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Hi everyone! The submission period has now officially closed, so the voting can begin!

First of all, lets see who bạn can vote for! These are this years contestants:


link – Playmobile stop motion story.
link – Danceroutine to Bad Girl Good Girl - Miss A.
link – Song cover of Breathe bởi Anna Nalick.
link – Song cover of 6 Months bởi xin chào Monday.
link – Song cover of Just A Dream bởi Sam Tsui & Christina Grimmie.
link – Song cover of Tell Me Something I Don’t Know bởi Selena Gomez.
link – Pirates of the Carribean tribute video.
link – Video hiển thị artwork.
link – Edited...
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 Popper The Bunny [Mascot 2014] (By lena_t)
Popper The Bunny [Mascot 2014] (By lena_t)
A very warm welcome to all of bạn in Fanpop’s Got Talent 2014! In this bài viết bạn will find all các câu trả lời which bạn might be thinking of FGT 2014.

Motto : Go ahead and hiển thị your talent to the world!

Let’s now start with the most important question, which almost every person might be thinking :

What exactly is FGT 2014?

-    FGT 2014 is a talent hiển thị which is held annually it stopped after 2011 maybe because there was no user who could hold this virtual talent show. . It’s much like ‘Name-any-country’s Got Talent’ only we are digital and we have only one round,...
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I didn't tham gia Fanpop's got Talent this year, but there's always a tiếp theo Year!
dairy sữa commercial
eyebrow dancing
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I am sorry for the quality I don't have a good recorder. Also I am very out of practice. I have not sang in public for years! I wasn't sure if I should post it, but I decided to be a good sport and do it.
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absence of fear
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My talent this năm is video editing. Woooooo.
human rights
video editing
fanpop's got talent 2010
posted by dqwert
If bạn have not read my first bài viết then click on the the link below
so here's my một giây bài viết regarding the contest " FLYING COLOURS"
with the khẩu hiệu Celebrating Uniqueness

so here's the danh sách of events

1. Photography
2. Fine Arts
3. Craft
4. Essay Writing
5. Singing
6. Dancing
9.Video Finder
10.Talent Hunt

here's the link where bạn have to post your entries and plz become a người hâm mộ too

All these events will soon have new attractive names which i will mention in my tiếp theo article.
Now let's come to the rules and regulations.


This event will have a topic and after a...
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here a song for everone and good luck to the finals
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This is my, cowgirlfromhell, entry for Fanpop's Got Talent 2008. It is also a story that I wrote for my English exam. I had to write about The Best hoặc Worst Holiday I Had. I wrote about a Best AND Worst Holiday. I obviously made it up, it will become obvious when bạn read it. I didn't get it back yet so it's not the exact same but it's thêm hoặc less the same.

The worst holiday I ever had was in the middle of nowhere. There was only people aged 18 hoặc younger living there because they killed all the adults. It reminds me of Stephen King's short story ''Children of The Corn''.
The children there...
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Here is my entry for the contest (I figured someone from the fanpop team should give it a crack!). Attempted talents: lyric writing, singing, minor acting, trang chủ video editing and megalomania. Thank bạn REM for the inspiration and backing music.
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