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 Clint Barton / Hawkeye Scene
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The Avengers
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(Sollux’s POV)

I woke up to Mituna nghề viết văn around like a child in hell. “Mituna” I moaned shaking him. Nothing worked no matter how many times I shouted his name hoặc how hard I shook him. I just sighed and turned on the light. He sat upright in giường breathing deeply. Sure that wakes him up. “I’th time to go to thcool” I đã đưa ý kiến pulling off my pj shirt. “-god” I heard Mituna mutter under his breath. “What?” I asked with a raised eyebrow. “Nothing!” He đã đưa ý kiến rather loudly. I shook my head and finished getting dressed. “Tholluxth, can I thtay trang chủ today?” He asked wrapped...
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Just a few things before the story; one, if there's something bạn don't like about it, please tell me! I want it to be as good as it can be. ^-^ Just please tell me in a respectful way, please. I would appreciate that. Thank you.
Also, this story will be a little (well, thêm than a little) bloody and violent, and there may be some cussing later on. Just a warning.
That being said, I hope bạn like it!

Gnarled branches. Green leaves grew from them—green leaves spotted with yellows and reds. They rustled dryly, talking of the upcoming season of autumn....
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bạn know what? I’m travelling with my idiotic classmates and my teacher to the CAMPSITE.
I didn’t want to, but I had to. bạn see, no way to escape and my tình yêu for science has brought me here, i.e., the bus.
I’m alone in my seat. Strike that. Miss Marie is sitting tiếp theo to me.
We reached the campsite in an hour. We got down the bus and walked towards the place where we have to put up our tents.
Wow! I tình yêu doing that.
Brittany threw all her things at me and asked me to put up tent for her and Peter.
Ughh! I don’t have guts to tell her NO!
So, I had to do it for her, the devil of my life.
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Rachel’s POV:
I’m sure they are aiming at me. But, for what? There must be some idiotic reason.
“Hey NERD!!” Brittany came towards me yelling.
“Hi, Brittany” I đã đưa ý kiến lifeless.
“Call me Queen of the năm Brittany” she growled.
“Hi, Queen of the year” I mumbled.
I wished if the conversation with her would end.
Perfect silence for some time.
They all sat in the bàn in which I was sitting.
“You aren’t beautiful. May I make bạn so???” Jack đã đưa ý kiến with an evil smile plastered on his face.
“N-no” I made my voice to come out.
Before I could complete my sentence, he poured the coke...
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Yay! bạn know what? It’s my yêu thích giờ during school, SCIENCE.
And oh yeah, I tình yêu Science and even my Science teacher, Miss Marie Fiest. She is really an awesome teacher. Okay, I think the word “BRAINY” would describe her best.
I can understand what’s going on in your mind. Of course, she is my ROLE MODEL.
She came in and announced “Students, we are going for camping in the forest to see the insects and animals”.
“So bạn have to put up your own tents and bạn could do that in PAIRS”
What?? bạn mean P-A-I-R-S?? Who would come and tham gia me? I’m so sure that I would be left lonely...
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(Jade’s POV)

“John…I’m bored” I whined to my friend in the other room. “Well i’m sorry Jade, but i don’t know what do do about that” John đã đưa ý kiến walking in with a bowl of bắp rang bơ, bỏng ngô he popped himself. “What about Rose and Dave?” I asked sneaking some bắp rang bơ, bỏng ngô away from the bowl. “What about them?” Dave asked sitting the bowl on the coffee bàn in the middle of the room. “Can we invite them over? And can bạn change out of the girl’s uniform?” I asked. He cheeks grew pink, “It’s comfortable.” “Oh John, bạn little boy” I đã đưa ý kiến ruffling his hair up. “Fine Jade,...
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posted by Noone_N
Here I stand Mất tích in this restricting world
The unloved dark lord and lady, I am
I am the truth twister, BEWARE MY WORDS
I'm the black con cừu, cừu of the clan

Here I am, within your reach
Take what bạn want, practice what bạn preach
I don't need your disapproving gaze
To know my strength, this isn't a faze

Is my gender a crime?
Insulted and judged throughout time
Where did bạn go wrong? The moment bạn cast me out

Religion putting bạn down? So what.
The hoa WILL bloom twice
Fear not my mind, fear not my strength, for man shall conquer all