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I have already reposted this as an answer to a câu hỏi the the Arthur/Gwen Spot, but here it is again..... it sounds cheesy, but i can't be bothered rewording it.. but here it is.

Because I don’t live in Britain, I can’t really see the episodes on TV and Download them from BBC iPlayer!!! *sob*
So this is what I do – I follow these đường dẫn and download them!! These files are all safe, good quality, AVI files which means bạn can run them on most computers, and use them to make người hâm mộ videos, and, and FREE – I used them all to get my Merlin Episodes!!

One teeny problem – with ‘Hotfile’...
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5. Merlin

Merlin I think has this different sort of handsomeness. He's not your classic blonde haired, tough, physically fit guy. He's kind on the scawny side but I think he's cute enough to make the hàng đầu, đầu trang 5. He has a really nice face and I tình yêu his hair. And his eyes I adore his eyes. They are such a brilliant blue. Merlin is proof that a person doesn't have to meet the typical standards to be good looking.

4. Mordred

Don't get me wrong he was a really cutie pie when he was younger, but all things considered I'm not referring to adorable little Mordred. I'm talking about the teenage Mordred....
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