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posted by Bibi69
Sophia is an important part of the graphic novels and yet had an early demise on the tv show. Though the character of Sophia is no longer on the tv show, that doesn't mean her role died with her.

I think that Beth was used as a first replacement for Sophia and Enid as a một giây replacement for her. Let me tell bạn why.

 Madison Lintz as Sophia / Emily Kinney as Beth / Katelyn Nacon as Enid
Madison Lintz as Sophia / Emily Kinney as Beth / Katelyn Nacon as Enid

Sophia's journey from the graphic novels starts with a little girl frightened bởi this world. Later on, after her mom dies, she is been taken care of bởi Maggie and Glenn who become her surrogate parents....
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Now that we have four communities and not just one, it's inevitable that Team Family will eventually separate and not all live at the same place. They'll each chose the community they like better to live in.

This is a really short bài viết with my predictions on who I think will live where.


I think most of Team Family will actually stay at Alexandria, because they're already installed and they feel comfortable there.

Of course, Rick, Carl and Michonne will stay there. Rick is the leader and Carl and Michonne are his immediate family, so there's no doubt about those three.

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As bạn all know, the official character portraits for season 7 were released a couple of days cách đây and they are completely different from what they've done before.

First, they are completely red, usually they are pretty much desaturated hoặc plain black and white like last season.

I get that the red refers to Negan and Lucille and the bloody kills that will occur in the premiere. But they still got my interest. Because usually, on the character portraits, the characters pretty much all kinda look alike. But not here. In these, they all have different facial expressions. I know nothing is ever done...
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posted by shadowglaze59
Guys, I`v heard that Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) will be taken off of the show!! It was on the news saying that he was in trouble but I really hope that it isn't true. It was a video on MSN that I started to watch but I turned it off because I didn't want it to spoil anymore but all I heard was that he is being killed off and that he is in deep trouble...
Say what bạn think and tell me please I need to know!! And although I`m only on season 5 episode 2 I still know these things. Please say what bạn think and know, thanks!
posted by DixonsWife
Alright, just to start things up I have to say the walking dead is amazing, always has been, and I have been looking phía trước, chuyển tiếp to seeing morgan appear for 4 whole seasons! Yet now that he's here I can't help but begin to dislike, not him, but his shitty decisions.

Between the obvious fact that carol is the only with her head on straight, and that morgan is too blinded with his constant statement "All life is precious." I've come to realize that all life is most definitely not precious, not in the slightest.

For example the latest episode where morgan had pretty much thrown Carol to the ground...
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This danh sách is based on what the audience rated the episodes. [link]
And I'll tell bạn my opinion on those episodes.

First episode of the entire series.
Aired: October 31st 2010
Rated: 9.2

What a great episode to start off a series! I was hooked after the first scene! And bạn really know what you're getting yourself into with that opening scene. I agree that it's one of the best episodes of the series.

 Andrew lincoln as Rick, Days Gone Bye, 1x01
Andrew lincoln as Rick, Days Gone Bye, 1x01

Final episode of the một giây season.
Aired: March 18th 2012
Rated: 9.2

One of my yêu thích episodes. Best finale thus...
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Kyle's POV.
I gathered my weapons as the walkers slammed their clumsy hands on my door. I grabbed a sniper and ran upstairs.

Lock and load! I thought as I opened the một giây story window and blasted the zombies outside one bởi one. I grabbed the keys to my SUV as soon as they were gone and jumped out the window.

It wasn't a very big fall, so I landed on my feet. I sprinted to my vehicle, got inside and slammed on the gas pedal.

I stopped the vehicle and got out. The streets were blocked bởi a truck-barricade. "Crud..." I said. Gonna have to find another way. I looked around and saw...
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posted by larryisa_styles
One ngày bạn were in the school preparing for your project that is due tiếp theo week, bạn ask a permission to your teacher so that bạn can research about your project, then bạn went to the computer lab, bạn tìm kiếm the web about your project when bạn accidently saw the news... bạn read the headlines:"Doctors had discovered; The Zombie Virus"... then bạn read all about it, bạn got into a panick because according to the news the virus is everywhere and maybe bạn have the virus... then bạn heard a loud crash when, bạn looked outside the clouds where so dark, then bạn heard the doors of your school fell...
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Emilio here. Me and all my Những người bạn tình yêu this episode. So let's get right to it.

Q:What dd bạn think of the episode overall?
Emilio-It was very satisfying, the action and emotion just felt right and amazing.

Tonia-I agree, the only problem I had was the unlimited ammo and the constant headshots, it would of been nice to see some arm, stomach, leg shots. Even Lori was a pro.

Samantha-I loved it but I would of rather seen Lori die then Patricia. Please let that chó cái, bitch die tiếp theo season.

Chris-I agree with all of you! It would of been nice to see Lori die also. It would of been my all time favorite....
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