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 Sofie :D
Sofie :D
I sat and waited for him to come back. I wanted to go with him, but whats better than just laying back here doing nothing? NOTHING!... But I did want to see him...

"Duncan!" I called walking around camp. I ran to the forest, figuring the challenge might have something to do with nature. "Anyone out here?" Still no response. "Guys?" I asked into nowhere. "G-Gwen?" Asked a small voice. "Um, no, Sofie." I replied. I gasped as I entered a clearing in the trees. "Oh, it's you." Cody said. He was covered in scum and garbage. "Um..." I said. "I blew up." He said. I nodded unsure. "Where's Duncan?"...
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posted by xcv_2013

Hey it is Brooke!! Last time my creator đã đưa ý kiến that i was at a thực phẩm fight. Yes its true. Spikes, Duncan, & me were in a foodfight. At the fanciest resturant at town.
We were all there with my parents & brothers. We were all having a good time till I went "BBBUUURRRPPP" in front of everyone there. The whole resturant looked at me. I was blushing hard. Then Duncan started laughing & đã đưa ý kiến "Well Brooke at least it came through the attic Not the basement." Spikes who was drinking water sprayed it all over me.
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 my sister sirra with cody
my sister sirra with cody
Stop đã đưa ý kiến sierra Kenya looks at her and back at Duncan she walks toward Sierra hello sis đã đưa ý kiến sierra hello sis đã đưa ý kiến Kenya Duncan and the cast gasp yes im sierra sister and i see u with Cody đã đưa ý kiến Kenya with a smile yea but Ezekiel is here too đã đưa ý kiến sierra with a grin on her face Kenya turns to Ezekiel and smiles she runs up to him and Kiss him all over she hugs the boy i cant breath đã đưa ý kiến Ezekiel of course not silly i tình yêu u and tình yêu hurts đã đưa ý kiến Kenya
He trys to get her off him the whole ngày but its no use he gives up and wraps his arm around her waist she smiles and Kiss him on the lips i tình yêu u Ezekiel đã đưa ý kiến Kenya with a shy smile i tình yêu u too Kenya đã đưa ý kiến Ezekiel with a smirk he tickles her all over ahh ahh stop it Ezekiel come on stop it đã đưa ý kiến a laughing Kenya she smiles at Duncan and hugs him i tình yêu u my friend đã đưa ý kiến Kenya i tình yêu u too đã đưa ý kiến Duncan to be continue
 me and duncan as Những người bạn
me and duncan as friends
posted by xcv_2013
xin chào yall its Brooke once again.
not much to say today. i have just been feeling depressed again. i have been going to juvenile regularly but its not much fun if my brother isn't there. I'm trang chủ right now. my mom just talked to me. she could tell something was wrong.
she asked me if i was OK but i just đã đưa ý kiến that i was sad. she just hugged me & đã đưa ý kiến to not be sad that Duncan will be trang chủ soon. i hope shes right.
i went to his old room & i just thought about all the trouble we would cause, the fun it was to mess with my brothers, etc.
i know i'm being self-fish but its true.
hahaha i just saw...
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Haha!XD Watch and enjoy please~!:3
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Source: Me for making it, and the people who made the art work.
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Source: me myself and I
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We all turned to DJ when he spoke. "Sorry, for trippin', snakes just freak me out!" I whispered to Duncan, "I used to call them "Nakes"." He started cracking up in silence. "I here ya, chickens give me the creeps, dude." Tyler đã đưa ý kiến to DJ. "Your afraid of CHICKENS?!" Gwen asked. "Wow, thats, thats really lame, man." Duncan snickered.

*Gwen confessional*

"So, suddenly everyone started having this big "share-fest" bởi the fire. Beth went ON AND ON about how her mortal fear is being covered bởi bugs, Harold's afraid of ninjas, even Heather admitted she's afraid of sumo wrestlers!"

*End of confessional*...
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 this is the picture of Adam lambert juliet had in her pocket
this is the picture of Adam lambert juliet had in her pocket
" So,Duncan is dating Courtney Williams, head cheerleader for the Vega High Vampires?" Juliet asked Stacey. "Yeah. Gwen told me that they started dating 5 months ago." Stacey said. They stopped talking and pulled out their ipods. Stacey started listening to 30 giây to Mars "The Kill". Juliet started listening to Adam Lambert "For your entertainment". They finally arrived at Vega High. They saw Duncan sitting on the steps of the school. He saw them and smiled at Juliet. He went up to her and said," You're fifteen phút early" He đã đưa ý kiến as she pulled the headphones out your ears. "Watcha listening...
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Also, before every chapter, I will write trích dẫn that inspired me to write that specific chapter :3

The official note of officialness, which is very official:

This is a completely AU story, in which the TD cast go to the same high school, and they're in the junior năm :D

I don't own Total Drama. If I did, there would be no drama ^.^

Quote of the chapter: When you're gone, the pieces of my tim, trái tim are missing you, Avril Lavigne, 'When you're gone'

Please, enjoy! :D

Gwen's P.O.V

I sat down in the cafeteria, tiếp theo to my friends. Bridgette and Geoff were making out, as usual, Leshawna and DJ were talking...
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