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I'm trying to compile a huge danh sách of trích dẫn - everything from the sarcastic things House says to the constant Lời khuyên Wilson offers. trích dẫn from all the episodes both amusing and thought provoking.
I'm doing my best, but its hard to make a dent in the huge amount of trích dẫn there are. So here's what I have, I'll update it as much as I can, and if bạn have anything bạn want me to add - let me know and I will!
Thanks and I hope bạn enjoy!

Last Updated: 20 May 2008

*NEW* Wilson's Heart quotes
(More to come) - Please bình luận any bạn may have!

House: Life shouldn't be random.... lonely misanthropic drug...
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Season 1 episode 5 - Damned if bạn do
house md
season 1
damned if bạn do
Hugh Laurie
lisa edelstein
rober sean leonard
funny face
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House Season 1 Episode 19: Kids

Full Recap

At a swim meet, a 12-year old diver, Mary, goes onto the board and makes her dive, but when she comes up one of the bystanders has collapsed. At Cameron's apartment, House pays a visit to ask her back but she refuses. Before they can get into it further, House is paged – there's an outbreak at the clinic. He returns to find the place crowded with patients and doctors – Cuddy suspect meningitis at the pool center and dragoons him into service. Mary has a rash and a sore neck, and her parents are out of town. House suspects something and brings Foreman...
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House Season 1 Episode 17: Role Model

Full Recap

At a fundraiser for his Presidential run, Senator Gary Wright is overcome bởi illness and collapses. At the clinic, Volger asks House to give a speech at a pharmaceutical meeting and offers to relieve House of staff-firing duties if he does so. House also has to examine Wright and believes something is up when he shows a lack of reflex. While they wait for the MRIs, House examines a woman who was pregnant and had a miscarriage but claims she hasn't. House orders a brain biopsy but Cuddy overrides him and they put it to Wright, who agrees. The tests...
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House Season 1 Episode 16: Heavy

Full Recap

A 10-year old girl, Jessica, is at trang chủ and not feeling well as she's going off to school. That ngày while exercising she complains of chest pains and collapses. As House is forced to decide which of his staff members he will fire, Jessica's case is referred to him and he's intrigued. They begun to run tests as House drops the news to his staff, and Jessica's mother disputes that Jessica's weight is the issue. Meanwhile House meets with an overweight woman, Lucille, suffering from heartburn who refuses to believe she's pregnant despite House's claims....
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House Season 1 Episode 13: Cursed

Full Recap

In a dusty attic, a young boy, Gabriel trips as he gets together with some other boys for a club. They start playing with an Ouija board and when asked who will die in a year, it "spells" out Gabe's name. A week hoặc so later, Gabe comes down with a fever then collapses. He's taken to the clinic where House suspects pneumonia, particularly since Gabe's parents are major donors to the clinic. Signs of a rash suggest something else and they suspect ticks hoặc any sexual activity. It soon becomes clear that the father is a bit of a control freak and the parents...
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What are the real effects that vicodin has on House? Are these effects only physical hoặc do they go beyond that? Could they have somewhat changed his personality, even just a little bit?

I watched the episode "Need to Know" (the one after House kissed Stacy, when at the end of the episode he ends up driving her away) for the first time like 4 months cách đây (got hooked with House just this year) and I didn't give this whole House/Stacy situation a lot of thought, it was fun but I wasn't that interested in the ship.

But the plot with Stacy kind of surprised me, because while I was watching the first...
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I tried to post this as a link but for some reason it đã đưa ý kiến the url was inaccessible, so here is an interview with HL, nothing really spoilery.

For five years, Hugh Laurie has had to defend the character he plays on television. As the ngôi sao of Fox's House, Laurie still finds viewers, be they những người hâm mộ hoặc critics, asking him các câu hỏi about Dr. Gregory House's often unpleasant demeanor. Why does he have to be so mean? Are bạn saying it's okay to be rude if bạn save lives? But despite his questionable bedside manner, House continues to be a ratings winner -- one of the reasons perhaps being that...
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