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 Me and Duncan on are last ngày together.
Me and Duncan on are last Date together.
One night me and Duncan went to the forest together then Duncan found a spot on the ground and layed down then he patted his stomach for me to come over there and lay with him. After I layed on hàng đầu, đầu trang of him we started talking about the stars in the night sky and about each other it was a perfect night for us. Me and Duncan were spending as much time as bạn could together before Duncan had to go on TDA and tonight was are last night together and I wanted it to last forever. Then me and Duncan started kissing for 13 phút then we fell asleep in the position. The tiếp theo morning I woke up and Duncan...
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I walked sadly into my lều, cabin and lay on my bed, face to the ceiling. My tears slowly slid down out of the corners of my eyes but I stayed silent. "...Are bạn Ok?" I heard a voice from somewhere in the cabin. As I last recalled, I was the only one at camp at the moment besides Chef. I froze and gradually stepped off my bed. "...Hello?" I asked into nowhere. I heard raspy breathing and got onto my hands an knees. "Hello?" I repeated. I arched my body and stared into the darkness under my bed. A face stared back. "Hi." "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I jumped up and smashed against the lều, cabin wall....
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