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Authors Note: xin chào sorry if I haven't đã đăng in FOREVER I just got caught up with things.......... but I'm back baby!

Zoey ran into the cabin, her tim, trái tim broken in 2 and her mind filled with anger. Upon entering the filthy thing she broke down in tears, Dakota immediately ran to her side.

Zoey: (in between sobs) Oh Dakota (sniff) when I asked him to tell my his secret (sniff) he just looked into space!

Zoey cried even thêm and started to cough.

Dakota: Shh sweetie, its going to be alright, just calm down.

It took all of Zoeys strength to stop sobbing, but she did.

Dakota: Okay, now tell me everything....
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Come fly with us(OC version):
Girls:Up, Up, Up, Up
Boys:Sing, Sing, Sing, Sing
Girls:We're flying.
Boys: We're singing.
Boys and Girls: We're flying and we're singing!
Elmyra: Come fly with us.
Elmyra and Zatch: Come fly with us
Lydia: We gotta alot of CRAZY tunes to bust! Haha
Kina: Come fly with us
Kina and Raven: Come fly with us
Buster: Its a pleasure and an honor and a must.
Zero: Dudes this is mess, you're hát in a plane
Speckles: What did bạn expect? Izan is freaking insane
Keyni: Yeah, but guys! You're hát on TV?
Maria: Haven't bạn always wanted to? It cant just be me!
David: Come fly with...
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I sit on my giường with all the lights in my room turned off. I guess I like sitting in the dark when I think. My dark eyes fill with tears, the memories of me and Trent stick painfully in my tim, trái tim even though we are over . I start sobbing and the tears run fast down my pale cheek. I hug my knees, wishing I had someone sitting beside me on the bed. As the night progresses on and I sit still on my dark blue bed, I keep trying to deny the fact that what I need is a boyfriend to fix what has been broken of my heart.

The tiếp theo morning I got up and change my clothes. I picked out a black Paramore shirt,a...
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hàng đầu, đầu trang Prison Guards and Towels

A green-haired mohawk dude casually put his feet on the table, putting his muscular arms at the back of his head.

“Hey, Geoff, thanks for making me crash at your place,” Duncan said, yawning a bit. “That prison sure was hard to escape, but whatever.”

Geoff laughed. “It’s cool, man. And what, is this your tenth escape?” he asked, flipping through the channels.

Duncan smirked. “More than that, dude—probably like my twentieth hoặc so.” He was exaggerating; it was actually his eleventh escape. He can stay out of trouble at times.

“So, the cops still searching...
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Alright, every damn time I come on here, there is always ALWAYS, Something sad, despressing, bitching hoặc anncouncing bình luận in the các câu hỏi box.
Sorting through your "Questions"
As much as I tình yêu bạn guys, none of that has to do with TDI hoặc TDA what so ever, so please post your "Anoucouncments" on this spot link , bạn guys it's there for a reason,everything that bạn post there will get to us, we'll hear, we'll bình luận and listen.

The questions box is for asking questions about, omg guess what.. TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND, not Total Drama Yourproblems. The TDI fanpop Users spot is all about US! bạn can...
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How Many People Like them: 90%
Stats: Dating
How Many People Want Duncan to Dump Courtney: 10%
How many times have they Kissed: 3 (Courtney gave them all)
Story: At frist Courtney Hated his guts, duncan just thought she was hot, but as time went on, courtney found her self likin Duncan thêm and thêm then she finley kissed him when it was clear that she liked him he has called her 'Princess' and 'hot' but courtney has yet to call him anything but 'duncan' and 'sweetie'


How Many People Like them: 5%
Stats: Not dating
If Not Dating What are they: Best friends
Do bạn (Me Bubble_babe...
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