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This danh sách is based on what the audience rated the episodes. [link]
And, like with the hàng đầu, đầu trang 10 best episodes, I'll tell bạn my opinion on those episodes.

Premiere of the mid-fifth season.
Aired: February 8th 2015
Rated: 7.9

I personally liked this episode. I'm surprised it's on that list. I agree it's not the best one, but there was worst episodes than this. I actually loved the 'link' aspect of it. It was kinda cool and interesting. It was new.

 Chad L. Coleman as Tyreese, What Happened and What's Going On, 5x09
Chad L. Coleman as Tyreese, What Happened and What's Going On, 5x09

Sixth episode of the fourth season....
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posted by Bibi69
Daryl has to escape at some point, he won't always stay a prisoner at the Sanctuary. And I think he'll end up at the Kingdom. Here is how and why.

 Daryl & rượu vàng, rượu vàng, sherry ~ 7x03 ~ The Cell
Daryl & rượu vàng, sherry ~ 7x03 ~ The Cell

I think in the end, Dwight and rượu vàng, sherry will help Daryl escape. He can't escape alone, that's pretty much impossible, he needs help. At least from Sherry, but I'd like to think Dwight will be in on it too.

 Dwight ~ 7x04 ~ Service
Dwight ~ 7x04 ~ Service

After he does escape, he can't go back trang chủ to Alexandria. That's the first place Negan will go looking for him, and Daryl would put everyone at Alexandria in danger for going back...
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I have a confession to make. This may startle you. Please brace yourself. Here it goes...

I hate Rick Grimes.

There, I đã đưa ý kiến it. It feels so good to finally get that off my chest.

Just kidding. Those of bạn who have encountered me before in the spot are probably already aware of my Rick issues. I spend the majority of his scenes rolling my eyes, fuming, hoặc grumbling "nobody cares, Prick". This bài viết contains 13 characters that we know very little about, who appeared in less than 5 episodes, and were still thêm interesting for me to watch than our righteous hero. Let's get on with it, eh?

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posted by critic4ever
xin chào everyone. It's me Emilio, And my Những người bạn Tonia, Samantha, Chris, and Mike that run this fanpop profile. We thought it would be fun to do a little Roundtable of each episode of The Walking Dead, which is one of our yêu thích shows. Please leave comments, speculations hoặc opinions if bạn have them.

Q: What did bạn think of the episode
Emilio: I loved it. That sums it up pretty good for me. Not my yêu thích but it was very intense and dark, which are my kind of episodes.

Tonia:I agree with Emilio. It was not the best and I'm kind of upset that Shane died but tổng thể we all saw that coming.

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Cohan also discusses the fact that Glenn and Maggie have been the show’s only consistent couple since the death of Lori Grimes and how they represent all the hopes and dreams for what passes for romantic bliss in the zombie apocalypse.

“I don’t know if that puts us thêm at risk of dying hoặc less,” says Cohan. “It’s such a necessary hope and I definitely feel that invisible bridge between Glenn and Maggie the whole time of trying to find each other, and needing that.” But will Glenn & Maggie ever vượt qua, cross that bridge and find each other?

The hiển thị has done a very good job of showing...
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posted by masiki129
Eric drove down the đường phố, street to Atlanta finally making it to the supposed protected place. He looked in terror as he realized he had been to late twice that day. The whole city was overrun with monsters. He got back into his car and drove away looking depressed. He realized there was no traffic, but still payed attention to the lights, listening to the radio talk about protection in large cities.
Down the road Isabella woke up.
Her stomach growled as the car got faster Eric was trying to get away not from the city, but the world that wouldn't allow him to live a normal life as a father. He drove...
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posted by masiki129
"Daddy, I'm hungry..." Isabella said.
"Not now!" Eric đã đưa ý kiến trying to listen to the radio. He took his eyes off the radio to drive. He approached a red light. "Tell me when the light turns green," he đã đưa ý kiến looking down again. He finally got the radio to turn on. "Green!" Isabella said. Eric looked up and drove. "...Insane. The government recommends all survivors relocate to a fairly large city for protection." Eric didn't understand what it meant but he knew that if is was bad he'd protect his daughter with his life. He drove down the road realizing the radio wasn't making any noise. When he...
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James' POV

After 7 phút of nonstop recorded messages and warnings, we arrived in Pemberton. Kyle walked up to a police officer at the entry. "Oh, hello" he said. Kyle introduced himself and asked if there was any chance we could strike new wheels here.

Officers POV
"Hmm....Well one of the rangers died not long ago. His vehicle is outside the station, but you'll have to find the keys somewhere in that god-forsaken area." I told them. bởi 'God-Forsaken' I meant that army of walkers just behind the building.

Kyle's POV
"Thanks. James, stay here." I told him. I made my way to the...
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posted by Bibi69
I almost forgot to write this. I kept telling myself I needed to write it before February 10th, and that's in two weeks. So I kicked my butt and sat down to finally write my review.

Let's remember that the last season ended up Negan being defeated, though not killed. Dwight was cast away. Daryl and Maggie were plotting a revenge.

 Season 9A Promo, A New Beginning
Season 9A Promo, A New Beginning

I'm still mad about the whole "Casting Dwight away because Daryl Fucking Dixon đã đưa ý kiến so". Even thêm now that I read the rumor about him maybe being transferred to Fear *sigh*. It really feels like a demotion for Amelio,...
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posted by SpaghettiCat
The actor talks about making a racist redneck likable, compares Daryl to a pet snake and describes the strangest meal he ever ate (it wasn't squirrel).

Q: What was your yêu thích part about playing Daryl?

A: He's such a mixed guy. Growing up with a brother like Michael Rooker's character, you'd imagine he'd have tons of chicks on his shoulder. I think trying to find a way to be the little brother, but still be a badass in his own way and still hiển thị that he cares about his brother. Trying to hiển thị that he has feelings and trying to find a likable guy in a racist, bạn know?

Q: How do bạn make a racist...
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 Andrew lincoln plays "The Walking Dead" central character Rick Grimes.
Andrew Lincoln plays "The Walking Dead" central character Rick Grimes.
Darkwoods Productions, vòng tròn of Confusion and Valhalla Entertainment are now in production on season five of the hit AMC horror ti vi drama series "The Walking Dead" in Georgia. The show's casting directors in Los Angeles and Atlanta are casting new recurring, guest starring, and ngày player roles. The extras and stand-ins are being cast throughout production on the sixteen episode fifth season. The series is based on the comic book series of the same name bởi Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard.

Starring in "The Walking Dead" is BAFTA Awards nominee Andrew lincoln as the show's...
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posted by larryisa_styles
Last time at "The Zombie Apocalypse":
bạn went to the window to see if the coast is clear to go other place, but the school is surrounded of zombies!

-Chapter 2-
After that bạn heard people whispering. bạn went to check what it is about when bạn saw Rick with his son Carl!. bạn spied what they're talking about when bạn heard that they will stay in your school about in a month. When bạn were about to leave Carl saw you, bạn just froze there like bạn saw a white lady just passed you. Rick came towards bạn and say this line
"What are bạn doing there?" he đã đưa ý kiến while looking at bạn sternly. " I...
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Yeah.. He's number 10.
I just feel very mixed about him at this stage.. I liked him in season 3.. But he just started becoming TOO brutal at the point of Alaxandria. To the point of being no better than the villains.. And now. And than he spent a bunch of time just moping.. And now, Rick is back.. But not sure how I feel anymore..

What's not to tình yêu about him..

#8: T-DOG:
Damn bạn for killing him off!.. Damn you!

I tình yêu the twisted charm about him.. He's so calm, only scared when he has no way out, and knows his time has come..

He's dead.....
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Inspired bởi a bình luận Bibi69 made after "The King, The Widow, and Rick".

Best if read to the tune of The Lonely Island's link.

Hey y'all
I've got somethin real important to hiển thị you
So just sit down, and start hummin'

Guys bạn know we've been watchin', such a long long time (such a long time)
And now I'm ready, to lay it on the line
You know it's season 8 and my patience is wearin' thin (wearin' thin)
Gonna hiển thị bạn a solution so bạn know what I'm thinkin' (what I'm thinkin')
A thang real special, so poke a hole in the side
Take a look inside - it's a Prick in a box (it's in a box)

Not gonna lock...
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posted by Bibi69
Well, this took long enough, but better late than never, right? Here is my (finally!) review for Season 7B.

The first half ended on a hopeful note, with Daryl reuniting with Team Family and Rick going to the Hilltop to make an alliance and to build forces to beat Negan.

 Season 7B Promo, Rise Up
Season 7B Promo, Rise Up

The một giây half started strong, with Jesus taking Team Family to meet Ezekiel, which is something I was waiting for, because in the first half we haven't really seen the Kingdom again after meeting them and they are my yêu thích community. Bias aside, this meeting was really interesting, and Team Family's...
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This is a bit old, and probably irrelevant because we're so much further in the story now, but I decided to go ahead a write this anyways.

During season 4B, it was the first time our core group got separated and scattered everywhere. But what is interesting is that the entire 8 episodes focused on five specific relationships and the nature of all of these relationships is completely different.

The most obvious and easy relationship to develop is a romantic one. Here, it was giving to Sasha and Bob.

Sasha and Bob started off as two regular individual, Bob having an obvious interest in Sasha...
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posted by Bibi69
Game of Thrones is known for its famous 9th episodes, where they kill off big characters. I think The Walking Dead is having a pattern like that, but a bit different.

As we know, Scott Gimple was promoted to showrunner for the fourth season and has been the showrunner ever since. The first showrunner being Frank Darabont (first two seasons) and the một giây one being Glen Mazzara (third season).

Ever since Gimple has been the showrunner, he has introduced a new character hoặc a new group every 10th episode. I thought it was interesting to look into it.

First, in season 4, we were introduced to Team...
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 we will always remember them the 2 awesomemen who negan killed
we will always remember them the 2 awesomemen who negan killed
I don't understand Why Abraham and Glenn Had 2 Die definitely Y did Glenn have 2 die because Glenn was about 2 become a father because Maggie was pregnant with Glenn's baby Glenn and Maggie was about 2 become a family of course it was going 2 be a family during the Zombie apocalypse but knowing Glenn and Maggie were going 2 make great parents but instead Negan had a wild hair up his đít, mông, ass and killed Glenn Now Glenn is not going to be able 2 get 2 see his newborn baby girl hoặc baby boy
 5 great memories and 1 troubling memory
5 great memories and 1 troubling memory
 amazing guys who did amazing jobs
amazing guys who did amazing jobs
 amazing guys who did amazing jobs
amazing guys who did amazing jobs
posted by Bibi69
I've decided to write a review of every half seasons. And as I have already written a review of the entire series from season one to season 6A, I'll do a throwback and do one of 6B before I do 7A.

 Season 6B Promo
Season 6B Promo

The season started back on Valentine's day, which is really ironic được trao the fact that Rick pretty much chops his girlfriend's arm off. After the shitty cliffhanger of episode 8, at least the payoff of that cliffhanger was great. It did take a really long time, but it payed off.

The death of the entire Anderson family was epic and true to the comics, and y'all know how I tình yêu it...
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Dose anybody read the orginal Walking Dead comics.

I found them, and knowing my tình yêu of the show, decided to buy the first.

And now I recently got the third "Safety behind Bars", and it's still yet to disappoint, I tình yêu these books..

Anyway, this isn't really about that, it's about THOMAS a villain in both the comics and the series.

But I like him WAY thêm in the comics, he's far less practicable.

In the tv series, bạn know from moment one, Thomas is a bad dude, he has that look about him.
And the cold murder of Big Tiny proved us correct, he was a murderer, nothing more.. And died in disgrace....
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