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Author: MegamiTenchi at

Oh lord, the world is ending! I wrote a fic with a baby âm bass, tiếng bass, bass in it. Exploration of one of the millions of ways the end of Season 4 could go. Rated K, though it's really weepy.

Chuck followed the butler through the halls of palace. Every không gian was full of light and he found comfort in this, thinking yes, she belongs in a place like this. It was a long walk, but at last, he was led into a room. He had no illusions that his visit could possibly be anything good, but he was disturbed not only to see Blair and Louis, but several advisors, and Princess Sophie....
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 what's wrong E?!
what's wrong E?!
enjoy the new episode of my chuck and blair re-write's.
GG: gossip girl here ready to spread any gossip of the beautiful couple carter and serena. officially dating a week. i heard that serena hasnt spoken to blair hoặc chuck in the meantime when she found out of their horrible plan to chẻ, phân chia, split them up. nate has also avoided them as he thinks they used him in their plan. tut tut B and C how do bạn live with yourselves.

(Van der âm bass, tiếng bass, bass apartment)

Blair and chuck are sitting in the living room and serena hasnt left her room. blair feels guilty but still...
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