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what do bạn think bout this cún yêu, con chó con and any name suggestions would be great!!

11 answers | my answer: It is so cute and a good name would be Ryan.

what dog lives the longest on average?

13 answers | my answer: 12 to 20 years

Don't bạn think my little pet is beautiful?

54 answers | my answer: She is so cute. Her face is so cute. tình yêu the pic.

i have a labradoodle. is this the coolest/cutest labradoodle uve eva seen?

11 answers | my answer: Cute

My dog died .

16 answers | my answer: :( that is so sad.

just want to know what bạn guys think bout rottweilers? do they make good pets?

4 answers | my answer: Yes they are protective and so cute.

Are there any breeds of chó that are truly hypo-allergenic for people?

13 answers | my answer: Idk

Is there a non-physical, relatively non-abusive way to reduce repetitive barking (when there's nothing apparent actually wrong)?

9 answers | my answer: What? That does not make any sense.

do bạn think my milo is cute he is male,a staff and very young

8 answers | my answer: Aw so cute.

do bạn think my male cocker người nịnh hót, spaniel is cute?:)

4 answers | my answer: Yes and omg my friend Kezia has a cocker aspaniel n...