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sooo this is basically just a story that explains why Veto lives alone with his older brother, Daniel.
It will eventually get a title. but it doesnt get a prologue. im lazy
Once I figure out a tiêu đề for a BlakexNicole story I'm writing, I'll start uploading it.(im on chapter 4 of that :d)

Oh, it also takes place when Veto is 14 and Daniel is 18.

chapter 1

Vetos POV

It was all quiet in my room, until my clock đã đưa ý kiến it was 7am...‘’ got something all the girls want...’’ I rolled over, and turned my clock off. I wasn't really in the mood to listen to anything this morning. I crawled...
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Name- Amy Marie Strong

Nicknames- Emo, Stupid, Cutter, Freak, Bitch, Unhappy loser, Loner, Idiot (by everyone)

Gender- Female

Age- 16

Stereotype- emo Girl, The Girl No One Likes

Personality- Emo, Sad (youll read why), quiet, loner, shy, cutious

Treatment to campers when they first arrive- She stands off bởi herself and doesnt talk to anyone.

What is she like around friends?- nothing...she has no friends

What is she like around people she doesn't like?- She's a loner so she's never really around people.

Likes- Not being beaten, screamed, yelled at bởi her dad, nghề viết văn songs/potery about her life, being...
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