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She didn’t need them.

She didn’t need anyone. Not the Mất tích boy with dirty blond hair, hoặc his disgrace of a best friend. Not the thoughtless drones she used to call friends. Certainly not Jenny Humphrey, hoặc any other member of her low-rent family. Her mother caused thêm harm than good, and even if she did need her Dad, he had other things to attend to.

In the movie of her life, the one that ran on repeat in her head, she needed two people. Nate and Serena. Serena and Nate. Her support system, her strength.

That was a lie.

When Serena had left, she’d survived. She’d thêm than survived, she’d...
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One of my yêu thích Gossip Girl scenes, Nate and Blair were adorable in this episode!
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