To Read Your Screenplay - Travis Seppala via
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How Does A Writer Get The Attention Of A Manager? - Peter Katz via
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posted by liviabutterfly
Chapter [#2]

Narrators POV

An old man in a áo choàng walked into the neighborhood in which Olivia lived. Everyone stared at him as he walked around.

Olivia's POV

I smiled brightly as I dived into the ocean, "wait up!!!" Oliver laughed as my five brothers ran after me with surfboards, buggy boards, buckets for picking up sea shells, and dad brought out our special maid sandcastle buckets. They were big and made the best structures ever!!! Plus our family is known for our sand castles/structures. I smiled and dived down, feeling the salty cold water against my skin, it's the best feeling ever. When...
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added by mira9mylene
posted by ZekiYuro
When bạn Have To Choose Between 2 Possibilities:

1.Take your time.The most important thing is not to make a decision in a hurry.

2.Make a danh sách of the positive and negative points for both opinions.Then decide which points are most important and compare the two lists.

3.If bạn ask other people for their advice,don't ask thêm than 1 hoặc 2.If bạn ask a lot of people,this will probably confuse you.

4.Use your imagination to help you.Imagine yourself in both situations.How do bạn feel?Relaxed hoặc stressed?

5.When you've made a decision,wait a bit before bạn tell other people,to see how bạn feel.If bạn feel comfortable with your decision after an hour,you have probably made the right decision.

6.Finally,remember that bạn can't have everything.Choosing one of two possibilities always means that bạn can't have the one bạn didn't choose.And it's impossible to always make the right decision!
posted by ZekiYuro
We make them and we break them,because some promises are very hard to keep.Here are the hàng đầu, đầu trang six most common broken promises...

1."I'll come back tomorrow"
You always hear this from builders,plumbers,and electricians.But the truth is very different.They won't come back until tiếp theo week(or later).And bạn will probably need to phone them 5 times first.

2."I won't tell anyone"
We tình yêu hearing secrets and we happily make this promise.And at the time we really mean it.'Don't worry,'we say,'your secret is an toàn, két an toàn with me.'But of course it isn't.Research shows that everybody will always tell one other person...
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posted by ZekiYuro
Here are some thêm texts from people.
1.Writing and then sending a funny e-mail hoặc text message to my friends.And of course,imagining their faces when they read it.

2.I really like driving at night when there's no traffic,listening to my favourite music.I feel completely free.

3.Staying in giường on Sunday morning and đọc the newspaper.Then getting up very late and having my dog for a walk.

4.I enjoy going to the jym and really getting tired then taking a long hot vòi hoa sen followed bởi a nice hot cup of tea.There's nothing better.

5.Turning off my computer at the end of the day.Leaving work,and getting into my car to go home!It's the best moment of the day.I tình yêu it!
Here is a selection of true stories from around the world last week.
1.Price of the week.
James Bolton,who is unemployed,was very excited when he won first prize in a raffle last week.The prize was a weekend for two at a hotel in Bournemouth on the south coast of England.Unfortunately,he was less excited when he saw the name of the hotel.It was the hotel where he had worked as a porter the trước đó month.He had Mất tích his job there.

2.Mistake of the week
A 33-year-old Norwegian man came trang chủ one night from the pub and got into giường tiếp theo to his wife.The woman immediately woke up,screamed,and jumped...
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posted by QueridaPantufa

It was as if the earth had moved. The sky was shaking, so that all there was left were falling stars. I forgot all there was around me, everything hoặc everyone I had ever seen hoặc heard about just didn’t matter anymore. I had found her. My true and only love. But just like a falling star, it went as fast as it came. And then all there was left was emptiness. A big hole left inside of me. I will never forget her, she saved my life in every way a person can be saved. So this story isn’t really about me. It’s about her, and all that she was. Because what does it really mean to be happy?...
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posted by BennieBear27
Chapter One

My alarm went off at 7:00 on the morning February 8th, 2017. I reluctantly sat up on the edge of my giường and yawned.

"Morning." I heard a voice say. My eyes were still closed.

"Luna?" I mumble. "That you?"

"Yep." I open my eyes to see Luna Middleton standing three feet diagonal from me.

I shared a room with her, her twin sister Kyla, and my brother Jacob. That's how everyone does here. bạn live with your twin and your SIDA partner.

"So, sleepy head." she smirked. "You gonna get up hoặc what? If not, I'll eat your breakfast for you."

I don't reply and shake my head.

"Oh, come on!" Luna...
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added by shankarv007
posted by peacebaby7
This is for those who have just begun writing, hoặc for those who need helpful advice. I hope this bài viết helps you.

1) Spelling and Grammar

Spelling and grammar is the first thing bạn worry about. If there are many spelling/grammatical errors, the story doesn't flow very well. bạn don't have to be an expert, but bạn at least should have a dictionary nearby and know the basic rules of grammar. You'll pick up on thêm the thêm bạn write.

2) Know Your Topic

First and foremost, after spelling and grammar, bạn must know what you're nghề viết văn about. And I don't just mean a topic in general. For example,...
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posted by 7seablue7
Episode 1~ We meet again, setting hotel in New york (Hilton) năm 1982. Scean1
---------------------------------------------------------------Micheal: well we're here guys...... guys
hey what are yall lookin at?
Marlon: check out theses girls at the pool over
there... (practically drooling)

Michael : all bạn do is watch girls all the time man.. come on.

Jermaine;yeah marlon( laughing) although they cut
Michael: now bạn too Jermaine( annoyed)

Jermaine:Mic bạn can't lie to your self they look good.
Michael:your right.... they do (sighing) we gotta
hurry up and cheek into our rooms so we can get ready...
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posted by ejenk1025
Chapter 2

I pull into the driveway of the cafe. I look into my rear view mirror. I look good. (Laugh) I get out of the car then fix my clothes. I'm ready. Just be yourself. Ok. I'm walking in. Don't fall. Don't fall .. He sees me. Just walk up to him.

"Hey. Glad bạn could make it." đã đưa ý kiến Lucas
"I'm glad bạn could make it, too."
"Well. I work here so..." đã đưa ý kiến Lucas
"You work here? Cool."
"Yeah. This is actually my mom's cafe. Let me introduce you." đã đưa ý kiến Lucas
"Oh goody." I đã đưa ý kiến nervously

Good impression. Good impression. Good impression.

"Mom, this is Brooke. Brooke, my mom." đã đưa ý kiến Lucas
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posted by edwardsca
    I was sitting at my bàn at school, nghề viết văn my giáng sinh list. It was hard to think of thêm than three things, so I wrote down a gift card to itunes, some movies, and a new pair of nike shoes. I'm trying to think of something, and my teacher đã đưa ý kiến "Emily it wouldn't be wise to ask for money for a present". When I went trang chủ I was still thinking about my giáng sinh list, but then my little sister came up to my face "Sissy, sissy, bạn should ask for a super big princess kit'. Then bữa tối, bữa ăn tối came, we had roasted chicken. My older brother Eric was bragging about making the basketball...
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posted by para-scence
I know the Columbine Massacre anniversary was Friday, so I decided to put up a story I wrote about it. I wrote this a couple months cách đây from the viewpoint of Craig Scott. Please bình luận and let me know what bạn think.

“Craig! Get up! We’re going to be late!“ My sister Rachel pounded her fist on my door. I reluctantly opened my eyes to look at the clock. I had only ten phút to get ready. I cursed under my breath and got dressed quickly, not bothering to grab anything to eat. I got to Rachel’s car just before she was about to ditch me. I tried to catch up on my algebra homework on the...
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posted by Okuni
Just a short one-shot I thought of on the spot...Mother's ngày is coming so I thought, why not? It's not that good, just so bạn know...

I hate her. I really really hate her. Sure she's the woman who gave me my life. Sure she's the woman who raised me all the sixteen years I've been alive since my father left us shortly after my birth. But I cannot bring myself to tình yêu her. What has she ever done that actually made me smile? She has always been a cruel and selfish woman who would do anything to get what she wanted. She would gladly hurt others for her own benefit, even me, her own flesh and blood....
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posted by MickCayla133
Logan was walking through palmwoods looking for Carlos, he saw him bởi the pool with Jennifer's so he walked towards them, he đã đưa ý kiến Hi". The Jennifer's đã đưa ý kiến xin chào Logan. Carlos had đã đưa ý kiến xin chào logan, what are bạn doing. Logan says I am good, I am trying to get away from Camille she gets on my last nerves. Camille says xin chào logie want to go out with me saturday night for Kiss and tell. Logan says no i can't maybe i will ask someone else okay. *camille had left*. Carlos says i better find a girl to go with me at Kiss and Tell. Jennifer 2 says i wanna go with bạn *She had smiled*. Jennifer 1 says No,...
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posted by zutaraforever
It was five o’ clock in the afternoon and I was listening, singing, and dancing to music. It was at that moment that my parents came into my room.

“Yuko, I am afraid we have some bad news,” she đã đưa ý kiến in a sad tone of voice.

So I stopped what I was doing and listened. My parents sat down with me.

“Yuko, I know that bạn like it here in Nhật Bản and so do we. But I am afraid we have to di chuyển somewhere else.”

My stomach sank and my tim, trái tim broke. I have started to cry. I was devastated.

“B-But we can’t move. What about my friends?”

“I’m sorry, Yuko, but we can’t afford to continue living...
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