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posted by MitchKristelle
I've been pondering on these terrible trích dẫn from The Son of Neptune ... then I wrote a fic about my theories.

“You’ll feel pain, misery, and loss beyond anything you’ve ever known.” –June/Juno

“You will be my pawn. bạn will be the key to the gods’ defeat.” –Gaea p.153

“Such a valuable pawn. Do not fear, Percy Jackson. Come North! Your Những người bạn will die, yes. But I will preserve bạn for now. I have great plans for you.” –Gaea p.265

“If bạn survive today, you’re not going to like your future. A big sacrifice is coming, and bạn won’t have the courage to make it. That...
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This is bởi far my yêu thích người hâm mộ made video in the univercy. it is amazing
percy jackson
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I have new theories on who's going to die and other MoA stuff.

I don't know about bạn readers, but I read the finished 1st chapter. I also checked the official book cover.

Okay first the chapter. This will have spoilers so if bạn didn't read it then, GO READ IT NOW AND COME BACK!
"She felt it again-that familiar shiver, as if a psychotic snowman had crept, and was breathing down her neck"(Riordan 6-7).

This can have some meanings I guess. What I pulled out of this was that Khoine was going to make an appearance. Anybody remember that nice evil goddess? Because I do.

""Oh I know who bạn are!" The...
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 The cover
The cover
Did bạn notice something? Something, like, BIG. Like, OMGs-THE-SON-OF-NEPTUNE’S-FIRST-CHAPTER-CAME-OUT-ON-THE-OFFICIAL-WEBSITE big? Oh well, the first chapter of the Son of Neptune just came out. And so did the cover. And boy, have I got a cover analysis for YOU.

Let’s start with the main piece. That would be Percy. hoặc presumably Percy seing as the guy has the first PoV of the book, dude on the cover is coming out of water that must be freezing cold, he is a ‘son of Neptune’ and he seems to be holding a magical item that is probably not his. But it could be another Son of Neptune with...
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 *Round of applause for John Rocco*
*Round of applause for John Rocco*
This xem trước of the House of Hades came out with the Son of Sobek eBook. It took some time, but I wrote it all out for everyone. Have fun dealing with the feels. :)

Disclaimer: All rights go to Rick Riordan. ^-^

Chapter 1


DURING THE THIRD ATTACK, Hazel almost ate a boulder. She was peering into the fog, wondering how it could be so difficult to fly across one stupid mountain range, when the ship's alarm bells sounded.
"Hard to port!" Nico yelled from the foremast of the flying ship.
Back at the helm, Leo yanked the wheel. The Argo II veered left, its aerial oars slashing through the clouds...
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