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May 24
dear diary,
today the class started studying about the easter island heads,so we went on a field trip to a museum. Mr.mclean,our teacher, made the wackyest partners ever! it was heather and gwen,trent and owen,and me and duncan. since most of the people were absent the class was pretty the museum, i sorta tripped and fell on duncan,and kinda kissed him.of course i didnt like it but...


We were finally at the museum!I was walking alongside duncan at a display of leonardo davinchi's best work."this must not be the kind of thing bạn really like,rite?" i asked...
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I was still running and smiling. The clearing was near and I was screaming, "Lucy! Rob! bạn two tình yêu birds, c'mon! Lets go have some fun!!!" But there was no answer. I stopped and have a weird expression on my face when I came to the beach. There was Lucy's picnic basket, and a few crumbs, but no Lucy. "Um, guys?" I called. Nothing. "OK, quit playing! I know your here!" I was looking behind every tree, under every stone. "Jokes over! Come out!" I demanded. Still no reply. I felt a burning feeling in my stomach and eagerly ran back to camp. I stopped every camper I met along the way and asked...
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Courtney wakes up in a sweat. what? again? She thinks to herself. what time is it? She looks at the clack. 6:45. might as well start the day. She gets ready and puts on a suit for her interview. She calls Bridgette. "Hello?" Bridgette says still sleepy. "Hey, it's courtney. I cant wait for our interviews today." "Courtney, it's 7:15. The interviews aren't until 10." "Oh, yea. sorry." "Call back at like...zzzzz." "Hello?"
"zzzzz" Courtney hangs up.

back at Gwen's house
After playing đàn ghi ta, guitar hero. "Duncan, do bạn wanna go to the phim chiếu rạp today." says Gwen, Duncan's arm wrapped around her.
PeaceMaker Has Logged On

PeaceMaker: ....

CookieMonsta Has Logged On

PeaceMaker: Maggie!
CookieMonsta: Sofie!
PeaceMaker: *hug*
CookieMosta: *hugs back*
PeaceMaker: I'm so bored...
CookieMosta: ....Yeah, me too.

JuvyBoy12 Has Logged On

PeaceMaker: T_T
JuvyBoy12: Heeeeeeey.
CookieMosta: Who's that!?
PeaceMaker: Ugh, It's Duncan.
JuvyBoy12: ^^
PeaceMaker: I told him about this chat and he brought his own laptop and now he WON'T LEAVE ME ALONE when I chat with people
CookieMonsta: Well, I didn't meet Duncan yet. Hey, Duncan!
JuvyBoy12: ..... Hi
CookieMonsta: Sofie tells me your nice? :)
JuvyBoy12: .....
PeaceMaker: He's very nice.
JuvyBoy12: I am not!

JuvyBoy12 Has Logged Off

PeaceMaker: *snicker*
CookieMonsta: What was that all about??
PeaceMaker: He thinks he's tough :3

Does YOUR character want to be in the tiếp theo [TDI Duncan tình yêu story] Chat? Make sure to tell me the character and tên người dùng in comments!
Active and beautiful
And yet....
A petal falls

They say we're not made for each other,
Because there's someone else...
So a petal falls

She pulls me away,
And bạn fight back
Your pain was not my plan
So a petal falls

Time is going by,
And that girl is still here...
So a petal falls

Two petals hang on

This can't happen,
Because I need you
But she says no
So a petal falls

I tình yêu you,
And they say we're not made for each other...
But when bạn bloom,
I'll be there...
Don't die yet...
xin chào its Brooke here to continue the story.

So like I said, Mr. Gibbson kissed my hand making Spikes ticked off, but that was nothing compared to Duncan's reaction.
"HEY!!! HEY!!! BUDDY!!! NO WAY!!!! DON'T DO THAT TO MY SISTER!!" Duncan yelled & got between me & Thomas.
"Well, I beg your pardon but I am trying to greet a lady properly." then he turned to Spikes." And don't say that she's your girl. She is not in the ownership of bạn Spencer." then he held my hand & was gonna Kiss it again till I snached it away, "Um, they do have a point Mr. Gibbson." I said.
"Oh no. Please call me Thomas."...
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I walked sadly into my lều, cabin and lay on my bed, face to the ceiling. My tears slowly slid down out of the corners of my eyes but I stayed silent. "...Are bạn Ok?" I heard a voice from somewhere in the cabin. As I last recalled, I was the only one at camp at the moment besides Chef. I froze and gradually stepped off my bed. "...Hello?" I asked into nowhere. I heard raspy breathing and got onto my hands an knees. "Hello?" I repeated. I arched my body and stared into the darkness under my bed. A face stared back. "Hi." "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I jumped up and smashed against the lều, cabin wall....
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 Lucy forced Sofie to wear a bunny outfit for publicity, Maggie's just standing there, Lucy's up in front, and Kieran is dissapointed in Lucy for doing that to Sofie XD
Lucy forced Sofie to wear a bunny outfit for publicity, Maggie's just standing there, Lucy's up in front, and Kieran is dissapointed in Lucy for doing that to Sofie XD
All of the Gophers and âm bass, tiếng bass, bass ran off with their canoes, both going in the same direction. The Gophers ran into some trouble down the road and ran somewhere else with rabid beavers on their heels. Once we Mất tích them we walked. When we came to a fork in the road, we decided to go right. Courtney suggested left, which of course made me not want anything to do with that direction. I saw attraction to Geoff in Brigdette, but suddenly she turned him down... I don't know why... I was humming a song I tình yêu as we jogged.
Everyone was looking at me. "What?" I asked. "What are bạn humming?" Bridgette...
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"Please," I asked. He had gotten back on me. "GET OFF." I demanded. "Um.... no." He answered. "Why?!" "Cause this is fun." He smiled. I gave him a dirty look. Harold walked out of the cabin. "Guys, what's with all the--" He looked at us. "Oh, hi Harold." I said. Duncan flipped me over to the ground and sat on my butt. "Help." I mumbled. "Duncan, what are bạn doing?" Harold yawned. "None of your business, geek." "Don't call me that!" "Who's gonna stop me?" "Me!" "Oh yeah?" "Yeah!" "I CAN'T FEEL MY BUTT!" The girls all stomped out of the Gopher's cabin. "What us WRONG with you--" Heather asked....
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 Flo_and_trent made Sofie on meez! :D
Flo_and_trent made Sofie on meez! :D
I felt Katie hoặc Sadie's hand grab mine. "Pull!" I shouted. But no air escaped my lungs. My Chest was smashed into the side of the enormous cliff and I could barely breath. My lungs felt trapped. I tried to keep myself from looking down. "Katie! Pull harder!" Sadie screamed. "I'm pulling as hard as I can!" She yelled in reply. I then knew both of them were trying to help me. "Help us!" Katie and Sadie exclaimed looking around for help. "Please!" I could tell bởi my elevation dropping that Katie and Sadie were slowly loosing their grip, hoặc sliding over the edge. I looked down. I saw the a raging...
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a note to reader- please no mean các bình luận like "courtney hate" hoặc "courtney' better then sofie" i want các bình luận that make me feel good because this is how i really feel about my best friend (i really like him) thank you!

how can he tình yêu that brat?
she's been nothing but mean to me since i started to hang out with him.
she's the thing that's keeping me away from him.
she wasn't made for him, she wasn't born for that.
i was.
he's my romeo and i'm his juliet.

how can he tình yêu that brat?
she'll abuse me if i hang out with him.
we're kept apart because...
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"Where-" I looked around again. I grinned and jumped out of my giường screaming, "WOO HOO! I'M NOT PREGNANT!" The girl's mouths dropped open. "What!?" They all cried in unison. I smiled and was about to explain. "Ok, well I was at this hospital, and I think I was having a baby hoặc something," I looked at their expressions. They had Nữ hoàng băng giá faces of horror. "...OK anyway, Duncan came in and he was all, "boy hoặc girl?" and I was like,
WHAT!?" the end." I put my hands behind my back and waited. Courtney walked in from the bathroom and stopped when she saw us. "What's going on?" She asked. I smiled big....
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*Can't we just skip to the talent show?* This is a message to my những người hâm mộ and other weirdo's who like to read my articles! This whole "writing" thing is REALLY boring. Making up funny things is awesome, but it gets kinda hard. I'm going to lose my "funnyness" if I don't speed up the process in this game. So, I'm going to skip the Awake-a-thon and the dodge brawl and just get in with the talent show. I have something AWESOME in store for you. Hears a hint: *Movie star, Vampire, Crazy Sister* Weird right? IK XD! Well it's really great and I know bạn guys are gonna like it. Time for the talent show!...
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The tiếp theo morning, we all stood tiếp theo to a trail that led round the lake. I was up SO late last night emailing that I was EXHAUSTED. I was weak and could barley stand. "Sofie?" Izzy asked. "What's wrong? bạn sick?" I shook my head and felt me eyes close. "Tired..." Suddenly a strong hand grabbed my arm and pulled me into the dark trees behind me. "Whoa!" I screamed and fell to the ground. I looked up and found Courtney staring into my face with her dark eyes. I felt scared and tried to get up. She held me down and stuck her nose in my face. "You listen here b!tch, and bạn listen good." She started. Cussing? This must be important, I thought. "I'm going to let that little Kiss last night with Duncan pass. But If I ever catch bạn again flirting with him, you'll wake up underwater, got it b!tch?" She harshly whispered. I nodded in my fear and she pushed me to the ground, then walked out of the trees. I stood there in shock, then got up and walked out of the dark forest also, shaking.
 This is how I was looking at the deer... giây before I was lifted off the ground and almost beaten.
This is how I was looking at the deer... seconds before I was lifted off the ground and almost beaten.
I was just quietly listening to music... "Hey, Chris?" I heard someone ask. It was Duncan. "What will the sleeping arrangements be? Because I'd like to request a bunk under her." He pointed to a long black hair girl. I scowled at her, but she didn't notice. "There not coed are they?" She sounded worried. *I'm a pervert* "Aw. What? bạn don't like guys poking bạn while bạn sleep?" Everyone looked at me again. Heather, the girl, made a sick face. I laughed. "No." Chris said, answering Duncan's question. "Girls get one side of the lều, cabin and Dude's get the other." Duncan sat down and rolled his...
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After all 22 campers arrived, Chris told us to come to the end of the dock for a picture. I smiled, cause the camera loves Sofie =)
We all walked down near the edge of the dock and tried to find a position. I walked up to the guy Duncan was with when I was at the porting docks. The african american boy. "Hey." I said. He smiled. "Hi, I'm DJ." "Hi DJ. I'm Sofie... can I sit on your back?" He gave me a 'what the heck' look. "Oh, come on! I'm tired of standing!" he laughed and put me on his shoulder... cause that boy, is tall. "OK, ready?" Chris said. I we all smiled and waited. "One... Two......
continue reading... bro's fanspot sure has grown huh? Kinda how I've grown...
xin chào everyone. If bạn remember me, I tình yêu bạn guys. Thanks for not forgetting me...
The rest of bạn guys who have just met me, I'm not going to go through everything again. I left behind my crime. Especially after I won the court case with Duncan and Spike last time.
I guess bạn could say I'm a good girl gone bad but got good again.
I don't talk to him anymore...not Duncan. He's changed....he's....not my bro.
I have to go...I'll try to come back soon. I tình yêu bạn all....