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Apple and Cinnamon Lyrics
by: Utada Hikaru
album: This is the One

Tell me what is on your mind
Help me because I'd like to know
What the hell is going on
Never thought I'd sing this song

Lets not get started with
The he đã đưa ý kiến she said
Sometimes it just doesn't go as planned (x2)

Started out so simple and innocent
So simple and innocent (x3)

Chemistry like táo, apple and cinnamon
Like táo, apple and cinnamon (x3)

I can't believe that bạn and me were falling out of love
And everybody used to be so envious of us

Chemistry like táo, apple and cinnamon
What we had was just to good, good to last

Happiness don't last that long
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TOKYO (Kyodo) -- Singer Keiko Fuji, the mother of pop ngôi sao Hikaru10+件 Utada, plunged from a condominium building to her death in a suspected suicide, Tokyo police đã đưa ý kiến Thursday. She was 62.

The singer of Japanese "enka" ballads was found around 7 a.m. lying and bleeding on a road in front of the condominium building in Tokyo's Shinjuku Ward. She was taken to hospital in a state of cardiac arrest and later confirmed dead.

She may have plunged from the 13th floor of the 28-story building, the police said.

Since no evidence of a struggle was found, Fuji is believed to have leaped to her death, they said.

Fuji made her debut as a singer in 1969, producing a string of hits. She retired in 1979, moving to the United States.

Fuji gave birth to Hikaru Utada in 1983 and, in a comeback, released a joint song with her daughter in 1996. In gần đây years, she had been little seen in public.