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Was Sirius really a player?

Everyone seems to think he was. In almost every fanfiction I've read about Sirius in his school days, he is portrayed as a player. But was he really? Why do people think he was a player?

- Because he was handsome
- He was được ưa chuộng with the girls
- He was James friend, who seemed to be a player

Those are all reasons I've seen, but none of them mean that he was a player. Being handsome does not mean that a boy will take advantage of girls. Sure, some do. It's stereotypical to say that just because Sirius was handsome meant that he was a player. Also, James seemed to...
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posted by DaisyHalliwell

Changing Yesterday bởi Rainyn Dawn
Link: link
Summary: Verus Fatum: True Destiny. Hermione must face her true destiny when in the wake of war a mysterious object pulls her through time. There she must sacrifice all to save those she loves most.
Length: 52 chapters - COMPLETED
part 2: link
Part 3: link

Necessary bởi the Order bởi LadySeradeReturns
Link: link
Summary: Marriage Law for SiriusHermione. In order to protect her, he had to marry her.
Length: 25 chapters - COMPLETED

Serendipity bởi Platinum Express
Link: link
Summary: Sirius and Hermione discuss baby...
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Notorious Mass Murderer hoặc Innocent hát Sensation?

For fourteen years Sirius Black has been believed guilty of the mass murder of twelve innocent Muggles and one wizard. Black's audacious escape from Azkaban two years cách đây has led to the widest manhunt ever conducted bởi the Ministry of Magic. None of us have ever questioned that he deserves to be recaptured and handed back to the Dementors.


Startling new evidence has recently come to light that Sirius Black may not have committed the crimes for which he was sent to Azkaban. In fact, says Doris...
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posted by AliceCullen353
Ok im going to type this off the hàng đầu, đầu trang of my head so if its bad don't have a hissy fit!!:P
I always wonder what would happen if Sirius didn't die so here goes nothing!!
(Harrys pov!)

It all happend so quickly.Harry was helping Nevile up when Harry saw Sirius and Bellatrix Lestrange.
She was winning laughing as ahe threw spells at him he faught back but was weak.Then she hit him with crucio.It hit him in the chest and he started to fall backwards into the arch way Lupin,Tonks,Mad eye and a few others all ran with Harry to stop Sirius falling his head and chest where in the archway but bạn couldn't...
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