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My Chemical Romance

When is the new album coming out?

5 answers | my answer: bạn know, there are lots of people/sites who have...
My Chemical Romance

Will Mikey way ever get married????

4 answers | my answer: Um, yeah...they he's been married for a couple năm...
My Chemical Romance

Do any of bạn have hoặc had a family member with cancer??

11 answers | my answer: Yes, I did. My dad had stage 3 brain cancer for ab...
My Chemical Romance

Who sings in mama with MCR??

6 answers | my answer: Liza Minnelli, Gerard & Mikey's parents, and Franks...
My Chemical Romance

xin chào have bạn guys have heard any song of them on the radio?

6 answers | my answer: I've heard "Sing" and "the Black Parade"...i'm pret...
phim kinh dị

Has there ever been a movie that bạn expected would at least contain elements of horror, but then ended up being something totally different?

1 answer | my answer: Personally, I thoguht "My Bloody Valintine" was mor...
Seri chạng vạng

Real hoặc not? (With baby in the picture)

15 answers | my answer: FAKE!! The baby in the stroller is real, it was jus...
Seri chạng vạng

xin chào guys, I just wanted to know if they already shoot Breaking Dawn, I'm desesperated!!!!

4 answers | my answer: I think they start shooting in October.
Seri chạng vạng

Did any of bạn ever been depressed because of Twilight?

19 answers | my answer: A little yes, I think because when bạn read (or se...
Seri chạng vạng

when will Breaking Dawn come out?

5 answers | my answer: I believe the set ngày for part one is November 11...