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A/U: I am aware of all the several amounts of DBZ high school stories there are however, I like to add my own flavor to the mix so I hope bạn enjoy in spite of all that. This was made for an tác giả I adore and hopefully he/she likes it. Natalya bạn may want to look into her awesome stories, If you're a Yaoi người hâm mộ that is. She gave me a good slice of Lời khuyên that allowed me to write this story for all of bạn so if bạn don't review for me at least do it for her/him. tình yêu Missy Madness.

Title: Welcome to the Jungle Chapter 1: Hell's Gift - High School.

Rated: T

Summary: Vegeta, Bulma, Goku, Krillin,...
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