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Brooke&Lucas | Baby ♥

James Says Hi From Park City Utah

OTH Cast- Jump

dice (lucas;peyton)

Brooke/Nathan- Crush

Naley Perfect (Dedicate to gcl78)

.:What Do bạn Want From Me_Haley&Nathan:.

Naley History In the Making

♥ Brucas ♥ one cây đồi núi, hill

Brooke Lucas feat. Peyton Julian - With me

Brooke/ Lucas- A drop in the ocean

Bethany Joy with a Message!

Stephen Colletti shredding!

Austin Nichols getting ready to film!

OTH 6.08: Brucas scene

OTH 5x15 Brooke/Lucas/Angie " She adores bạn Luke. "

OTH 5.18: Vegas ending. Who does Lucas call?#

One cây đồi núi, hill 5.09 Brooke

OTH - Season 5 - Tim is back ^^

brooke&lucas • thiên thần on the moon.

Brooke/Lucas: Trust Me

Dernier Combat- Julian/Peyton

One cây đồi núi, hill || Thanks For The Memories

Brooke & Julian "I'd come for you"

Funny OTH Moments

Nathan&Haley|Brave Face

Brooke&Lucas • Set the ngọn lửa, chữa cháy to the third bar

One cây đồi núi, hill 7.18 The Last ngày of Our Acquaintance Opening Credits

Brooke & Peyton - I can't get used to it

Leyton - bạn Can't Hide Beautiful

Leyton - You're Still The One

One cây Hill- Shattered (Lucas dies)

Lucas and Peyton-I will always tình yêu bạn

I will never let bạn fall (brooke;haley)

Nathan/Haley - What It Takes

Multifandom Couples - Fireflies

Julian/Peyton - One Thing

Nathan and Haley - Right Kind of Wrong

Clay/Quinn - I'm not a stranger

Lucas&Peyton • I'm still here

you're coming undone (dean/haley)

Lucas/Peyton: My Angel Gabriel

Bethany Joy with a message from Park City, Utah

Austin Nichols filming in Utah

Lucas & Peyton "Love Remains the Same"

Starstrukk - Brooke/Nathan

Near To bạn - Brucas/Brulian

OTH Cast- Hey, Soul Sister

Rest of my life // ♥ OTH COUPLES ♥

Brooke/Nathan- My Part for Collab [If We Ever Meet Again]

Tyler Hilton - "Sunset Blvd" Acoustic âm nhạc Video

Nathan & Brooke // It's Over

OTH Cast - Dance With The Devil

I'm Thinking Two is Better than One - Lucas and Peyton

Peyton Sawyer (OTH) // In the End

Pilot part 1

One cây đồi núi, hill funny season 5

[SWITCHING ACCOUNTS ]; if we ever meet again

Brooke/Nathan Starstrukk

[ The OC || One cây đồi núi, hill ] - Shattered Ones

Nathan/Haley - Tears Of An Angel

you're my everything; brooke/lucas

Brooke and Nathan (Rehab)

bạn belong with me (peyton/nathan/brooke)

Brucas ; "how could he really tình yêu her?"

One cây Hill- I Look At bạn

Lucas/Peyton/Brooke/Julian- Ice Box

OTH- Life/Death

Filming the Finale

Brooke/Nathan- Just So bạn Know

Jake/Brooke - When I'm with you.wmv

a multifandom

Brooke & Lucas - Keep On Lovin bạn

Lucas-Brooke/ A thousand miles

Brooke & Lucas - A Mất tích tình yêu

Brooke & Julian - Wish bạn Were

Lucas and Peyton- Between The Lines

Lucas+Peyton~Lips of an Angel

Mark Schwahn and Sophia bụi cây, cây bụi, tổng thống bush in Utah!

|| Multi-Fandom [+1000 Subs]

Brooke Davis - Bang Bang My Baby shot me down

Brooke davis/Kill the lights/Ben Q cat remake

Brooke and Nathan - Breathe

Brooke/Nathan |Let me go;

[Brucas/Naley/Leyton]- I Know bạn Want Me

Brooke & Lucas | Because | For Sarah ♥

i hope bạn find it // brooke & lucas

every breath bạn take (multi-stalkers)

Brooke&Lucas • Best I ever had

Battlefield - Nathan Brooke Haley

Multifemales | Everybody Loves Me

Damon&Brooke a couple of manips

Lucas & Peyton - All Out Of tình yêu

Lies are entertainment [AIMC]

Brooke Davis- She Can Get It [Finished]

Nathan & Haley - tình yêu can be Mất tích

Brooke & Lucas - What If


The Difference.

can't stay away (brooke/lucas)