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Here is Some Supernatural trích dẫn Not Any trích dẫn Only the Funniest xD
hope bạn like

1-Dean:“Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cake hole.”
2-Andrea To Dean:“It must be hard with your sense of direction, never being able to find your way to a decent pickup line.”
3-Dean:“Dude, stow the touchy-feely, self-help yoga crap.”
4-Sam: "Why’d bạn let me fall asleep?"
Dean: "Because I’m an awesome brother. So what did bạn dream about?"
Sam: "Lollipops and kẹo canes."
5-Dean:"Your half-caf, double vanilla latte is getting cold over here, Francis."
6-Missouri to Dean:“Boy, bạn put your...
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posted by CSIYiota
This is a “Songs Per Episode” list, as seen in the Supernatural Wiki. Since this is the first article-list I ever made in Fanpop, I really, really hope you’ll like it…And that you’ll find it helpful. I’ll be updating the danh sách every week :)

Songs Per Episode

Season 1

1.01 – Pilot
Classic - What Cha Gonna Do
Eagles of Death Metal - Speaking In Tongues
Allman Brothers Band - Ramblin' Man
AC/DC - Back in Black
AC/DC - Highway to Hell
The Living Daylights - Gasoline
Kid Gloves âm nhạc - My Cheatin' Ways

1.02 – Wendigo
Dave Matthew's Band - Out of My Hands
Foreigner - Hot Blooded
Lynyrd Skynyrd...
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posted by Dean-girlx
Supernatural Fun Fact: Jared played as Dean in Gilmore Girls, and Sam in Silent Witness before Supernatural happened.

Supernatural Fun Fact: On the ngày of Halloween, Dean mentions that John has been missing for three weeks and that he didn’t worry because he was in New Orleans. Three weeks before Halloween 2005 is six weeks after hurricane Katrina.

Supernatural Fun Fact: Dean drinks his coffee black.

Supernatural Fun Fact: When Jensen read about Dean's fear of flying, the first thing he thought was "Oh man, this is going to be a field day."

Supernatural Fun Fact: Kripke chose for the Yellow-Eyed...
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 Even my old biểu tượng was a smartass-butt :P
Even my old icon was a smartass-butt :P
Supernatural trích dẫn are Awesome. Obviously! But are bạn getting in trouble for quoting the trích dẫn of Awesomeness?

In my family I'm the quiet one so I get away with alot. I've got a smart mouth too and I can make them laugh and piss them off but they can't get mad because they'll just look mean :P

But unfortunately I can't get away with everything *sigh*

My cún yêu, con chó con eyes aren't as powerful as Sammy's though they work considerably well. Like a charm in most cases ;)

My head tilts aren't as adorable as Castiel's and may end up getting me into thêm trouble if I pretend to not understand what I did...
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posted by doctor-reid
Here comes another one XD Was listening to the song and thought that it fitted Dean's relationship with John. It was initially only going to be short, but as I wrote it, it kind of expanded into a longer fic with thêm of a storyline. Hope bạn like it, set sometime between Sam leaving and Dean finding him at Stanford.


"Dean! Where do bạn think you're going?"

"For a drive."


But Dean ignored his dad's yells. He slammed the motel room door and stormed to the Impala. He and his dad didn't get into fights often, but since Sam left they seemed to happen every other day. Dean...
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posted by Dean-girlx
 Ambra's current user icon!
Ambra's current user icon!
Alright! Here we go! :) FOTM interview with link

First off – introduce yourself!

Hi people :DDDD!!! *waves hand*
I’m Ambra, I’m 19 but I don’t look like 19 at all, I’m so short that I look thêm like one of the smurfs, I’m from Italy, I started trường đại học this năm and I’m studying law! I love…..SPN, reading, surfing the net, SPN, watching Tv, Travels, SPN, Winter, giáng sinh and snow, SPN, pizza, coke, coffee and ice cream, SPN, swimming, vidding, talking on the telephone, SPN,meet ing new friends, music, SPN .. have I mentioned SPN???? :P I think that’s all :D ah of course this...
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posted by toti8
This my version of a SPN ABC.I hope I won't use it when I try to teach my little niece the alphabet!

A - apple-pie: It's always freakin' worth it, even if bạn have a fugly scarecrow running after you!

B - brotherly love: This is the backbone of the show.To what lenghts do the Winchester brothers have to go to prove us how strong their bond is?

C - convention: Every fan's ultimate dream. *sighs*

D - dark-side: Something that has the effect of a magnet towards Sammy and won't seem to back off until he succumbs to it.

E - eye-candy: What the Winchesters provide us with every Thursday night!...
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posted by trstouches4evr
I have joined the site altho In tình yêu with the hiển thị for years. I'm almost afraid that killing off everyone wasn't such a good idea. I miss Bobby, Charlie, and Rufus all the characters that made those great to follow episodes are gone now. I was glad to see Roweena go and miss Crowly terribly! Ya'll have to either bring some of the good characters back with new stories cause the leviathens sucked and the new stuff doesn't feel quite as good, at least bring Bobby Ruby and Charlie back!!!! I watch the hiển thị it comes on tnt in my homestate of tn and everyday for the past 3 yrs anyway I have never missed a morning of watchn 3 shows back to back then the new ones. I have lung cancer and don't have a lot of time left Im 55 yrs old and not ashamed to say I tình yêu both of those boys. I can sure die in peace watchn a new episode with some dead favs!!
Sam knocked on Meg’s bedroom door and opened it slowly. Meg was sitting on the giường in Indian style, a blue bag of M&M’s in her lap.
“Can I come in?” Sam asked careful. Meg shrugged and Sam closed the door. “That was…pretty intense”
Meg swallowed a handful of colored kẹo in response.
“I wouldn’t take it personal” Sam continued as he sat on the bed. “I think he’s freaking out, because we found out he has his powers back. Dean’s with him now. If there’s anyone who can talk some sense into Cas, it’s my big brother”
“Thank you, that makes me feel a lot better”...
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Dean opened the door of the house, wondering if Jo was there, too, hoặc if she had returned home.
“Sammy?” he called, assuming Cas would be asleep. He walked to the phòng bếp, nhà bếp and saw Sam sitting with his head in his hands.
“What happened?” Dean asked sharp, already regretting the fact that he left.
“We asked Anna to read Cas, to see if he was being possessed” Sam started tired.
“We?” Dean asked, though he had an idea.
“Meg and I” Sam confirmed Dean’s suspicion. “She’s not here anymore” he added quick when he saw Dean’s face change. “He’s not being possessed. But...
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Sam pulled Cas from the ground and dragged him to the sink.
“Come on, barf” he commanded.
“Leave me alone” Cas mumbled faint, his eyes closed. Sam turned to Meg. “Go get his toothbrush” he ordered. Meg ran upstairs and came back half a một phút later, with the toothbrush.
“Open your mouth, Cas” Sam đã đưa ý kiến sharp and urgent. Cas pressed his lips together, stubborn like a two-year old.
“Let me try something” Meg đã đưa ý kiến and Sam took a step back, still supporting Cas. Meg took Cas’ face in her hands and kissed him. She then withdrew and drove the toothbrush in his throat. Cas gagged,...
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Cas and Meg reached the surface of the pool and Meg held her breath. She had forgotten how good Cas looked when he was all…wet. Cas took advantage of her inability to speak.
“I’m really sorry for everything I’ve đã đưa ý kiến to bạn today” he began. “I never meant to say those things. I was thinking something, but what came out was the exact opposite. And then Balthazar đã đưa ý kiến he and Kevin had put up a plan to kill bạn and I knew it was a setup, but I just had to come”
“Doesn’t matter” Meg đã đưa ý kiến fast. “Let’s get out of here” she suggested. She freed herself and swum to the edge,...
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A couple of hours later Zoey left with Alexia. Even though she could barely keep herself from falling apart she wasn’t going to leave her daughter, the person she loved the most, with a mentally ill sister. That would be very irresponsible.
And so Daphne was all alone now. She tried to comprehend the fact that Gerard had taken his own life. Hadn’t Daphne told Zoey to leave so she could be with her family?
It’s not my fault, Daphne defended herself in silence, I didn’t ask Zoey to live with me and abandon her family for three months.
Well, that’s rather ungrateful, a small voice in her...
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Cas was sitting in a room with no windows and bare walls. He was sitting on a chair, staring a bàn and felt how two pair of eyes were pinned on him.
“Do bạn know why you’re here, Mr. Allen?” the female cop asked. Cas looked up and nodded. “I’d like to hear bạn say it”
Cas coughed. “I’m here, because I violated my wife” he đã đưa ý kiến toneless.
“You realize that’s a felony?” the female cop asked to be sure.
“I do” Cas replied.
“Then why did bạn do it?” she asked.
“Because,” Cas started. “she was being a…” he searched for the right word as he looked down again....
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posted by Lucia322
Sam: Well, Dad never treated bạn like that, bạn were perfect. He was all over my case. bạn don't remember?
Dean: Well, maybe he had to raise his voice, but sometimes bạn were out of line.
Sam: Right! Right, like when I đã đưa ý kiến I'd rather play bóng đá than learn bow hunting.
Dean: Bow hunting's an important skill!
Dean: Growing up in a place like this would freak me out.
Sam: Why?
Dean: The manicured lawns, "How was your day, honey?" I'd blow my brains out.
Sam: There's nothing wrong with normal.
Dean: I'd take our family over normal any day.
Dean: Kinda hungry for a little barbeque. How about you? What,...
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A taxi stopped in front of the motel and Cas walked toward the window. He moved the curtains and looked outside. Sam and Meg were getting out of the car and walking up the front porch.
“They’re here” Cas đã đưa ý kiến a little nervous as he walked back to Dean.
Sam lifted his fist to knock, when Meg stopped him. “The element of surprise, remember?” Sam nodded and kicked the door open. Dean was tied onto a chair and he appeared to be alone. Sam ran to him and started to untie him, when Cas grabbed Meg from behind.
“Keep doing what you’re doing and I will break her neck” Cas threatened...
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Dean Winchester is one of the greatest characters ever to grace a ti vi screen; a three dimensional, dynamic, very real person dealing with extraordinary events. His actions are both believable and relatable. This is in part due to the excellent writers that work on Supernatural, but mostly due to the extraordinary diễn xuất of Jensen Ackles. The best writers in the world can create the best character in the world, but if bạn hand that character over to an inept actor, then the nghề viết văn becomes mediocre at best. And the opposite is true as well. Give a talented actor a poorly written character...
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posted by RealBenTennyson
An episode that should never have been made

I tình yêu this show. I started watching this hiển thị around a tháng cách đây and I am currently watching 5th season. A lot of bạn might’ve guessed which episode I’m gonna rant about. I am talking about 5x19 “Hammer of Gods.”

<I am an Indian, Hindu.> Mata means mother.

If bạn remember the episode, the apocalypse was going on. And viewers were wondering- “What the heck are other Gods doing?” I was one of them. This episode tried to answer this question. I really hope they had left it chưa được trả lời though.

Things that bugged me---

(i) Do they really know...
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posted by Silverdoe
 Young John Winchester
Young John Winchester
John Winchester is a name that all Supernatural những người hâm mộ know. They know him as the faithful husband of Mary, the woman who sacrificed her life for their two sons and our beloved heroes, Dean and Sam.

John's story starts out pretty normal; parents, family, school. After high school John joined the marines. On returning he meets the tình yêu of his life, Mary Campbell. Before long, against the wishes of Mary's family, they got engaged and married, got a nice cosy trang chủ together and soon enough, little Dean was on his way.

But things soon go south. Mary is killed bởi something unknown and he becomes a hunter...
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posted by tinkymel
April 25, 1981

 Constance Welch, 24 Authorities attribute her suicide to extreme emotional distress.
Constance Welch, 24 Authorities attribute her suicide to extreme emotional distress.
A local woman’s death was ruled a suicide, the county Sheriff’s Department đã đưa ý kiến earlier today. Constance Welch, 24, of 4636 Breckenridge Road leapt off Sylvania bridge at mile 33 of Centennial highway, and sub-sequently drowned last night.

Deputy J. Pierce told reporters that, hours before her death Ms. Welch logged a call with 911 emergency services. In a panicked tone, Ms. Welch described how she found her two young children, 5 and 6, in the bathtub, after leaving them alone for several...
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