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kingdom hearts 2
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When bạn woke up, bạn found yourself with Tifa, đám mây and Reno.
That’s right, Tifa found bạn after bạn were assaulted at midnight while searching for a guest house.
Later, bạn fell asleep in Cloud’s warm embrace and then woke up bởi the affectionate gestures of a certain red head.
You went along with them with them for quite some time and bạn enjoyed their company, although the crazy Reno did get bạn on your nerves sometimes. Even then bạn had to admit that he was undeniably lovable.

It was that ngày when đám mây was supposed to return after a long trip. Tifa was out for her deliveries, so you...
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xin chào all, after completing one of my stories on StoryWriter titled Kingdom Hearts: Endgame, i thought i'd danh sách all of the Named Victims that were both snapped off and on screen during the events of Kingdom Hearts: Death bởi Snap
Bear with me as it is going to be a long danh sách that includes all the canon 2018 MCU snap deaths as well as the snap deaths that occurred during Kingdom Hearts: Death bởi Snap so as bạn can imagine there is a very long danh sách of named victims ahead so i hope bạn enjoy.
Adorabeezle Winterpop
Agustin Madrigal
Anne Boonchuy
Andre Wilson
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Since her theme and everything about her basically is really sad, be warned, bạn might shed a few tears. bluerozez is amazing for making the lyrics.
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