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Dry lightning cracks across the skies. Those storm clouds gather in her eyes. Her daddy was a mean old mister. Mama was an Angel in the ground. The weather man called for a twister. She prayed blow it down

It was March 1st. I should have been happy that it is my birthday, but how could I when everything around me is a wreck. I wish I could just cry away the pain from all this misery. I look out my bedroom window and I see lightning strike a cây down. I feel the pain of the tree, and I cannot help it; however, I don’t feel any thêm pain that I previously did. I wish my mom was still around....
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First of all: Welcome to Fanpop’s Got Talent 2011! In this bài viết bạn will find all the các câu trả lời to các câu hỏi bạn might have about FGT 2011.

So let’s start with the most important câu hỏi I know all of bạn have: What’s with all the elephants?!

The answer will be clear to everyone who’s been here for FGT 2009/2010, but for everyone else: Meet Herb, the FGT mascot! Herb has been with us for a few years, helping us promote FGT, so
in honor of him, this years theme will be elephants!


Now, let’s di chuyển on to the serious stuff!

What is Fanpop’s Got Talent?
Fanpop’s got talent...
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[One Piece! The New Pirate-King's Execution!]

-Time-skip, 2 days prior-

Raftel. The final destination. The place that supposedly holds the treasure, One Piece, and the the Rio Poneglyph. Little is known of the island itself, but almost everyone has heard about One Piece and the place Gol D. Roger allegedly hid the famous artifact. For the Straw Hat pirates, it is the place that will make them. They will become pirates of legend, the crew to the Pirate-King, he who is king over all pirates. Monkey D. Luffy, son of Monkey D. Dragon and grandson of Monkey D. Garp, also known as Garp the Fist, or...
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 Just another ngày in the Magic Kingdom.
Just another day in the Magic Kingdom.
Monologue in 3 parts, written bởi blisslikethis and loosely based on the Politically Correct Bedtime Stories bởi James Finn Garner

Scene One

Setting: A room in Prince Charming’s castle.

(Cinderella is on her hands and knees, scrubbing the floor; she is wearing an khăn, tạp dề and a kerchief, and a pale of soapy water sits tiếp theo to her. She looks up from her work as the lights go up, wipes her forehead, wrings out a sponge and gets to her feet.)


Thinking back on it now, I realize I wasn’t as happy scrubbing floors as I had once thought. But just because I wasn’t exactly overjoyed at playing...
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This is a âm nhạc người hâm mộ video that i've made. It's of Peter Petrelli's story during season 2 from the TV hiển thị Heroes. Song: Five phút to Midnight bởi Boys Like girls.
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