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 Clint Barton / Hawkeye Scene
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clint barton
The Avengers
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This ngẫu nhiên bức ảnh might contain đường phố, cảnh thành phố, bối cảnh đô thị, khu đô thị, thiết lập các đường phố, thành phố cảnh, hút bụi, hoover, chân không, and máy hút bụi.

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WARNING: there is cussing, sudden acts of gayness, and talks of depression, if bạn don't want to hear about these..then get the fuck out.

(Pewdie's POV)

I was laughing at a bro's joke when i thought i heard cry's laugh too.

I looked around but i only saw thêm bros.

After talking to some thêm những người hâm mộ i started walking alone went i felt like someone was following me.

Sure enough someone in a green hoodie wrapped there arms around me.

"Bro i know karate!" I yelled laughing.

I turned around and a boy about my age was wearing a cry mask.

"Nice mask, looks like cry's" I đã đưa ý kiến poking the mouth of the mask....
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1. Everytime your reach a new floor, scream "Glory hallelujah! We will reach the promised land!!!"

2. Interrogate people as if bạn worked for the FBI.

3. Make wild turkey noises and when people tell bạn to stop, say "You have no respect for animal rights, do you?"

4. Sing your yêu thích song and when people get annoyed, sing louder.

5. Follow ngẫu nhiên people off and tell them what to buy every một phút hoặc so. If bạn get in trouble, say bạn were helping the person make educated choices.

6. Press every button, and try and get off, then, speak into your cổ áo and say, "Houston, we have a problem, floor#__...
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--I really don't like this restaurant that much, but I wanted to use this 2-for-1 coupon before it expired.
--I used to come here all the time with my ex.
--I never đã đưa ý kiến bạn NEED a nose job. I just đã đưa ý kiến it wouldn't hurt to consider it.
--Could bạn excuse me? My cat gets lonely if he doesn't hear my voice on the answering machine every hour.
---I really feel that I've grown in the past few years. Used to be I wouldn't have được trao someone like bạn a một giây look.
--And I won that trophy in the inter-fraternity belching contest.
--It's been tough, but I've come to accept that most people I ngày just won't be as smart as I am.
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This link is made of very simple,The lens is dark yellow, the color is predominant. And retro-style frame has a bright spot in the whole spectacle. General wear this retro style link, thêm hoặc less a link with the United States. If bạn look carefully, there is a small screw, so rayban sunglasses thêm firmly. cá đuối, ray Ban prices affordable, cheap.

It seems that Hollywood stars are always so charming?, They not only well dressed but never appear without makeup hoặc sweat the makeup to stains.All dressed themseves perfect even without the light.

Cheap rayban Sunglasses are their common decration,because...
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Dear President Obama;
Hello. I am speaking on behalf of the Solicitous And Rude Citizens Asininely Seeking Metamorphosis. We here at SARCASM have but two humble goals: coming up with a new acronym that makes actual sense, and to cure the affliction that has been persistent in killing off millions of people since the dawn of time, or, unless we are mistaken, the late 60’s—death. According to the statistics gathered bởi our diligent team of sea turtles, 98.54 people are diagnosed with death every 2 giây (if we had one apple, and one of our sea turtles found three others, this is how many apples we would have.) We ask a simple favor from the depths of your all knowing wisdom and possibly robotic chest. Mr. President, with the help of the laser that we believe to be stored within your chest, we could save millions. As one Bob the Builder once said, “Yes we can.” Mr. Obama, we call bạn forth.
Hoping bạn are well,

Please sign your name below.
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1.Einstein was four years old before he could speak.
2.Issac Newton did poorly in grade school.
3.Beethoven's âm nhạc teacher once đã đưa ý kiến of him,"As a composer,he is hopeless."
4.When Thomas Edison was a boy his teacher told him he was too stupid to learn anything.
5.Michael Jordan was cut from his high school bóng rổ team.Boston Celtics Hall of Famers Bob Cousy and Bill Russel suffered the same fate.
5.A newspaper editor fired Walt Disney because he had no good ideas.
6.Winston Churchill failed the sixth grade.
7.Steven Spielberg dropped out of high school in his sophomore year. He was persuaded to come back and placed in a learning disabled class. He lasted a tháng and dropped out forever.
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•    Vary your vehicle’s speed inversely with the speed limit.

•    Roll down your windows and blast talk radio. Attempt to head bang.

•    At stop lights, eye the person in the tiếp theo car suspiciously. With a look of fear, lock your doors.

•    Two words: Chicken suit.

•    Write the words “Help me” on your back window in red paint. The thêm it looks like blood, the better.

•    Stop at the green lights.

•    Go at the red ones.

•    Occasionally...
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This is in response to the question: 'What's your religion?' and I put it into an bài viết because it was too big to fit inside the answer box.

So, this is basic Thiên chúa giáo for @SilverFey.

There is only one God. God is a Trinity (translation: three in one, like a three-leaf clover): God the Father, God the Son (who is Jesus) and God the Holy Spirit.
God made everything and is all knowing, all powerful, eternal, love, the King of kings, holy (perfect) and immutable (doesn't change. Ever.)
Jesus is God. Jesus became a man. A human, just like us. Jesus was (and is) sinless. Jesus is the only way...
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I just wasted 26 giây of your life that you'll never get back. UMAD?
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Arguably racist/sterotypical Jell-O ad from the 1960's. Make your decision - racist hoặc not. I choose glape!!
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black and white
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