Supernatural Fave Character Game

Christie129 posted on Oct 27, 2012 at 07:13PM
Okay, so, every character starts with 10 points, For your favourite character add 1 point and for your least favourite character take 1 point away. Copy and paste the new list. When a character reaches 0 points they are out of the vote! here's the list of characters, enjoy!

Dean Winchester 10
Sam Winchester 10
Castiel 10
Ruby 10
Bobby Singer 10
John Winchester 10
Crowley 10
Meg Marsters 10
Bela Talbot 10
Jo Harvelle 10
Ellen Harvelle 10
Gordon Walker 10
Rufus Turner 10
Lilith 10
Lucifer 10

Also if you want, write why they're your favourite and why you don't like them! :)

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