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Were Sirius Black somehow capable of getting some short and other very, very long messages to certain people at the moment he died, this is what he would have said.
To Hermione Granger: I am forever grateful for your intelligence and courage. I truly and literally owe bạn my soul.
To Ron Weasley: I’m still really sorry I had to break your leg. It was necessary. I’m sure bạn understand.
To Peter Pettigrew: I will find bạn in Hell someday. bạn mark my words.
To Molly Weasley: For all of our differences, bạn are the closest thing to a mother Harry has ever known. I know bạn will take good care...
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kings vượt qua, cross 1971
I was walking tiếp theo to my brother tall and blonde and plae, just like mom and dad. I on the other hand, well I think I was adopted, but I know I'm not mom says purebloods never adopt. I was the exact opposite of my family I had jet black hair, and instead of the piercing grey eyes I had jade green, however I was pale and I was tall, well at least for my age, I didn't even begin to compare to them.

He had his hand on my shoulder he was sixteen and engaged to Narcissa Black, and he was only seventeen, well I mean she was sixteen so i guess it can't get any worse.

So bởi the...
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