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posted by prim17luvr101
Monster Parent: The Werewolf
Age: 17
Killer Style: Casual a la would be dumb for me to not listen to fashion Lời khuyên from her.
Freaky Flaw: I shed...a lot. When I get out of the vòi hoa sen my family becomes the proud owners of a fur-lined tub. I might as well comb my hair with a lint brush and save the extra step.
Pet: A gargoyle bulldog named Rockseena. She's my number one rock solid fan.
Favorite Activity: I tình yêu football. I tình yêu the training, the strategy, the competition, and the atmosphere on game day. It's the perfect sport.
Biggest Pet Peeve: People who think that football players...
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posted by xMiss-IceQueenx
Authors Note~ xin chào guys it's me again with chapter 2 I hope bạn enjoy đọc it as much as I enjoyed nghề viết văn it. I does have PG-13 themes and other stuff like that so thanks for checking it out  This chapter is mostly HeathXAbbey but it does have Draculara , Spectra , Val and Toralei , and Ending with Cleo and Deuce also , again hope bạn like it~Cali <3


The trái cam, màu da cam were-cat rose as she looked at the bright green stone in her palms that Valentine had brought her. 

"Good job Valentine maybe bạn will serve up to your quest." She smirked still looking at the...
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