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 Duncan flips off a người hâm mộ <3
Duncan flips off a fan <3

* Duncan is one of the few campers to be seen in every episode (others being Owen, Gwen, and Heather) of Total Drama Island.
* Duncan is the sole surviving member from his team in the first two seasons. He is the only one to do so in the series.
* Duncan has competed the most out of all the characters in the series, the tiếp theo ones being Owen, Lindsay, and LeShawna.
* Duncan likes using terms of endearment for the girls. Besides calling Courtney "princess," he's called Gwen and LeShawna "sweetheart" as well. He has also used the terms "dear," "honey," "darling," "babe," "hot stuff," "gorgeous,"...
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xin chào yall no who this is!!! Its Brooke once thêm & i will be discussing some thing important.
i have been receiving request to talk about my opinion about Duncan dating Courtney. I will just say that they r horrible!!!! JUST KIDDING!!!! they r the cutest couple ever on TDI!!!! if they customized the perfect girl 4 Duncan they would come up with Courtney!!!
i can tell that he first liked her when he called her darling in the dodge ball episode. she stood up to him & he likes it when girls do that.
they had a tình yêu hate relationship & soon became full out love!!!
well when she comes back on TDA, i hope she & Duncan have a good time.
Well got 2 go!!!
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 this is their cousin, miley cyrus
this is their cousin, miley cyrus
"So, what did Mom text bạn about?" Stacey asked."She đã đưa ý kiến ' I have good news and bad news, get trang chủ quick!' So I guess we should make it trang chủ before lunch is over" Juliet said. They got trang chủ and went to the basement door. They pressed a red button tiếp theo to their basement door. A flash was seen under their door. The door swung open and their mom was standing in the doorway. "Get in here! This is important." she said. They walked into their wizard classrom/basement "What's the problem,Mom?" Juliet asked. "Well, the good news is Cousin Miley is coming over to stay for the school year, so she will...
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I made my way back into the woods and sat on a log a few 10 ft from the camp. I heard footsteps run after me and I scowled. "I don't want bạn here!" I screamed. "Fine, I'll leave. GOSH." đã đưa ý kiến I voice. I turned around and saw Harold. "Harold!!" I yelled glomping him. "What??" He asked in the same tone as me. "Nothing. I'm just glad your here." I mumbled in his áo sơ mi with out looking up. "Ok. Do bạn want to talk, Sofie?" He asked sitting on the log. I did too once again, and sighed, "Yeah." He smiled. "You know bạn can always talk to me." He put his arm around me. I laid my head on his shoulder....
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