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posted by coolkatstar
Elliott David How bạn doing?
Justin Bieber Doing tired, man.
ED You’ve only been in town for a couple of days?
JB Just yesterday. I got in the night before.
ED That’s rough.
JB It’s rough, but that’s what we do.
ED How often do bạn go back to Canada?
JB Hardly ever. I’m going to go back and see my family during Thanksgiving. But other than that, I don’t really go back.
ED I read once that bạn try to take off one to two days a week. Does that still happen?
JB I try to take one now. When I’m releasing an album, I don’t really get time off because I’ve got to work to promote the album....
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posted by ShiningsTar542
Justin Biber is after a new woman every day.

But this time it is not Kim, but someone a bit closer to his own age, but still an ‘older woman’.
He told The Sun, that he has feelings for Harry Potter ngôi sao Emma Watson, 20.

He said:

"I would tình yêu to take her out for dinner. It would be great if she could come to one of my concerts, then we could hang out afterwards. I tình yêu the fact she is one of the biggest female movie stars, but has chosen to go back to college. It shows she is really grounded and normal."
Well, we are impressed, and Emma is a nice girl. But do bạn think that she shares feelings for the young singer?
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