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In a weekly "test" single people who are looking for a partner ask their mother and their best friend to help.Their mother chooses one partner and their best friend chooses another.The test is to see who can choose the best partner!
This week's single man is Richard Taylor,a 26-year-old musician from Southampton.His mother Meg chooses one girl,and his best friend Danny chooses another.Then Richard goes on a ngày with each girl.Which girl does he prefer?Who knows him better,his mother hoặc his best friend?Who chooses the right girl for him?

"I usually work in England but sometimes I work abroad...
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posted by liviabutterfly
Chapter [#2]

Narrators POV

An old man in a áo choàng walked into the neighborhood in which Olivia lived. Everyone stared at him as he walked around.

Olivia's POV

I smiled brightly as I dived into the ocean, "wait up!!!" Oliver laughed as my five brothers ran after me with surfboards, buggy boards, buckets for picking up sea shells, and dad brought out our special maid sandcastle buckets. They were big and made the best structures ever!!! Plus our family is known for our sand castles/structures. I smiled and dived down, feeling the salty cold water against my skin, it's the best feeling ever. When...
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posted by ZekiYuro
A superhero is a fictional character with special powers.Since the first Siêu nhân story was written in the USA in 1938,superheroes have appeared in various comic sách around the world.But thêm recently they have become better known as film characters.

Although superhero powers vary widely,superhuman strength and the ability to fly are common.Some superheroes do not have special powers but have developed other important abilities.In order to protect Những người bạn and family,a superhero's identity is normally kept secret,which often means superheroes have complicated double life.

There have been successful...
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posted by ZekiYuro
Here are some thêm texts from people.
1.Writing and then sending a funny e-mail hoặc text message to my friends.And of course,imagining their faces when they read it.

2.I really like driving at night when there's no traffic,listening to my favourite music.I feel completely free.

3.Staying in giường on Sunday morning and đọc the newspaper.Then getting up very late and having my dog for a walk.

4.I enjoy going to the jym and really getting tired then taking a long hot vòi hoa sen followed bởi a nice hot cup of tea.There's nothing better.

5.Turning off my computer at the end of the day.Leaving work,and getting into my car to go home!It's the best moment of the day.I tình yêu it!
As we know,Richard Taylor-a 26-year-old musician-claimed that his best friend Danny knows him better than his mother,Mrs.Meg,by the way they chose the girfriends for him.So what about hearing what he đã đưa ý kiến about those girls?

1.His friend's choice:Claire
"I was very optimistic when I went to meet Claire.,My first impression was that she was very friendly and very extrovert.Physically she was my type-she was quite slim and not very tall with long dark hair-very pretty.
And she was very funny too.She had a great sense of humour.We laughed a lot.But the only problem was that Claire was very talkative.She...
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Hannah met Jamie in the summer of 2004.It was Hannah's 21st birthday and she and her Những người bạn went to a club.They wanted to dance,but they didn't like the âm nhạc so Hannah went to speak to the DJ."This âm nhạc is awful,",she said."Could bạn play something else?"The DJ looked at her and said,"Don't worry,I have the perfect song for you."

2 phút later he said:''The tiếp theo song is bởi Coldplay.It's called Yellow and it's for a beautiful girl who's dancing over there."Hannah knew that the song was for her because she was wearing a yellow dress.When Hannah and her Những người bạn left the club,the DJ was waiting...
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The wind was howling like Người sói in the night, and Will sat shivering in his post. The tháp nhỏ, tháp pháo on which he sat overlooked a tall rock ledge that sloped into the ocean.
“Why do I get this bloody post.” he đã đưa ý kiến to himself. The air was so cold up there that it sank right into your bones. Even though Will had dressed as warmly as he could with a thick woolen cloak, he could still feel the icy fingers creeping up his back. The ngọn lửa, chữa cháy in the brazier barely helped either.
“Nothing as always.” he đã đưa ý kiến as he looked out to the edge of the sea. He had taken to talking to himself when he...
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posted by 7seablue7
Episode 1~ We meet again, setting hotel in New york (Hilton) năm 1982. Scean1
---------------------------------------------------------------Micheal: well we're here guys...... guys
hey what are yall lookin at?
Marlon: check out theses girls at the pool over
there... (practically drooling)

Michael : all bạn do is watch girls all the time man.. come on.

Jermaine;yeah marlon( laughing) although they cut
Michael: now bạn too Jermaine( annoyed)

Jermaine:Mic bạn can't lie to your self they look good.
Michael:your right.... they do (sighing) we gotta
hurry up and cheek into our rooms so we can get ready...
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posted by ejenk1025
Chapter 2

I pull into the driveway of the cafe. I look into my rear view mirror. I look good. (Laugh) I get out of the car then fix my clothes. I'm ready. Just be yourself. Ok. I'm walking in. Don't fall. Don't fall .. He sees me. Just walk up to him.

"Hey. Glad bạn could make it." đã đưa ý kiến Lucas
"I'm glad bạn could make it, too."
"Well. I work here so..." đã đưa ý kiến Lucas
"You work here? Cool."
"Yeah. This is actually my mom's cafe. Let me introduce you." đã đưa ý kiến Lucas
"Oh goody." I đã đưa ý kiến nervously

Good impression. Good impression. Good impression.

"Mom, this is Brooke. Brooke, my mom." đã đưa ý kiến Lucas
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posted by MickCayla133
Logan was walking through palmwoods looking for Carlos, he saw him bởi the pool with Jennifer's so he walked towards them, he đã đưa ý kiến Hi". The Jennifer's đã đưa ý kiến xin chào Logan. Carlos had đã đưa ý kiến xin chào logan, what are bạn doing. Logan says I am good, I am trying to get away from Camille she gets on my last nerves. Camille says xin chào logie want to go out with me saturday night for Kiss and tell. Logan says no i can't maybe i will ask someone else okay. *camille had left*. Carlos says i better find a girl to go with me at Kiss and Tell. Jennifer 2 says i wanna go with bạn *She had smiled*. Jennifer 1 says No,...
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posted by Kachetes
“why does she live in this side of town when bạn have a hous- joshua was asking but my glare clearly got to him
“look its not like we dont want her in our house ... She IS married and she didnt want financial help from any one.Lupita is a girl thats loud and proud in a way but Marc is a good guy they're happy I just wish they would...”
I stop we stood in front of a small house and it looked like we missed a good party bia cans and bottles al over the front yard,a few dosen pizza, bánh pizza boxes,three chó eating the leftovers,and one pretty lady passout on the grass;my aunt Lupita
“do I realy need...
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posted by HouseMindFreak
Chapter 19

Sitting on the porch in the late evening for BJ was her only time to get fresh air and some decent time away from Cayden. In the mid-summer it was warm and pleasant outside at night but tonight it was unusually chilly. BJ wrapped her arms around herself feeling a chill run through her body. The air felt thick but it wasn’t humid it was…tense. The sky was preparing for a storm. A rumble of thunder rattled around her making her jump. She couldn’t understand why she was so jumpy, storms never bothered her but there was just something she was sensing that wasn’t right. Another...
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Of course, unlucky as she was, Lara Binks, reporter for the "Sunnydale News, got caught in a rainstorm.
And, since getting stuck in a rainstorm wasn't bad enough, it also happened when she was stuck on a rather revolting public bus, which had lint and dead bugs littering the stained carpet and torn chairs.
If that wasn't bad enough, she and the odd-looking passengers were travelling across a dirt road in the middle of nowhere.
Worse yet, Lara had to get a story into the office in three days, and there was no longer any way this was possible, since the bus driver had announced they were stopping...
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The rest of the History clas dragged in, no one looked at me, hoặc even whispered behind me. When ever i would catch someones eye they would turn away.Yes they should have told me, rather than get ridiculed bởi some, History teacher, but they are my freinds. And right now thats what i need, good freinds. "Robyn,...
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posted by mitchie19
6. T H E C R U Z F A M I l Y

“Welcome, Mariah.” Aunt Lourdes’ hugged me while the maids took care of my stuff. “Your house is so big,” I complimented. My eye caught on the beautiful carved statue on the corner and the massive staircase.
I waved my black hair on my right shoulder.
The walls were covered in golden rod hình nền with a hint of yellow-green vines as the design. “Are bạn hungry? We’re about to eat lunch,” she looked at me.
I pursed my lips. “Um, yes,” considering the fact that I didn’t eat along the long way, made me hungry as I smelled the scent of the food...
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Can bạn hear me (OST-Beethoven Virus)

Even though it hurts but a little, tears form
My tim, trái tim screams out
If I pass in front of you, beside you
You were my whole world
I want only you
But I can't breathe when I'm in front of you

As if bạn weren't my destiny
As if this was just a fleeting moment
Next to you, who just let me go so easily
I go closer to bạn step bởi step
Although I cannot di chuyển at all

You make me restless, bạn make me cry
Like a fool, like a child
I want to just laugh it off instead

The closer I get to you
Although I get thêm scared
I guess I cannot stop this love

Why is it just my tình yêu that is late...
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posted by Authorfiction
link" alt=" link" width="235" height="300" />
Chapter 1

    In the land of Mayfair, lived a king bởi the name of Alfred and his wife, Queen Jasline. King Alfred and Queen Jasline had two children, the oldest Prince Harry and his younger sister, Princess Cilla.
    Prince Harry was a very happy little prince because bạn see Harry was very spoiled and rotten. Nobody, absolutely nobody was allowed to say ‘no’ to Prince Harry when he wanted something, hoặc to punish him when he did something wrong hoặc even to criticize him. Whatever Harry wanted to have, Harry had and whatever Harry wanted...
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posted by twilight_23
This is a pesonal narrative I had to write for my English class. I tình yêu feedback, anything bạn have to say is appreciated. Also, if I made any mistakes (i.e. spelling, grammar, punctuation), please tell me so I can fix them, thanks:D

As I was thinking of experienes that changed my life, my mind automatically went back to my time at St. Anthony. I skimmed throught the years starting with eigth grade, thinking that was where I would find a significant event since it was where I have my most gần đây memories. To my surprise, I found nothing. I moved on to younger grade levels, still finding little....
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Chapter Three

All throughout their patrol, it was all James could do to keep his attention (and eyes) on the task at hand. He was still going over the giờ before patrol in his head, trying to make sense of it. Lily Evans, always the stoic one, afraid? It was hard to get his head around. Lily had always been the one to keep her head in the most panic-worthy of situations – like the time she found out that Remus is a werewolf.

It had been a particularly difficult full moon, the last one of their sixth năm at Hogwarts. Wolf-Remus had been thêm vicious than usual and both James and Sirius were...
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 Daniel Radcliffe: Reasons to tình yêu him
Daniel Radcliffe: Reasons to love him
"NOTE: please bình luận if I got anything wrong"

10) He tries his hardest to play the part of Harry Potter and he has never ever stop from living his dream of diễn xuất and he will always be Harry Potter to us!

9) His parents đã đưa ý kiến no to Christopher Columbus's offer for Dan to audition in private for the role of Harry Potter! Until Alan Radcliffe(his father) came in to the bathroom where Dan was, and told him that he got the part. Dan quickly bursted into tears after hearing that he won the part! ( that should deserve AWWWW!)

8) In every school báo cáo it đã đưa ý kiến one hoặc less the same thing which was:...
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