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It Was Another Sunny ngày At Camp Wawanawka And Alejandro Was Beginning To Grow Tired Of Duncan's Remarks.
Duncan:(After Finishing His Drink) I Can't Believe This!
Alejandro:Shut It, Juvie.
Duncan:Hey, Don't bạn Call Me A Juvie bạn Hot Spaniard!
Lindsay:You Are Such A Troublemaker, People Would Mistake bạn For A Gangster.
Izzy:But At Least I'm Not Dumb As You, Lindsay!
Lindsay:Shut Up.
Duncan Ignored The 2 Girls And Turned His Attention Back On Alejandro.
Duncan:I Still Can't Believe This. bạn Must Have The Worst Luck Ever!
Alejandro:Knock It Off, Duncan!
Courtney:Lay Off Duncan.
Duncan:At Least I'm Not...
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Phil: welcome to total drama the haunting. 11 teens have signed up to be in sesion 1.
ghost:um phil?
phil: D:< what!
ghost: there here
phil: oh
alex: this place is awesome
phil: welcome total drama victomes
death: um where do i put my bags
phil: let me finish D:<
Phil:you people will be staying in this haunted mansion.
aydan: um no
Phil: um yes
Phil: i will be your host
ghost:and i will be your co host
Phil: who cares
ghost: me
Phil:go unload, i'll meet bạn back here first thing in the morning. ghost go make dinner
ghost: ok
Phil: how did bạn die any way
ghost: *flashback* "i will destroy the world... after...
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crhis:ok this it total drama Nhật Bản
me:total drama Nhật Bản does not exist i made it up
cris ok lets go ABC scool styl ok its beth
beth: Oh my god wher relly in Nhật Bản wow
chirs ok beth your Nhật Bản makeover lets get started
beth:ok but whos going to do it
cris:yours trooly cris maclane
beth:so lets get syarted now
cris:ok lets go
beth cris: walking to the shack
cris:girls wher powder and sumtimes buns chop sticks will do to hold ok beth put on this women japand suit its called a kimono and socks oh yea and thes geta its a Nhật Bản flip flop but ther wood not rubber and blush will do the trick last thing pepol in Nhật Bản dont smil like that close your tháng ok
beth: wow i look like a real Nhật Bản lady
cris ok 4 thêm are cuming 5 thêm will come tomawro
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owen: xin chào guys have bạn seen izzy i looked in the offec and she wasn't their
gwen: shes probaly at the house
owen: right
seirra: hes not here
owe: i can't find iz anywere
seirra: lets ask chris
owen: ok
Chris: oh cody and izzy they left cuz this afternoon their parents pick them up cuz they didn't want them at a bording school
owen: izzy's mom is afred of that izzy is really crazy i think she can handle a bording school in England
chris: well izzy's mom didn't feel comfertable
seirra: ok what about cody i saw his epey oen he would never leav that behind of hiss...
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Chris: Hi every one this is total drama Crazy! This season I brought 16 teens! we will be riding on one train to do some CRAZY stuff! haha get it! Our teens are comeing out of this airplane cause they are comeing from around the world! But don't worry, we made sure they speek english! Here comes to plane! *plane lands* Ok we brought 2 people back to the show! Let's welcome Heather and cody!! *Cody and heather come out**cody bumps into heather*
Heather: aw! Watch it! I'm going back in
Cody: sorry
Chris: And we got some new contestents. Penny,lulu, and Ray! *Penny, Lulu, and cá đuối, ray step out of the...
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Chris: “Welcome To Total Drama Fanpop! We’ve Gathered 24 Campers To Compete In Many Hard Challenges. The Winner Will Receive 1 Million Dollars. Since Today’s The 1st Day, Let’s Go Ahead And Introduce The Contestants. Here Are Some Names bạn Probably Know, We’ve Got Some Old Campers! Here They Are:

Gwen, Duncan, Izzy, Tyler, Lindsay, Geoff, Beth, Courtney, Trent, DJ, Cody, Noah & Harold!
And The New Castmates Are Named:

Dylan, Sumer, Jared, Melonie, Andi, Hollow, Raynie, Chrissy, Miranda, Theresa, Kaitlan & Samantha!

*Plane Arrives*
Samantha: *Chuckles* We’re Staying Here?”...
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episode 2
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how am i soppose to know what quiksand looks like it looks just like sand-trent
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