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Red Herrings and Trying To Fool Readers - Andrew Warren
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Act 2 Isn't As Important As bạn Think It Is - Jill Chamberlain via
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1 being the best 10 the worst
These sách are great for summer đọc I can honestly say that anyone that reads them will want to read them again.

10. Deacula bởi Bram Stoker
9. The Hobbit bởi Tolken
8. I'm the king of the lâu đài bởi Susan Hill
7. 1984 bởi George Orwell
6. The secret diary of Adrian nốt ruồi bởi Sue Townsend
5. Pride and prejudice bởi Jane Austine
4. Jane Eyre bởi món ăn bơm xen, charlotte Bronte
3. Lord of the Flies bởi William Golding
2. The curious incident of the dog in the nighttime bởi Mark Haddon
1 Rebecca bởi Daphne du Maurier
posted by ZekiYuro
Whatever thực phẩm you're looking for-an all-you-can-eat breakfast,a quick lunch,a romantic dinner-you'll find it in San Francisco.The city is trang chủ to over 4500 restaurants and eating places.And they're not only for tourists.On average,San Franciscans eat out 267 times a year.

You can eat thực phẩm from anywhere in the world,from afghanistan, afghan to Argentinian,and from Vietnamese to vegetarian.With Mexican fast food,Italian bakeries,hundreds of Thai,Chinese,Vietnamese,and Korean restaurants,and in-and-out Japanese noodle shops,it's possible to eat your way round the world during a single San Francisco weekend....
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posted by lindizzle215
hi so im a new writer so please tell me if i should contine nghề viết văn this story. Please comment!!!!!
Rated: M

Today my brother Joey and I were going to drive down to the family camp that we help with every năm and went here when we were kid’s but know were all teenagers so were counselors now. My brother Joey and I drive together every năm and all of our other brothers drive up in there own cars hoặc the young ones with the others. There was a new guy this năm his name is Eddie. I think that I will like this kid as I get to know him. I don’t have to share a room because I am the only girl...
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2% Of Screenwriters Make A Living From Screenwriting bởi Barbara Nicolosi & Vicki Peterson via link For thêm videos, please visit link
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First Name: Sayori(you are called Sayorihime at your temple)
Last Name: Tsukine
Age: 16
Height: 5’7
Weight: 121
Eye Color: Pink
Hair Color: Black(straight short bangs, straight long hair that goes down to your knees and the end of the hair is straight)
Personality: Stubborn, clever, smart, tactician, strong-willed, kind and caring(but doesn’t admit it because of stubbornness)
Info: bạn are the descendant of a very strong and powerful miko* named Mizuhahime. bạn have strong powers, strong enough that if a demon absorbs you, its powers will increase bởi 100X and if mated with a half demon, the child...
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posted by jeweleryfan11
Once i was having a ngày dream about this story. And it brang me to this. A story about AshleyxDamon.

Chapter 1: Sunset
Sitting in an oak tree,a young 13 năm old was nghề viết văn a letter to her father in Tokyo. He was doing research. Then her twin Austin came. "What are bạn doing here?," she asked. "I tình yêu the sunset", Austin said. "That's why i'm here," Ashley said. They watched the beautiful sunset and went in they're vintage home. "Ashley who is the letter for,"Austin asked. " Dad," she answered. "Dinner bạn guys," there mother said. And they went inside.
Credit to breebree446
My name is Annabelle. I am sixteen and I am beaten.

I lived with my dad and mom in that trailor park on the edge of town between the bar and the strip of stores everyone avoids. We lived happily until my mom, Mary, died in that car crash five years ago. My dad became depressed, drinking alcohol and gambling. He was soon unemployed, so to keep the trailor I had to drop out of school. He is now a deep alcoholic and gambles with his buddies every other day.

Whenever we run out of spirits he hits me. He keeps hitting me until I go to the bar nearby and get more. This happens every two days bởi his...
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posted by stellamusa101
Caitlin is a 17-year old girl who likes socialising. She is very fun but doesn't know her family secret, her family was servants to the king of the ngọn lửa, chữa cháy Kingdom,Hudson, 17 years ago. But Caitlin has her very own secret she doesn't know..

Caitlin is turning on her phone to chat with Nina. Just as her phone turned on, an incoming call from Nina appeared. Caitlin press green button. "Caitlin! Caitlin! Here this, Dean, your crush, has a crush on you!!" shouted Nina as Caitlin turned on dial. "Now I know why people call bạn the joke master," sighs Caitlin.

"I am serious talk! He told me not to...
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posted by alicia386
If bạn want thêm awesome nghề viết văn go to True Writers.

Chapter One

      The constant roaring of the thunder and the sparks shooting from the lightening bạn would have thought we had planned for this. Nothing is planned for in Somnium. No one expects these tragic events to occur. Even if we did plan for it, it still wouldn't change the mood. It would not make me feel any better. It wouldn't change the fact that my brother was now lying in a cold coffin dead.
      The weather was the least of my concerns at the moment. This funus, hoặc celebration for the dead, was at my hàng đầu, đầu trang priority list. Although...
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posted by DxCFan123

I ran away before Sadao woke up, taking my scythe with me. I was to be away from him all day, anyways. I walked around the town, looking for something to do until 1:10.

I really don't understand why I had to spy on him, he dies either way.

I just jumped around from rooftop to rooftop, watching ngẫu nhiên people on the street. I ended up doing this until noon, which is when I decided to follow Sadao. He did things that a regular person would do, went to the bank, bought some groceries, went out to eat, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera....
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 Watch out guys for 21!
Watch out guys for 21!
By:Android_21 How there became a Mirai Android 21
Chapter I:The Androids Attack!!!
____________________Android 21's P.O.V.________________________
It was just like any normal day,except that I was made of metal
and an Android.I had cybernetics placed in my body when I
was 20 bởi Dr.Gero,a crazy lunitic with issues.He did the same
to my brother and sister only I'm stronger and have special
abilities.I heard 17 laugh,18 sigh,and I just rolled my
eyes."Really bro.?Did bạn have to kill him when I đã đưa ý kiến I would
spare his life?" I asked, and he just shrugged and laughed.18
sighed again,and...
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posted by InvadaMiz
The door slowly creaked open, and out came Snowbell, the twins' snow white kitten.The twins sighed, Miyu picked Snowbell up, while Nakku closed and locked the creaky door.There were huge thumping noises coming from upstairs, getting closer to the door.Nakku quickly pulled Miyu back into the safety of the kitchen, their mother's skin was pale, and she had the most terrified look in her widened eyes.
Nakku and Miyu started explaining what had happened when they were in the attic.
"That means she caught up with me then."Their mother said, everyone else had fled to their rooms when the thumping had...
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As Cierra Fray ran through the cold forest, the scent of blood filled the air.
The stomping of boots behind her became louder and louder as time went on.
"Over here, men!" A loud voice said. "I can smell her blood! Come out, come out wherever bạn are!" The voice was the head of Asru, the organization whose prison she escaped from.
The thick brush scraped her bare arms and legs, giving her deep cuts. Poison Ivy nicked her dark skin. Hopefully, Cierra looked up at the night sky for some sign of a way out. All that was there was the moon, mocking her. It was free, and she wasn't. Well, not with...
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posted by DxCFan123
I walked to my locker and turned the knob. 57892. It swung open and I took my bapckpack out of it. I zipped it open and dropped my homework- which mostly was things to review- and sighed in relief. It was hard to carry them, after all.

"So, you're Sam?" someone asked. I jerked my head up to see the girl with blonde hair.. Miranda, I believe her name was. "Nice meeting you. I'm Marie. Everybody calls me Miranda, though." she said

"Oh my.. gosh.. You're, like, the only person I've told me real name to!" she then exclaimed

"Uh.. really? That's very nice to know. Um.. what, exactly, is the point of...
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posted by Lore_Master
These side affects were takeing a toll on the hero gradually wearing him down, the doctor took the hero in as his own careing for him and makeing sure he was brought up well, "Two year's have passed since that night." the hero thought to himself as he got up out of giường to start what seemed like a normal summer ngày "Boy where are bạn it's time to start work!" excalimed the old man as he knocked on his door "Eh... I hate mornings." đã đưa ý kiến the hero as he got up out of giường getting dressed to start another day. With the sun bareing down on them it seemed as if hell had found it's way to Siege "Are...
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posted by Lore_Master
He couldn't stop stareing at his reflection "What am I? who am I...?" he asked himself looking at the black wings on his back, he took hold of his wings ripping them off violently howling in pain, massive amounts of blood were gushing from his back he began feeling weak soon falling to the ground into the puddle of muddy water he layed there lifeless he had completely được trao up, he slowly faded out of consciousness as his blood slowly filled the muddy puddle he started to laugh feeling the madness took over his mind, he rolled over to look at the star's once thêm before he was completely dead...
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posted by StarWarsFan7
"Well...that's better." A fourteen-year-old Rosella Karst says. She had just cast a spell on a glass cup which is now filled with water. She grabs the cup and takes a sip. "What are bạn doing?!" Rosella's older sister, Pandora exclaims for she had just arrived. Rosella almost chokes on the hydrogen and oxygen drink. "Drinking water. Why? Is that illegal?" She sets the glass down on a coffee bàn in the magical wizard lair that they are in. Pandora takes Rosella's wizard wand which has a vine stem and a beautiful white rose at the top. "I'm not joking. Why couldn't bạn just go downstairs, get...
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posted by para-scence
"Put your hands up!" the cop shouted. My breaths came out short and quick. Trembling, I put my hands up. "The neighbors reported a break in. Do bạn live here?"

"No," I breathed, unthinkingly. Why didn't I just say yes? Dammit! I at least have the right to remain silent! My tim, trái tim was thudding in my ears; I couldn't think straight.

"Stand up," the cop said, still holding the gun in one hand. He walked over to me, and pulled me up. He patted me down, pulling out the money. It was a fairly large amount, so it was obvious I'd stolen it. "Put your hands behind your back," he ordered. I heard the click...
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