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Name- Melody McKnight

Nicknames- Mel (just about everyone), Bleached-Blonde chó cái, bitch (Rikki and Alexa), Blondie Biatch (Izzy), Future playboy Bunny/Penthouse Pet (Chris/Chef), Slutty McSlut, Super Sexy Slut (just about every guy she's ever gone out with).

Gender- Female

Age- 16

Stereotype- The Mean Girl/The Slutty Bitch

Personality- She's pretty much a carbon copy of Heather.

Treatment to campers when they first arrive- She was barely paying attention to anyone else when she first arrived. She came on the same thuyền as J.J., but he accidentally pushed her into the water to talk to Rikki, so she spent...
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???: I'm Lila, thats Adriana. Future queens of this dump
Lia: Ha first off this dump is Total Drama High, My school. một giây that spot has already been filled be me and my friend Eli
Lila: They think they run the place. Adriana... Marker... NOW!
Adriana: (Hands marker)
Lila: (Draws all over Lia's car)

Lia: (Talks with a new york accent) I can see it now 'Bright Lights, Big City'
Carlos: That's right TDHB we are having our very first dance. Saturday from 8 to 12 a.m.

Luis: Trying to Kiss bạn
Lia: No your not Im dating Carlos and bạn know it
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A new chapter! Finally! God, Jasey's such a complicated OC. xD
Sorry no ones OCs really got featured here (although Mariam's in like, the last few sentences) but a BUNCH will be in the tiếp theo few chapters!
I also should probably put warnings as there is swearing, substance abuse, physical abuse and drug use mentions in this chapter. I suggest not đọc it if bạn have problems with any of these things.
Enjoyyy :D

Jasey's POV
5 years cách đây I’d never thought I’d be in the position I am now. 18 years old, living without my dad, fighting for my own life each and every day... having to kill...
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posted by smartone123
Character Chart
Character's full name: Hinta Noma
Reason hoặc meaning of name: non that matters
Character's nickname(s):happy joy joy
Reason for nickname: cause hes happy all the time
Screen name: come back to that XDX
Species:techno something hoặc other(come back to that XD)
Birth date: November 23,year unknown
Zodiac:Scorpio i think
Blood type: B positive

Physical appearance
Age: 22 (appearance he looks younger )
Weight:100 to 95
Height: 5,9
Body build: thin and almost girl like but is onlt musle on him no fat
Shape of face: slightly round and almost child like
Eye colour:light blur,green,purple swirl
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Timothy’s P.O.V.

As we approached the house, I started shaking. bạn would shake too if bạn had to walk trang chủ in the freezing rain. Plus, I think I am getting sick.
“Timothy,” Danny spoke, holding my hand, squeezing it tight, “do bạn feel okay?”
I nodded. “Sure I do. I’m just a little cold is all.”
He looked at me with harsh eyes. “You’re lying to me. I can always tell when bạn are lying to me.”
“F-Fine. I’m just cold is all.”
Danny stopped and put his hand up to my forehead, quickly drawing it back. “Timothy, you’re burning up! Are bạn sure bạn feel okay?”
My stomach...
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WARNING: This story contains tình yêu SCENES between two GUYS. If bạn don't like boyxboy, leave now hoặc be attacked bởi Yaoi fangirls.

“Danny? Wake up…” I poked his arm. I’d guess it was about 5 am. We both had fell asleep after my…stupid fucking resistance. I should have just let him do what he wanted.
Danny stirred a little. “What is it, babe?”
I cuddled up to him even more. “I-I think I heard someone downstairs…”
He replied half asleep. “It’s just my grandpa. He gets trang chủ really late.”
“Oh…” I đã đưa ý kiến and poked him again. “Danny?”
He wrapped his arms around me. “Yes,...
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I'm gonna be trying this in script form. So bình luận below if bạn like this better than the trước đó way I was writing. X3
Wuya: Hello viewers. Welcome back to back to Total Drama Giải cứu thế giới and Villains! *disappears onto the campgrounds*


*few phút later, the campers walk out*

Wuya:Mess Hall. Now!
*They file into the Mess hall*

Chef: Breakfast is served! *puts plate of màu hồng, hồng Goop on the table*
Bryce: Goop, huh? Figured....*plays around with it*
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Last time on Total Drama: High School Romance:
Francis: Come on dude bạn didn't get her strippers?
Jordan: She's a girl dude
Noah: Damn your not that bright he meant MALE strippers
Jordan: *Walks out* Lia's not the type to like that. Anyway How about this guys
Noah: It looks cool dude
Francis: I say your husband material
Alejandro: If she doesn't like it I will yell at her in spanish
Jordan: Thanks. Lets get out of here
Francis: Amen!!
Noah: Good
*Leaving the Mall of America*
Jordan's P.O.V
Okay so the guys are convincing me to get Lia strippers for her bachelorette...
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Kylie: Aimee? Is everything alright?
Aimee: I'm okay don't worry. Just leave me alone.
Jesse: We're here for you!
Aimee: I know! I đã đưa ý kiến leave me alone!
Kylie: Please...
Aimee: *eyes turn red* I đã đưa ý kiến leave!
Aimee: *looks at Jesse on the ground with his head and hands covered in blood* Jesse... *looks at Kylie with her face covered in blood* Kylie? No... No.. I- didn't...!
Bad Aimee: Well, well, well look at this mess! We better clean this up soon! What if we have company!
Aimee: W-what!?! Your me... What is going on!?!
Bad Aimee: Yes I am a part of you. Nice to meet you!
Aimee: You're a part...
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Jason: Hi everyone! And welcome back to Total. Drama. Castaway! Last time the teams was made up and team 1 Mất tích the competetion and is sending someone home.

*Title song plays*

Jason: xin chào team one! Okay, i've grown kind of tire, calling bạn guys team one, so, now you're Team Clumsy, because bạn Mất tích the challenge, but, whatever! Now you're finaly done with voting! Let's now see who's going trang chủ tonight!

Rachel: Oookay, so, as in the last to seasons, you'll get something if bạn keeps alive in the competitio-

Jason: Yeah yeah, now di chuyển sis! We gotta di chuyển on and give the contestants their seashell...
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posted by jadore_renard
Cedric Elliot Matthews

Nicknames: Ced, Rick

Date of birth: October 14th (17 years old)

Height: 6'2

Weight: 185 lbs

Personality: Cedric is friendly, outgoing and a little bit of a softie. he loves anything to do with the outdoors. Especially camping and hiking. He has a wicked sense of humour and likes to joke around with others. He doesn't respond well to criticism hoặc being made fun of. When upset he's been described as looking like a cún yêu, con chó con who's just been kicked. As outgoing as Cedric is, he has a lot of trouble talking to girls. He's extremely awkward and everything he says just seems to come...
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Demon:hey Duncan D man my nigga
Kush:hey Sierra Mrs Cody know it all
Bones:hey Heather mrs chó cái, bitch the queen
Sinto:Gwen Gwenny Gwenether
Me:yo DJ chicken mama boy
Lizzy:yo Tyler clumsy boy mister idiot
Brittany:yo Trent âm nhạc boy cutie
Corabella:yo Alejandro mister moron of the ngày nigga
Babe:yo Chef my chef nigga
Korea:yo Noah my homie
Style:Ezekiel my boo
All of them from monster 4 to tdi twins:hello Chrisy hello Gweny hello Duncan hello Alelly hello Heatherly hello Courtneyly hello Codyly and hello all of u guys are so cute
Total drama crew:shut the hell up
all:make us u cant touch us nana
Total drama crew;*runs after them*get back here chickens
all:*running*u all cant catch us nana ah *Alejandro got them and hitting them*
*at the campfire*

Teddy: Alright. một giây challenge, and *crosses arms* bạn know, this isn't right, first challenge the other team lost, now bạn guys... *sighs* :T whatever.
Anyways. First marshmallow, kẹo dẻo of the night goes toooooooo... Jade. Team captain ... *throws marshmallow* LUCKY YOU! bạn get 2 marshmallows this episode!

Jade: mmmhmmm *bites marshmallow*

Teddy: Timothy! Zoey! !*throws marshmallows*
Michael, Mathew Mira! *throws marshmallows*

Michael: Perfect...

Timothy: What?

Michael: Oh! Nothing *eats marshmallow*

Zoey: Hmm...

Teddy: Aubree,Jinx and Jake!*tosses marshmallow*

Mathew: Why... didn't they...
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This is a project I was working on for....2 weeks? Because I wanted to do my own version of Alice Human Sacrifice,I had to create my own lyrics hoặc sing it in Japanese. Thus,this was born!:D

1st Alice=Vaults
2nd Alice=Saphira
3rd Alice-Vaughn
4th Alice= Aydan and Aidan

The Beginning ALICE was a gutsy man

An Amazing swordsman in WONDERLAND

He'd forbidden anything to stand in his way

Everything in his path is what he would slay

That ALICE was captured

and locked away deep in bởi his sins

No sign of him but his blood-splattered path

He was caught and forgotten
The ALICE after that was a very sweet girl

An astounding...
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