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posted by shutyourface
don't worry this bài viết is not about con cừu, cừu hoặc bananas it is about a thêm serious matter.

this is a thảo luận and i want everyone đọc this
nghề viết văn a bình luận about what bạn think is write hoặc wrong

so anyway

here i go

what came first

the egg

hoặc the chicken?

thats my thảo luận and i want EVERYONE who's a người hâm mộ
of ngẫu nhiên to write what they think is right

and become a người hâm mộ of me and become a người hâm mộ of my

and remember

what came first
the egg
hoặc the chicken

i am only doing this because i have been
wondering that for ages
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Joey = Nobody Panic. We've got cook books. If bạn can read English, bạn can cook. For Instance. Basic bánh mỳ, bánh mì stuffing, melt one third cup of bơ in a heavy skillet.
Danny = That's easy. On a stove,right?
Jesse = No, no. We stick bơ on a rocket ship and send it to the sun.

Joey = Good Morning! How bạn guys doing? It's great to be alive. happy Thanksgiving,Buddy!
Jesse = Why can't bạn wake up grumpy and grouchy like normal people?

Michelle = bạn got it, dude.

Michelle = I hope I'm getting paid for this.

Michelle = But he tempted me with Ice cream!!!!
Becky = Jesse!!!!
Michelle = And it had sprinkles, and a cherry!!!

Joey = Freeze! I have a baby and I know how to use it.
Jesse = Joey!
Joey = I'm warning you, she's loaded.

Jesse = Have Mercy!

DJ = Uncle Jesse, there's a girl here to see you. This one's great
Jesse = That must be my new đàn ghi ta, guitar student.
DJ = Yeah,right.
posted by EmzLovesCheryl
I'm tired. Very tired. I got hardly any sleep last night, I was too busy on fanpop. Damn bạn fanpop!

Did bạn know, I had a science test today? Well, bạn do now. And it went into break. Yes, the whole of break! I thought that we were going to get some time to chill afterwards but oh no, I had to go straight to English, grrr.
And I'd finished the test; so I may as well have gone outside and been able to eat! Because then I was just hungry and I wait another two hours to eat something. :(
And meanwhile, my friend got to do it in another room, because last time she talked too much in the exam hall,...
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For reasons as of yet unknown, fanpop seems to have something against the website b l o g s p o t . c o m -- posting đường dẫn from this site will cause bạn to get temporarily suspended.
We first noticed this when I tried to link a blog from that site with my 'main' account, lucius_malloy, and got temporarily suspended. Later this happened with a total of five other accounts: luciusmalloy (my first back-up account), harrypotterbest, Accio_Pandorica, lumiss and Gemonkus.
We have contacted fanpop about this issue and are hoping for a reply soon, but in the mean time, we are warning bạn against posting...
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posted by InvaderStickly
Ask who died every twenty minutes

Make farting noises and yell "SORRY!"

Yell "Someone, call a doctor! This man is dyeing!"

Read this and say "I should totally do some of these things!"

Say your sorry about her "Accident" then laugh an evil laugh

Tap the person in front of bạn then look away when they turn around

Say bạn have a sixth since where bạn can see dead people

Push the nearest person down and yell "I FOUND THE MURDERER!"

Tell someone that the funiral was fun and bạn should do it again sometime

If they play a song, yell "IS THIS JUSTIN BIEBER?! CHANGE THE TRACK!"

Mock the person and say "Look at me! Im (So-and-so)! Im dead and stuff!

Scream "AH! DEAD PERSON!" and faint
posted by Midnight__Sun
Why is it that when someone tells bạn that there are over a billion stars in the universe, bạn believe them, but if there is a 'wet paint' sign somewhere, bạn have to touch it to make sure?

In case bạn needed further proof that the human race is doomed to stupidity, here are some actual label instructions on consumer goods:

1. On a Sears hairdryer -- Do not use while sleeping.
(Shoot, and that's the only time I have to work on my hair.)

2. On a bag of Fritos -- bạn could be a winner! No purchase necessary. Details inside.
(the shoplifter special)?

3. On some Swanson Nữ hoàng băng giá dinners -- "Serving suggestion:...
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posted by Renesmee_XD
5) Flyleaf
Flyleaf is a Christian rock band with inspiring and powerful lyrics belted out bởi the amazing Lacey Mosley. Their albums are Flyleaf and Memento Mori, which is thêm recent. Some songs of their best songs are "Sorrow," "Again," and "Tiny Heart."

4) All Time Low
Members are Jack Barakat, Zack Merrick, Rian Dawson, and lead singer Alex Gaskarth, and they're all incredibly good-looking. The pop punk band plays songs that remind me of summer, partying with friends, and the occasional heartbreak. Some must-listen-to songs bởi them are "Coffee cửa hàng Soundtrack," "Toxic Valentine," and "Poison."...
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posted by sassikassi
Don't read ahead...just do it in order! It takes about three's worth a try.

First..get a pen and paper. When bạn actually choose names, make sure it's people bạn actually know and go with your first instinct. Scroll down one line at a time...and don't read ahead hoặc you'll ruin it!

1. First, write the numbers 1 through 11 in a column.

2. Then, beside numbers 1 and 2, write down any two numbers bạn want.

3. Beside the 3 and 7, write down the names of members of the opposite s/e/x. NO LOOKING AHEAD...OR IT WON"T TURN OUT RIGHT!

4. Write anyone's name (like Những người bạn hoặc family....) in...
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